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What Is The ILLUMINATI? Are They Real? Does The Illuminati Control The World? What Is The History Of The Illuminati?

Updated on September 9, 2013

Are They Real?

ILLUMINATI, just mentioning the Illuminati is the cause of much discussion. Either a person is convinced of an Illuminati plot to control the world, or they vehemently deny the existence altogether. Either side your opinion lies, discussion of The Illuminati can be a fascinating subject.

Illuminati, the word itself is supposed to mean those who have become Spiritually Enlightened, or make claims to that effect. Even today there are those Intellectually Pretentious people who consider themselves to be part of an Elite Race of Wise Men.

There has always been people that believed that a Higher State of Awareness can be achieved through Meditation, linking oneself not only to God but to the very Universe itself.

There are also warnings of the "left hand path" or trying to attain enlightenment simply for the power available on this path. Supposedly this path will provide paranormal abilities that can be used to obtain wealth and power.

Those that study Kundalini Energy believe that the power rises from the base of the Spine Chakra and rises up to the Crown Chakra, enabling total enlightenment. It might be a coincidence that the 33rd level of Freemasonry is the highest level that can be achieved in that Secret Society. There are also 33 vertebrae in the human body.

Does the Illuminati control the world?

There is historic evidence proving the existence of the Illuminati.
There is historic evidence proving the existence of the Illuminati.

How Did They Begin?

There is historic evidence that proves that the Illuminati is/was quite a real organization. It was founded by a Bavarian Professor of Law, a man named Adam Weishaupt. Even though Adam Weishaupt was born of Jewish Ancestors, his family converted to Catholicism. Mr Weishaupt was educated by the Jesuits. The Jesuits are an order with their own mystery.

Adam Weishaupt joined the Freemasons, the Illuminati was a Secret Society within a Secret Society. Its members infiltrated Masonic Lodges and took over control of Lodges all over the world. They also infiltrated and controlled many Universities.

The Order of the Illuminati was created on May 1st 1776, also known as Mayday which is a sacred holiday to the Pagan religion. It is also a major holiday to most modern communists. The year 1776 also has some note in history. it was the year that the American Declaration Of Independence was created. Is it a coincidence that many of the creators of the Declaration were themselves Masons?

Adam Weishaupt used the code name "Spartacus" (the gladiator who rose up against Rome). After WWI German communists called themselves "spartacists."

Weishaupt supported and fought for a revolution to overturn the current Social and Political systems currently in place. He was also a supporter of the end of all Religious orders.

He despised Judeo- Christian morals as well as the family unit and even wanted to dissolve the institution of marriage. He wanted to empower women by telling them they were being oppressed by men. His ultimate goal was the creation of a Global Government based on socialistic values. Most of his beliefs are now being enacted by modern day leftists.

What Did They Do?

There was a meeting of Masons and various other radicals in 1782, the conference was held in Wilhelmsbad in Germany. This was where Weishaupt enlisted German Royalty and French Masons, who were used to expand the order to France, inducting as many other Masons as possible. They proceeded in taking over the Grand Orient Lodge in Paris. They even infiltrated and took control of the Jacobin clubs.

They sought the inclusion of wealthy individuals and members of the aristocracy into the movement. Much like the billionaires and the intellectual leftists of today.

These were the same people who cultivated the French Revolution in 1789. Overthrowing a King, who although being weak and ineffective was not what would be considered a tyrannical leader. The economy of France at this time was actually prosperous despite the recent wars that France had been involved.

The Duke of Orleans hoarded an enormous amount of food, to create a shortage. They used hired mercenaries (similar to the "rent a mobs of today") to induce the extremely bloody French Revolution. This Revolution did not coincide with other Revolutions. This Revolution did not start with the masses rising up, it consisted of a number of Elitists Factions which revolted from the top down.

The Revolutionaries agitated the Reign of Terror in which untold hundreds of thousands of people were killed. Many peasants, low income workers and members of the clergy were decimated. They were similar to the Leftists of today in that they were infatuated with Population Control. Even though France at that time was far from being overpopulated, there was only a fraction of people in France compared to the population of today. Robespierre encouraged the slaughter of roughly fifteen million people.

