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What If The Sun Went Bye Bye?

Updated on April 4, 2013

Where Is The Sun?

It's no overstatement to say the sun maintains lifestyle here on Earth. It provides not only warmth and comfort but also the power that allows us to provide fresh air and meals. But what if the sun increased or instantly went cool -- or basically blinked out of existence?

The Story

The first big difference we would observe would be the lack of light. Of course, this wouldn't occur immediately -- it requires eight minutes and 20 seconds for sunshine to make the one way trip to Earth.

But once there's no more sunshine, would we be able to see?

The Milky Way leads to about as much mild as 1/300th of a full moon. So there would be enough light from space for us to see around a bit, but of course power and energy resources will still be useful for a while. So cities and towns could be lit by man made resources, just like a common evening, except it would be evening everywhere.

Without sunshine, photosynthesis would stop. After all, photosynthesis is how vegetation and some creatures use sunshine to make food from co2 and water.

This is important, 99.9 % of the natural productivity on this planet is done by photosynthesis, which needs the sun/ Without the sun, vegetation would no longer be able to breathe in co2 and breathe out life-sustaining fresh air.

And without sunshine, the World would get very, cool. Global surface heat range now about 57 degrees F, but by the end of the first weeks time without the sun, the common surface heat range would be below the freezing point.

The earth's sea areas would ice over, but real deep below some fluid water could stay, along with life on the strong sea floor. The World would be a spacecraft for these little earthlings generally.

One last factor to consider: The sun not only lights up and warms the world but also provides the gravitation that keeps us in orbit. So, as Popular Science explains: "If its mass suddenly disappeared (this is equally impossible, by the way), the planet would fly off, like a ball swung on a string and suddenly let go."

So every night pray the sun comes up in the morning. Otherwise, it could a a very interesting day!


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    • strong woman 71 profile image

      Kelly Jakob 4 years ago from Tennessee

      That is something that we really take for granted and should appreciate more. Thanks for the post. It was interesting.