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What I Learned After Dropping Out of University

Updated on September 25, 2018

Before Dropping Out

The thing about dropping out of school is that everyone wants to do it, but few actually do. Then the ones who do are ridiculed and judged for committing such an unappealing act in the eyes of the community. The reality about dropping out of school is simply being able to obtain and possess an ability to see greatness everywhere. The end goal of attaining a college degree is greater success economically. Although it may be true that individuals who have earned a college degree are slightly more successful, the fact that college dropouts can encompass a similar life is seldom brought up. Success exists in the attitude and motivation of the individual. Plus, I can guarantee that because of my decision to drop out I am happier than almost every single one of my friends.

This is NOT an Easy Decision

Rejecting society in such a way that allows for self growth and maturation is scarier than some realize, and the judgements I received made it no easier.

You May Feel as if You're not Allowed to Stray From the Pack

Traveling off to a college or university to begin ones adult life is a common expectation enveloped by many individuals ending their high school career. With this expectation being so great, 95% of my high school’s graduating class, myself included, attained an unspoken obligation to pursue what society has expected of us; becoming college attendees. Few people realize that it's okay to deviate from the timeline of expected achievements society has set up for the younger generations, but those who do will have a chance to expand their horizons in a multitude of positive ways.

"A college degree is simply a certification. In basic terms, a degree is simply a piece of paper certifying you met a certain level of scholastic achievement. But what happens in the class room doesn’t always translate into the real world."

— Ryan Guina

You Don't Need College to Succeed

Unemployment rates show little differences between those with a degree and those who attended at least some college.

Like all Things in Life, There are Pros and Cons

The Overall Greatest Things About Not Being in School

  • I am not wasting any money. I pushed myself into college when I knew I wasn't ready because the pressure to please my parents was weighing on me. To waste money learning things I either have no desire to learn or am solely learning because I don't know what else to do, is stupid. One can only learn when they are ready to learn.
  • A break from school is a blessing. I'm young and want to live my life, not be put through school for 12 years only to have to do 4(+) more in order to work for the rest of my life. A break is necessary, and can teach you a lot about yourself, your wants and your aspirations.
  • I have time to think about what I want most. I went into college having no idea what I wanted to do. Although it is nice to have my prerequisites out of the way, if I had continued school there would come a time to choose a career, which is not something I consider myself to be capable of doing at this moment in time.
  • I have never been happier. Sure, it sucks watching so many of my friends doing great things in college, but nothing compares to being able to be free and getting to know myself in a way that could not be possible if I was constantly busy with school.

Judgements Can and Will Get to You

The hardest part about dropping out of university was the decision to go through with it. However, when I finally did, the intense overwhelming feeling of sheer happiness with myself had enveloped my whole soul in a way that I have never felt. I cried literal tears of happiness, something I have never done before. But, the second hardest part was having to announce my plans to my friends and family. While some consider my decision a mistake and dub me as being lazy or unwilling, there were also others who were proud, even envious, of my brave action.

Bottom Line...

If you find what you are looking for while on hiatus from school, you can absolutely go back. Dropping out does not have to be a permanent action, your decisions should be based on what is best for you.


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