Similar to the Leftists of today The revolutionaries of France (like the Illuminati) despised Christianity. They did not support marriage or Christian morals. Torture, vampirism, even the atrocity of cannibalism was commonplace with the Revolutionaries. They wanted to destroy any existing morality so that they could carry on with the reconstruction of society.

Any of this sound familiar?

Does the Illuminati control the media?

They own the corporations that control the media.
They own the corporations that control the media.

In the mean time Charles Theodore, Prince-Elector, Count Palatine and Duke of Bavaria outlawed the Order of the Illuminati in 1785. This did not result in the destruction of the Order, but it did force it to continue its existence underground.

The ultimate result of the French Revolution was the creation of a Fascist State, a sort of Dictatorship that was the first the world would see of this sort of Government. The ancient civilization of Sparta is similar to a Fascist Tyranny. Even Plato in his "Republic" described this sort of State, maybe inspired by Sparta.

Every Communist Government has supported the end to Private Property and the redistribution of wealth, being beneficial to the State. In reality these Governments have been in reality a fascist entity. Having a small group of Elitists living in wealth and luxury by owning all the property of the Nation.

The people are left in poverty conditions and enslaved. Even Mass Murder and the destruction of the Population becomes a standard operating procedure for these kinds of Governments. Though history has labeled both Hitler and Mussolini as "Right Wing", the truth is both of these men created socialistic economies. Both were socialist by nature with the acronym for Nazi being National Socialist.

The Illuminati was in fact a historical reality. Even George Washington warned the People of America about them. This leaves us with a couple of Questions.

  1. Does the Illuminati still exist in any form?
  2. Did Weishaupt create a New Order or did he in fact just reguvinate an ancient evil that has existed for centuries.

Are there other secret societies similar to the Illuminati?

Many secret societies exist, all controlled by the same entities.
Many secret societies exist, all controlled by the same entities.

What Happened To The Illuminati?

After the Order of the Illuminati was eliminated, there sprung up in Germany and other places, Secret Societies that were pursuing the identical agenda as that of the Illuminati. One of Weishaupt's followers, the Baron Von Knigge created the German Union book publishers in 1788.

In 1815 the "League of the Just" made an appearance. It was this League of the Just that recruited Karl Marx to author the Communist Manifesto. "The Order of Death" which appeared in Germany in the 1830's was a club for the Wealthy Elite. The symbol of this order was a "skull and Crossbones", which was a Masonic Symbol.

The order quickly sought the recruitment of Wealthy Young American Students. These students brought the order to the United States, the United States Chapter 322 of the order is known as "Skull and Bones".

There were many Elitists in America that belonged to this fraternity of brothers, many moved on to find careers in the intelligence agencies. Even some Presidents of the United States had their start belonging to this Secret Order. The Illuminati formed many "Democratic Societies" here in America. In Europe a radical Italian Order called the Carbonari existed among the Masons, Their leader was named Mazzini.

Truth About illuminati Documentary-Luciferian Conspiracy


The Freemasons first appeared in Scotland and England late in the seventeenth century. They have always been a very secretive society using a pyramidal, hierarchical structure They engage in secret rituals, and seem to proficiently use magical and mysterious Symbols.

There were other Secret Societies that were founded in the United States and elsewhere. These groups could usually be found to be connected with the Masons. George Bickley's Knights of the Golden Circle, who promoted the idea of Southern secession which helped ignite the Civil War.

There are rumors that people involved in the Confederate Secret Service were members of the Knights of the Golden Circle. Rumour also has Jesse James and John Wilkes Booth as being members of these societies. The Knights of the Golden Circle became the Ku Klux Klan after the end of the Civil War.

There are many secret societies, operating outside the control of governments.

Many of the worlds elites speak openly about a secret cabal running every aspect of the people's lives.
Many of the worlds elites speak openly about a secret cabal running every aspect of the people's lives.

Other Secret Societies

Throughout Europe during the late Nineteenth and into the early Twentieth century many occult societies made appearances. The Theosophical Society which was founded in 1875 in New York City by Helena Blavatsky is just one example. The purpose of these societies was the investigation, the practice and the study of mediumistic phenomena.

In both Germany and Austria, the Order of the New Templars was created. The connection of this society with the Freemasons will be discussed later in the article.

There was a German Order called the ONT, which had its name changed to the Thule Society. It was this Society which created the Nazi Party. This was the party responsible for elevating Adolf Hitler to be its leader.

