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What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like

Updated on March 21, 2011

What to look for when bed bugs attack?

Bed bug bites normally occur at night while the victim is asleep. There are various forms of the blood suckers some attack bats and other rodents. This concentration of this hub is on the bed bugs that bite human mammals. It may not be that easy to know if you have a bed bug problem since they are not normally seen. Get a Bed Bug Mattress Cover to protect yourself. 

It is not true that bed bugs cannot be seen they actually can be seen by the naked eye but are normally not. The first way people often realize the have a bed bug problem is from unexplainable welts or wheels whose appearance is a mystery. A bed bug bite is not felt when it is actually occurring the reason for this that first the bug inserts a numbing agent into the skin so it can not be felt, then it sucks the blood from the normally sleeping victim. The numbing agent normally wears off in a few hours leaving the area itchy and red. By the time the bed bug bitten victim realizes an incident has occurred the bed bug is long gone hiding normally in the bedding of its victim.

Bed bugs are known to cause a rash since they feed in a small row. Bed bug bites should not be itched since a rash or worse an open sore can form that can be infected which would then require medical attention.

What is a bed bug bite remedy??

The treatment of bed bug bites will differ upon the severity of the suck or bite, how many times the bed bug fed and the sensitivity of the patient to the poisonous numbing agent the bed bug injects be forehand. When a bite is first noticed it should be immediately washed with warm water and a white soap, do not use a medicated or floral soap to wash the bed bug bite area is this may irritate the skin leading to a more painful experience.

An over the counter hydrosone cream should then be applied to the affected area and surrounding areas if it looks like irritation has occurred since be bugs do not fly they will sometimes leave a dander trail. Being bitten by a bed bug can lead to serious problems if left untreated. A rash can form they will be very itchy and may need prescribed medication to clear. If a rash does in fact develop from a bed bug bite, it is possible that an infection can develop that will only be cured by prescribed antibiotics.

If you believe you are unfortunate enough to be infested by the nasty little bugs, take action fast since they can multiply at an extraordinary rate. Do not shy from contacting a bed bugs exterminator since they are expensive they will get the job done. If you decide to take matters into your own hands be prepared by reading how to kill bed bugs by clicking here. Good luck.


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