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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your lover? Dreams Explanation

Updated on November 18, 2014 | Source

When You Dream About Your Lover

I've already written part one for this topic so if you want to check it out for more explanations and meanings then go ahead and follow the link mentioned here below and let's continue mentioning more situations and meanings to your dreams about your lover.

Your dreams about your lover - meanings and signs -

-If you dream about your lover hanging with a friend or an unknown person it means that your lover would be probably - in reality - upset from something he/she might attempt to hurt you.

-If you dream about receiving a gift from your lover it means : You will be getting some news - from your lover -that will get you delighted.

- If you dream about making a promise to your lover, it means that your lover is or will be lying to you.

- If you dream about writing an intimate letter or a message to your lover, it means: You will be meeting and seeing her/him. | Source

More Situations And Images

-If you dream about seeing two lovers fighting or having an argument, it means: Your luck is not standing with you at the moment and you might probably lose something or someone but for these two lovers - whether you know them or not - the dream has good signs for them.

-If you dream about hanging around with your lover, it means that you will be getting an invitation for a launch or a dinner party and if you remember being too happy about being around and with your lover - while walking - in the dream then it means that your relationship with your gf/bf will get renewed and refreshed, other signs show happiness and a great future awaiting for you with your lover.

- If you dream about calling your lover on the phone and if he/she doesn't reply then it means that your lover will not be keeping a promise to you or that he will be getting late to do something you've asked for or would get late for his/her date with you.

If you dream about not being able to call him/her because of a bad connection or any other reason then it means that in reality you will be having some hardships to reach him or talk to him or call him.

What kind of dreams do you usually see about your lover?

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