Alice Bailey, who was from England and a member of the Theosophist Society openly discussed her hatred of Jews. She was also quite vocal in her support for Hitler, Mussolini, and Napoleon. She taught that God was a tyrant, and that she worshipped the fallen angel named Lucifer. Once she moved to the United States she formed the Lucis Trust (Lucifer=Lucis), which supported the idea of a one world government.

This Society and those like it boasted of members such as Henry Kissinger, It also had a part in designing and maintaining the freakish Meditation Room at the United Nations Headquarters. The room contains an enormous monolith of magnetic ore, very similar to other magnetized monoliths like the one resting atop the ancient pyramid at Tiahuanaco in Bolivia.

Then you have famous Americans such as Albert Pike, who was a very well known nineteenth century Mason and a worshiper of Lucifer. There is another very mysterious club located north of San Francisco. The Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County is a place where strange rituals are performed. These rituals are performed around a forty foot stone owl called Moloch. On the door of the Bohemian Club building in San Francisco is a symbol of an owl, a crescent moon and the saying "weaving spiders, come not here."

Many famous Americans from different secret societies take part in these rituals. There are also very powerful secret political organizations, like the Council of Foreign Relations which is a secret government controlling the United States along with the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group.

(MUST SEE) JFK Secret Societies Speech - Complete (MUST HEAR)

The Speech That Got JFK Killed (A shorter version. (WATCH, HEAR EDUCATE YOURSELF)

Are All Secret Societies Part Of The Illuminati?

There are numerous Secret Societies in the world today. Are all these groups in the same belief as the Order Of the Illuminati espoused by Adam Weishaupt? Are they branches of the original Order Of the Illuminati?

Nineteenth Century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli claimed that there was a Secret Group Of Men who had control over the Political Parties. Even the American President Woodrow Wilson made reference to just such a group of powerful organizations, even to the point of saying that it was dangerous to criticize them at all. Winston Churchill not only made the claim that the Illuminati existed in the 1920s, he also claimed that they were the force behind Marxism.

Could it be possible that the Illuminati existed in ancient times? Could they have existed in prehistoric Atlantean Times? Did they exist long before Weishaupt founded the Illuminati.

In ancient Greece and Rome there were Priesthoods of Mystery Religions that would be considered Secret Societies. These religions had hierarchical leadership and rites of initiation. In the 12th century there was a Secret Order among the Crusaders. They were called the Hospitallers. The Hospitallers still exist today, they are known as the Knights of Malta and they belong to the Catholic Church.

There were other Crusaders who formed the Templars, actually the Templars were formed by nine French Knights. The Templars used many of the same symbols as the Hospitallers. The Templars gained control over the Fiat Money System allowing them to accumulate enormous wealth and power. The French King Philippe the Fair outlawed the Templars and ordered their destruction. The Templars escaped on their fleet of ships with their treasure and completely escaped capture, never to be found.

Many of the Templars joined the Knights of Malta, the ones who escaped to Spain and Portugal changed the name of their Order to the "Knights of Christ."

Robert the Bruce of Scotland can give credit to his victory over the English to a secret group of knights who mysteriously appeared on the battlefield. It was later in Scotland that the Order Of The Masons appeared. Even today these Masons claim to be descended from the Templars.

Even though there is definitive proof of the existence of the Illuminati in history there is no proof that they are active today. When the history is studied though there is compelling evidence to prove that not only did they exist but that they are still quite active today.

The first step to stopping these secret societies is acknowledging their existence!

By educating ourselves, we can identify their activities for what they are.  A scheme to control humanity!
By educating ourselves, we can identify their activities for what they are. A scheme to control humanity!

Can they be stopped?

It is unknown as to the actual extent of control residing in these secret societies. Only recently has their existence been revealed. What kind of difficulties arise when the leaders of the world are aligned with these forces? Where does their actual loyalty lie?

If a leader has taken an oath to their society and another for their position within the government, which oath is upheld? These questions need to be answered before we can truly understand the actual motivations behind current events. Please share your knowledge, ask questions, realize who you are and what your status is in society. Expose those that seek to manipulate others. It is our duty, our destiny, our purpose in life. To attempt to make the world a better place for all. You are the change that the world needs. You have the power. Together, we are unstoppable.


