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What Is Aquaponics and Aeroponics

Updated on July 1, 2011

Aquaponics Defined

To start this, we should first define Aquaponics. The term aquaponics refers to the culture of plants in somehomemade water tanks, and someeven includes lakes. The things needed in this system are first the container or the tank for raising and where you feed the fish which is called the aquaculture. The next part is the grow bed or the raised bed where you put the plants or vegetables you prefer to grow, like cabbage, tomatoes, okras, onions and sweet potatoes,etc…, which is called the hydroponics. In hydroponics, it is able to give or mix with the water the nutrients needed and also become some kind of a filter. It gives oxygenand cleanses the water that circulates which will then make it advantageous for the aquatic animals, less mortality rate which will mean less work and more outcomes. Some make their own tanks, and the size of these tanksmay vary depending on the number of aquatic animals which will be neededto be used and the plants needed.

Advantages of Aquaponics

There are some advantages of having this set up. To begin with, you can save water when you use this system, for there will be less evaporation of water and will mean less work and more time to do other stuff. And since you will have aquatic animals to protect, you will need to be careful in using harmful chemicals or should I say in not using any chemicals at all. And compared to a normal way or the conventional way of planting, the vegetables planted grow quicker in the Aquaponics System.

The mechanics for the aquaponics is that the roots of the growing plants must be well immersed in the water to be able to absorb the nutrients in the water efficiently. And in the process the plants will also become filter agents against toxins for the benefit of the aquatic animals. The water will then return to the aquaculture tanks. This is the cycle. There are many types of hydroponics and for some of them, you will be needing things called floats. Some soil or gravel will also be needed inside the container filled with water which is the Recirculating aquaponics. This maybe called the closed-loop aquaponics.

In the aquaculture system you will need some fish, and the common fish are the freshwater type. It is best if you could use an edible type of fish like the tilapia or the St.Peter’s fish. More plants growing at the same rate will makethe nutrients in the water more efficient in cleansing the water for at some point if not cleansed will make the fish sick thus killing it.

The Aquaponic system recirculates and reuses the water more efficiently. There should be some kind of a good relation among the plants or vegetables with aquatic animals in order to have the best outcome which will then have fewer casualties due to constant supply of oxygen and nutrients in the water at a very efficient level. Since there is less evaporation, one only adds water to replenish the water loss due to the absorption of the plants or vegetable. Some causes of water loss are the overflow during rainy times. Yet still this system requires lesser water compared to other irrigated farms or the conventional way. Though water may have overflowed, it may still not be a waste if accumulated well and may still be used again in the garden or put back in the tank. It would be much better if you have an electric pump to circulate the water to the plants more effectively. Though this system requires much expense and requires much work, still it has many great advantages since there will be a natural way of fertilization from the fish and water loss is minimal. In this way, you are not only growing your plants, you are also growing your fish at the same time.

Aeroponics Defined

Aeroponics is another process of growing your plants but in contrast to the normal or conventional way or the aquaponics.This system does not use the aquariums or tanks but instead uses the mist,air or water in the air. In this method, the roots of the plant is left hanging while the upper part of the plant are extended or suspended. It must be isolated for it to grow faster to its fullest. One must assist the growth of the plant in this process and should as much as possible keep the plant from being exposed to pests and harmful insects.Most people use this method indoors thus creating your very own indoor garden.

Advantages of Aeroponics

This is a better way compared to the conventional process of planting but again as said requires much effort in taking care of the plant. It is a much better choice for gardening inside your house for it requires no soil. It is also fun since you get to see your plant at home, indoors.Some of its advantages would be its being a natural way of growing the plant or vegetables. It also requires lesser water.

According to research this method uses only one-tenth of the water required compared to other ways of planting. The more air the plant is exposed to, the better the growth – thatis what this method is all about, better access to air. The materials should be free from any disease and pathogens that can cause any harm to the plant or vegetables. The less hindrance between the air and the plant will mean better results. Hindrances to it will include the apparatus to support the plant. So when in the process, the lesser contact with it the better, in order for us to prevent contamination of any kind of disease. Oxygen plays the biggest factor for the plant to grow healthily, it also helps prevent pathogens in thriving, and plants are cleaner due to its exposure to the air.

In Aeroponics, the diseases in plants are reduced; infections are also reduced, due to its being isolated from each other. Sprayers or misters play a big role in this method since it would be one of the best ways to water the plants for more efficient absorption. Droplet-sized water must be reduced; too large size will lessen the oxygen for the roots.

Aquaponics or Aeroponics To Grow At Home

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