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What Facilities should government provided to schools of Pakistan

Updated on August 19, 2016

Government School Of Pakistan

Government School Conditions of Pakistan

As we know that the population of Pakistan is now increased above than 19 crores and above than our 60% population depending on elders and youngers. So our future is very bright. When we look to the world population, japan has 14 crores peoples but having 70% olders or old people. This is a very critical situation for Japan. As compared to our country, Pakistan has good luck that its above 60% population going on 5-30 years.
Now I am telling about our education system. After passing the resolution on 18-constitutional amendment most of the federal government things goes to the Provincial governments. One of them is education system. Today we are living in the society which is very weak. In our Big or Mega cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and some other cities there is little bit better condition of education as compared to small cities and villages. Only education is not necessary. Some of other facilities are also required during study. These facilities are Light, Fans, Pure drinking water, Boundary walls, Blackboards or other small things are also need in the school, colleges and in other educational institutions.
Our Government schools conditions are very bad now a days. There is shortage of all above described things in our government school. As we look to the world we can see that the basic necessaries in are provided by the state governments and there is no fee in government school and colleges. In some countries their governments pay the school fee of children’s that are getting education in private schools.
Our provincial governments spend 80-90 billion rupees in every year on education, because education is not our country’s priority. This is very thinking situation for our country that no of them our university counted in top 500 universities and no university of Pakistan is counted in top 200 universities in Asia. The progress of Higher Education Commission is not satisfied. Now Pakistan need acceleration in education field without this our future could not bright.


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    • Humza Naveed profile image

      Humza Naveed 21 months ago

      you should like this because this is a basic issue of Pakistan that Government could'nt interested in the field of education.