The materials available on this hub are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. All materiel are copyrighted properties of the author and may not be used without permission of the author.

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    • last_jack profile image

      last_jack 7 years ago

      I see that there aren't any comments, so I just drop by to say hi.

      People who dare to speak out like you should be supported. It's unfortunate for a free country to use all sorts of tactics to get outspoken people to "shut up".

      I hope a little comment will lift your spirits :)

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 7 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      last_jack thank you for the comment. I write hubs about what I discover through research. You are right it does not seem to make me a popular guy when it comes to comments. If only a few people will look into these things for themselves they will see the reality.

      Do not believe me or anyone else do your own learning and accept your own truth.

      BTW thanks for lifting my spirits, it worked

    • profile image

      peace pace 6 years ago

      interesting subject, but i'd like 2 mention that these dark secret societies are after knowledge and ability to manipulate and conquer. They r achieving their purposes by extracting knowledge from the general population, buying the brains to do exotic research, scouring the earth for hidden knowledge and technology from past civilizations channeling occult demonic forces for knowledge, and working with alien hyperdimensional groups 4 their technology and thus serving them in their agenda.

    • gunsock profile image

      gunsock 6 years ago from South Coast of England

      Very interesting hub, many thanks.

    • profile image

      Laura 6 years ago

      Very intersting information to read and view, i believe in this conspiracy, however, i do not know what is the greater plan for middle class citizens to help stop secret society.

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 6 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      Laura, being aware of your surroundings and realizing the motivations behind world events will open your mind to the real power in the world.

      Spreading the word and awakening more people is the only way to combat the evil forces trying to manipulate the globe.

    • profile image

      ME 6 years ago

      In my opinion i say all affiliations with the illuminati or any sort of masonic group should be killed. Exstinguished off the face of the earth. If the people of the world will open their eyes an notice what is literally right in their face an stand up the illuminati will have no where to go.

    • profile image

      Love Power 6 years ago

      We can learn from all things of history and now. What was and what is now? True power is to change ourselves and vibration to change our future and decide to change the now. To learn lessons of ways of not to be and break free and open our minds no one is better than anyone. True source power is to bring the power of love to all you come in contact with. Love is the power that breaks all free of chains of superiority. Walk the path of love and I shall find you and bring you to the light. The power of love is your protection against destruction.

    • A Universal Truth profile image

      A Universal Truth 5 years ago

      Intelligent, beautifully presented... so many people should read this, and understand.

    • profile image



    • profile image

      the truth 5 years ago

      why on earth would i join illuminati well let me explain if your you want wealth and power illuminati is da last thing you would want just think about it. some people think that famous people are in it they could be but you never know.

      i fear no one but god

    • profile image

      julian ledoux 5 years ago

      i say that's just bs in the peoople say about this shit it not real if it true show something on you tube that's shows its real....

    • profile image

      Wendy 5 years ago

      I hate this "illuminati" thing and i don't believe because people say almost celeb is in this thing e.g Beyonce,Jay z,Rihanna,Lil wayne etc

    • profile image

      all through ya body 5 years ago

      well half the people on this board need to learn how to spell hahah but for real man this shit is trippy. theres no wy it couldn't be real because in all reality in lamens terms every man is always struggling to get past the man in front of them in most situations. which is the same concept as a society of extremely inteletctually educated people tring to control how people think. s they can create their own order by controling the actions of people. get wise folks if they weren't doin it someone else would be. and yes they should all die as soon as possible. and if hell exists surely they'll enjoy a nice long stay.

    • profile image

      trevor moffatt 5 years ago

      I don't know how you right wingers can come up with the idea that the NWO is trying to bring about world communism. If this is the case why does the so called illuminati privatize everything in sight? I'm sure you'll give me some spiel about how its all part of some elaborate plot - but come on - George Bush a communist?

    • profile image

      karl 5 years ago

      Your insistence on the illuminati being leftists is misleading. Its obvious that today's rulers of the world are radical liberals - free markets, free movement of peoples, free speech, free love etc. And population control is not a Marxist concept; it was invented by Malthus, a liberal luminary who was hated by Engels.

    • profile image

      john doe 5 years ago

      i do recall Reality Bytes saying "Do not believe me or anyone else do your own learning and accept your own truth." So why not shutup about there is no illuminati. Why not prove there is no illuminati. Its said how ignorant the worlds grown-ups have become.

