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What Do I Hold On To For A Grip in Life?

Updated on March 22, 2012

DFW Teen Voice Advice & Tips "A Grip On Life"

By Teen Voice

What do I hold On to For a Grip in My Life?

Do you hold on to the behavior of being the best that you can be?

1). Do you focus on having good health?

2). Do you focus on having character in life?

3). Do you focus on your values to your life?

4). Do you focus on your standards of life?

What do you focus and concentrate on that will make you a better person each day?

Yes, your life experiences are different from anyone else because you are a unique individual with your own DNA make up. As an individual what do you portray in your life?

First, to yourself what do you portray and what do others see in you? No, everyone might not like you but that gives you more of a reason to love yourself as your neighbor. You too can triumph with victories in your life you just need your health, character, value and standards to hold on to for a grip in your life. These ingredients which are your grip to life will allow you to stand when you think everything is fading and when you are facing a cross road of decision for your life.

Have you selected a path to walk on in your life?

Have you allowed bad habits to grip you? And if so what has it produced in your life?

Are you tripping over yourself feeling like you are making bad decisions or stuck and cannot make any decisions at all?

Bad habits will work against your balance in your life. Do you think you have problems that you know you cannot fix? Then you are in a good place to analyze and ask yourself questions about your life.

What have you gripped onto in order for your life to function?

Take charge of your life today and start gripping hold to character that is worthy because you are trusted, believable, considerate and an encourager which support others. Write down or take a real look at your character and know that your character produced in your life. You should be able to look around in your life and see where you have left a mark and not burned all your bridges of friendships and relationships. You should have relationships because your character has produced people in your life that will give back to you. Although, you should have the goal in life even if you look up and do not know anyone to assist you. A new relationship will enter your life to assist don’t take life for granted. Why, because your character has the drawing energy from our Source and Creator to provide and meet your needs, wants and desires.

Have you taken care of your body such a precious gift? With your health you can obtain the things you need I order to sustain. Did I say breath to maintain your health? Somehow, makes a some way you have to move to achieve. Where do you get your strength from and who gives it to you? For me it when I submit to the Higher Power my Source of life the Creator. So, with your health respect your body and look upon your body with respect. Regardless, of your health conditions don’t give up and get into a recovery state of mind.

What do you value?

Do you value your family, friends, and supporters of your life?

Do you value your network and how do you support them?

Do you check on your network of friends in your life by email, phone call or other means?

Establish yourself by keeping in touch so when or if you ever need someone to share with you. You have developed a friendship. So, don’t take for granted your life and what you posses now. Be grateful and thankful and the answer to your problem or crossroad will be resolved and you will get the answer to your life destiny. The standards you live by or choose will be the steps to your future. No you might not think you are able to see your future. As a teenager our future is unknown but you do participate and make steps to your future.


Make a habit of stealing and walk the steps of a thief surely you will be a thief. Do

you choose this type of lifestyle for yourself or do you choose a career lifestyle of

of good motives and intentions for your lifestyle?

You have people who choose to live a life on the run in society. I choose to have a positive lifestyle of giving and receiving through my Higher Power. I know the Creator by believing that the invisible is visible to the making of my needs, wants and desires do come true. My grip in life to hold onto has been a resolve that character, health, value and standards will define me in living and being the best I can be in life.

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    • DFW TEEN VOICE profile image

      DFW TEEN VOICE 5 years ago from Richardson, Texas

      MsDora thank you for the comment and much success!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Good grip you've got there. Holding on will help keep you from falling. Each person has to make his or her own resolve to hold on. Thanks for the advice.