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What I Know- some thoughts

Updated on February 16, 2012

What I Know

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

How often I question my own reality, what I know but often doubt. Easily I fall to the restlessness of my soul and grasp passing fears to muddy my mind with confusion. I should know better, but thought is such a fractious and untethered process, it leads us on many a hapless journey. Without restraint we can take unexpected paths that lead us to outcomes far from our intent.

Assumption is a destructive human frailty, the product of an impatient soul. The irony is that it is we ourselves who suffer in its hands, by jumping to conclusions that we end up creating in our doubtful state. We are so complex in our ineptitudes, our mental stumbling. We inadvertently cause so much pain by rashly leaping into trains of thought that drag reality through all manner of disguise.

Wouldn’t it be heavenly to find stillness of mind, the quiet observance of reality that surrounds us? Instead of leaping to conclusions we would see the opportunities of options laid out for us to choose. And without the confusion of endless bombardments of thought we could realise the right course without doubtful intervention. This surely is an aspiration of importance.

Our thoughts can be powerful in their affect on our circumstance and life and with a quieter resolve it is possible to rise above the daily chatter of fragmented thought and to be more decisive in our thinking. I know this to be true because I suffer from the doubts and fears that my mind contrives to disarm my path.

It sounds counterproductive and it is, yet humanity lives with this affliction without awareness. We are ruled by us, an endless internal battle rages between our goals and our past failures, each imparting and inch by inch movement in review. This struggle is more often won by our doubts, giving reason to relinquish our aspirations. Fearing failure we often let go of our dreams and become stagnant, feeling as though our goals are unrealistic and unachievable.

Listening to our inner fears disarms our lives in significant ways, rendering us ineffectual and without purpose. These feelings lead to far worse paradigms of thought and can literally destroy a life and expressing that life. All that is required is a quiet and considered understanding of our internal process, our thinking.

It is not complicated, it is not any great revelation, and it is simplicity itself. We need to become aware of how we think. If you can see a train coming, you can get out of its way. If you don’t, you simply get run over by it. In the same way if we are aware of an impediment, we can learn to step aside and not be influenced by it.

Fear is our enemy, the collective memories of past failures and feelings of inadequacy. These are just feelings not realities. We make them realities by adhering to their suggestions: we can’t do this, we can’t do that. Reality is what we make of it and yes, we can do anything at all, the limits of which are whatever we decide. The limits we create with our thinking.

In life, we are students, novices in a miraculous journey of learning and experience. The process of understanding how we think and what affect it has on our lives can only be done through quiet and calm observance. When in this state the fragments of past thoughts, doubts and fears become obvious and their influence a choice rather than a certainty.

The limitations of life only exist in our minds.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks KMattox, glad you enjoyed it.

    • KMattox profile image

      KMattox 6 years ago from USA

      Wow Tony DeLorger

      That is really profound and poetic. Great writing style. I voted up awesome and beautiful. Nicely done.