      Reality Bytes keep doing you. God and every1 with intellect supports you.

    • profile image

      Paul 5 years ago

      A very interesting hub. Whether it is true or not I am uncertain of. But in my opinion if it is true these forces are started by people enslaved by sin which is the majority of the world we inhabit. But God will end these things with ease and his people will in peace forever one day.

      God Bless everybody! :D

    • profile image

      id10t 5 years ago

      Illuminatis' existence may be a surprise to many but it's just the begining there's so much more yet to come. All these happenings are connected to the begining of times. It started with the big war between God and Lucifer in the heavens, there God strike Lucifer with the 1/3 of the fallen Angels to inhabit these world. And all that is happening now (that is the ILLUMINATI's and their Plans- NWO) are master minded by LUCIFER and the fallen Angels. He tries to take revenge for what has happened between him and God before time begins and so the only way he could mock God is to destroy His PEOPLE (US)thus he interefere in the music industry and captured all the wealthy and most powerful people in the world because he believes the only way to rule all Gods people is to use MONEY and POWER. But as a Christian I praise the Almighty God for His Economy... we have nothing to worry about because Satans plan is also under Gods Economy,,,, and the reason for these things happening is not a surprise because it is also under Gods Economy... Satan will be defeated..... OH LOrd Jesus!!!! God Bless Everybody.

    • profile image

      THE DYNOSPECTRUM 5 years ago

      the world is gore. they trade nuclear weapons for viruses and cures or money for religion, its all business and greed. the vatican doesn't believe in a god cuz they worship money and demons

    • profile image

      badaman 5 years ago

      Im starting to believe in this hole illuminati thing I watched loads of vids of famous ppl that have died,Michael Jackson for example its in his lirics and vids and the way his family is talking by sayin THEY killed him and even Mj said THEY are gonna kill me is a bit fucked up so have a look and decide for yourself !

    • profile image

      Jesus is the only way to salvation 5 years ago

      Oh dear friends, please listen. All of these confirms what the Word of God (The Bible) say in revelations. Please Please go and read it. Jesus Christ is coming soon to take his chosen people and those who choose not to follow Christ will end up with the devil. After all they loved his ways. So please pray right now and ask the lord Jesus Christ to be your lord and personal savior. read your bible twice a day and let Jesus Christ guide your way. Get some Christian books by Nicky Cruz and other similar authors. Jesus Christ is waiting for you. Run to him!!!

    • profile image

      mrX 5 years ago

      All of this is true people need to wake up!

    • profile image

      drod5385 5 years ago

      Excellent blog! I'd like to add my 2 cents. I've never been much of a religious person, but I do recall hearing a famous quote that goes something like "the Devil's greatest trick is convincing the world he/she doesn't exist." When you analyze that quote some more what you may discover is that the Devil is the Corporations. Think about what a Corporation is. A Corporation is an imaginary person. Today, the Corporations control everything. Can't you see? The New World Order has already taken place. The Corporations have no boundaries. They control everything worldwide. The Illuminati are successful in manifesting their goal of controlling the masses, and they achieved it by making a deal with the Devil.

    • profile image

      taking over 5 years ago

      i need help, this stuff is taking over my life, all i do is research it! i want answers or proof either way to settle my mind..

    • profile image

      The  5 years ago

      There's a very strong chance they are still around today, if so they would be held responsible for many recent disasters (oil spill, swine flu). Even further any plans for 2012 which would be deemed conspiracy could become serious such as 'Zion'. Perhaps more people should be informed...

    • profile image

      John Doe 5 years ago

      I'm back. I want to say that, even if you're not in the Illuminati and you're just an unsaved person, Hell will be your home along with all the Illuminati, you cant get to Heaven by good deeds or anything else. Because Jesus died for us, so we have to accept Him into our lives if we want Heaven to be our home. So Illuminati or not Hell still can be your home. Swag.

    • profile image

      txs karnage 5 years ago

      Really confused on what to believe. But to everyone who needs answers u wont get any till its to late. I believe in the almighty God. For the ppl who don't look at all the evil in the world. There's good and bad. Everything is getting worse and humanity is giving up. Faith is all we have left. That's my belief. Look around you people there's chaos every where.

