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What Is More Important Oil or Water?

Updated on February 23, 2013

What Is More Important Oil or Water?

What Is More Important Oil or Water?
What Is More Important Oil or Water? | Source

West Texas Oil Drilling

What Is More Important Oil or Water?

What Is More Important Oil or Water?

This seems to be a hard question to answer in some areas of the country, what is most important oil or water to you. Let me put into the context of importance to what degree of another way to look at the question. We all have to have water, there is no getting around that, but is it more important than oil for your car or for making gasoline. This is a tough question with some straight up facts. We consume and use a few million barrels of oil a day in the United States. In the United States today we consume 408 billion gallons per day as per the USGS on the internet. OK, so were talking chickens and eggs here, we have gallons versus barrels, and to put these numbers side by side , pretty close running. The main issue is not cost because a 20 fl. oz. of water goes for about one dollar fifty at a convenience store, and therefore it is higher than the regular gas of three dollars and sixty cents for gas per gallon. Now this could get dirty here , because water in the south United States is running out, but we have plenty of oil pumping and being drilled daily. The lakes in Texas are drying up so bad that there are dyer needs for replenishment from another source. How much drilling for water do we here about in Texas, nothing, just the price per barrel of oil that is on the market.

So will changes in lake levels arise to fulfill the needs of people in the size of my town of 100,000 residents whom water supply is about depleted and yet we are booming in the oil and gas manufacturing department. Jobs are all around, no housing what so ever for you to stay in, and no water for you to drink or bath in soon. What is a city to do when they have oil and no water? There seems to be some ignorance to this matter of fact, and yet no one is complaining except the ones with lawns and trees, homeowners that have lived here for all the oil booms. There are no mass water drilling projects going on to supply the city with water, just skeptics on where we are going to get it from.

Now if this sounds darn stupid, I am in agreement with you. Yet before you come down on us for being rich folks that get what we deserve, think about that car out in your garage and the oil where from it came. Yes, Texas and other states and the imports, that we really don’t need. There are many stories within this one, but we can say this. We do not bath and drink oil out here, but that’s a new good saying for West Texas. Come here live here and bath in the oil, for richness of your skin and your pocketbook. We are still more excited about the oil more than the water in Texas or you would think so. There is talk about how much fire damage we have had, and have we had the fires, on all sides of town acres upon acres of fires all over Texas. Cattle lost, houses lost, and people homeless, yet we still get the oil spot prices daily on the news.

The lakes that feed my community are to be dried up within 1.5 years and there is no backup plan. If there is no rain for another few months, we will severely have to drill wells, or pipe it in somewhere and somehow, and in an emergency. Why do I say emergency, because Texas is optimistic and head strong, no water lines are being dug right now, why, the oil. Makes no sense to those of us not associated with oil and gas business out here, but it makes you wonder who is in control .Greed is in control, and money that will buy you a Ferrari if you go out and work in the oilfields. I ask this question again, what is more important to you water or oil?


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