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End Of The Earth 2013, What Is A Sun Solar Flare?

Updated on July 9, 2012

Solar Flare

NASA. Explosión de EV Lacertae:
NASA. Explosión de EV Lacertae: | Source

What Is A Solar Flare And How Can they Effect Us

In the Year 2013 it is predicted that massive solar flares could hit the earth read about the possible devastating consequences here.

Solar Flares 2013 A feasible outcome

The Day is 15 may 2013

At 03:18 a huge Coronal Mass Ejection is seen by SOHO space probe with such intensity and ferocity that it knocks out its operative ability. Less than 15 minutes later before dawn breaks across much of the northern hemisphere magnificent pulsating auroras of red purple and green illuminate the sky's world wide awaking many people from their nights sleep and astonishing them with its beauty. Seconds later a fireball carrying a 15 billion-tonnes of magnetically supercharged plasma smashes into the earth at over million miles an hour.

Light-bulbs burn brilliantly worldwide before exploding, plug sockets burst into flames and TV's explode. Several tonne electricity transformers are shot hundreds of feet into the air unable to cope with the massive incursion of electric currents along power lines as the gigantic plasma storm plays havoc with the earth's magnetic field. Raging fires break out in cities and homes globally. Sky Scrapers and tower blocks burn uncontrollably. Their sprinkler systems made ineffectual as electricity supplies fail that are critical for pumping water. immediately many things that we take for granted are paralysed. Sewage treatment plants and refrigeration would be knocked out instantly meaning toilets would no longer flush and perishable food would begin to decay. Water supplies in normal homes would run out in less than a day meaning no more drinking water. grocery store shelves would empty quickly leading to mass starvation. Without electrical energy fuel could not be pumped from petrol station reservoirs. transportation systems that rely on power supply would be brought to their knees. business institutions would crumble with no computers running them. The net would no longer be.
Essential services such as hospitals would last two or three days at the most. Once the fuel for the generators had been used they would come grinding to a stop losing their functional use. Staff panic stricken would flee home to their families leaving the afflicted to fend for themselves. Prisons would without doubt riot those that could not escape would in all probability be left to starve or die from thirst. Riots and robbery would quickly ensue as people fight over food resources. In a matter of weeks Famine ad Starvation would materialise. The world would be thrown back into the dark ages within a matter of months millions would be dead or dying, as disease and illness took hold. Without a ready supply and access to modern medicine manageable afflictions such as diabetes could wipe out millions by the day.

Is this just fear mongering? Well the honest answer is yes. Could this happen? Well the honest answer is yet again yes. The truth remains that our dependency on technology puts us at risk to just such an event. If Solar cycle 24 comes with the comparable intensity as the Carrington Event of 1859 then we could see many of the above scenarios happening. We know very little about the sun and although unprecedented in recorded history there could come a time when such solar activity may last for weeks, making it almost impossible to position against( The Carrington event has been recorded at lasting 8 days). We should have some warning against a singular event enabling us to switch off and protect infrastructure. It takes about three days on average for a solar storm to reach the earth from creation. Although worryingly this is not the warning time interval we will get.
We currently trust on ACE, NASA's Advanced Composition Explorer. It is perpetually in orbit between earth and the Sun but where it is placed would only give us between 15-45 minutes warning of any upcoming event(It takes at least 15minutes for the utility companies to make ready any protection against such event). The difficulty is that this probe is eleven years old, longer than its expected operational lifetime and its instrumentation is becoming less dependable by the day. There are presently no plans for a replacement. To compound this worry The Carrington Event was determined to have taken less than fifteen minutes to reach earth from where ACE is presently in Orbit. Our other space based instrumentation such as the probe SOHO while en-valuable are said to extend very little by way of early monitory aptitude. Mike Hapgood, who chairs the European Space Agency's space weather team said talking about the loss of ACE "We will largely lose the early warning capability."
John Kappenman, a power industry expert with the Metatech Corporation of Goleta, California, and an advisor to the NASA committee that produced there recent report on just such an event reckons. "It could conceivably be the worst natural disaster possible,"

If these eminent experts are apprehensive and our governments do not regard these warnings it is not out of the question that the dark ages could be approaching a community near you. You have been warned.

Attack Of The Sun


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    • Ninasvoice profile image


      6 years ago from England

      This is very interesting, I enjoy reading about anything space/astronomy/astrology related. I hope the world doesn't come to an end in 2013, I just have so much to do before then! :-P


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