    • profile image

      just a wanderer 5 years ago

      Great blog,... whether it's real or not it all depend on what evolution is for humanity to take,... I mean think about it,... almost all civilization of humans perish in every thousand years... 1st and for most the earliest civilization don't know much bout it how they perish,.. but i think its all about territorial,... given examples are the egptians, sumerians etc... then the birth of religion, the romans and the egypt, sumerians, perish,... what came after it birth of christianity and islam,... 2 major religion seperation the world as of today which gave birth for lasting peace enabling humans to ascend more in technology and society and more,.. now if you all think about it, there's no question's that with all the conflict, with whose right and whose wrong, what do you think will happen next WAR of course, now i think this is another history in the making its just the question whether humanity survive this upcoming conflict between religions, well I'm not even sure if I'll able to live to see it in my own eyes the path humanity will take,... destruction or evolution,.... hehe thanks for reading my opinions to today's world

    • profile image

      I hart jesus 5 years ago

      what I believe in is the one and only God! Whatever these stuff is saaying, I also believe that the devil is also trying to manipulate and lie to people that there are other truth. The only truth is Jesus! That is what I believe in. People better be prepared because the time is near!

    • profile image

      cram nettap 5 years ago

      It is a real org. It's been around for hundreds of years. Not all Masons are a part of it. A society within a society is what we are dealing with. The good Freemasons are enlightened individuals who share a common belief that we are here to serve just as the man called Jesus said. His basic message was one of love others as yourself and don't judge. Religion and it's leaders have turned a simple message from a humble man into a perversion and more people have died at the hands of people doing what they believed to be gods will than anything else in history. This is just fact. Most active Masons are just good people who have choozen that particular path to serve mankind. There are other ways also. But most people sit on the bench and spew accusations with little or no understanding about those they are judging.

    • profile image

      Elkfrankgakata 5 years ago

      The only thing for us to to make they are not winning this world is us to turn to God pray and fast

    • profile image

      Pearlokazi 5 years ago

      A jcxt cnt sell ma s0ul 4 fame datx bullsh*t hey,y shuld a nt ax richness 4rm God bcuz he'z da 1 dat pr0vide us wf evrythn...damn a jcxt cnt du ths shym

      w0w wat a crazy w0rld we live in...damn dis z lyk against G0d'z c0mmandz

    • profile image

      Lissa 5 years ago


      "julian ledoux 2 months ago

      i say that's just bs in the peoople say about this shit it not real if it true show something on you tube that's shows its real.... "

      If its real , show me on youtube ... SMH since when is youtube the one site where everything that's posted is real ? Is that the one site we turn to for proof ? I could put up a video of the world's first born five headed baby but it doesn't make it real . Pure ignorance .

      Very informative post though , gives me a lot of food for thought . Keep up the good work !

    • profile image

      Frank 5 years ago

      BTW guys I just wanted to inform you Barrack Obama is a member of the Illiminati.

    • profile image

      John Doe 5 years ago

      Why are you guys scared? Don't you know that God is in control of everything. Satan has power; however he only has as much power as God let's him have. If you're saved you can tell a demon to go jump off a cliff, and if it's just a misguided humans they have no more power then anyone else.

    • profile image

      Luis 5 years ago

      Dam you really make a lot of sence. I've been doing a lot of research also but I'm a beginner lol and this really helped a lot thanks I will be doing research on the topics that you talked about :)

    • profile image

      reezbiskuit 5 years ago

      Middle class people should just start a movement to make us heard, to make our intent of world peace spread. Instead of having money/power hungry bastards get the spotlight. LETS TAKE IT FROM THEM LIKE THE SO MANY THINGS THEY'VE TAKEN FROM US!

    • profile image

      God Bless You All 5 years ago

      I just want to say,

      I don't know if this stuff is real or not, but this links with the Revelation, the last book of the Bible. Read it please!!!

      Listen to Bob Marley's songs


      Three Little Birds

      Every little thing is gonna be alright! Maybe a reference to the Second Coming of Christ Our Saviour!

      Redemption Song

      How long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look? Some say it's just a part of it. We've got to fulfil the Book.

      Maybe a reference to the Illuminati killing all those who exposed them


      Michael Jackson

      Maybe Bob Marley?

      Eminem almost lost his life trying to break free...

      These are just Music Artists but some of their songs are giving us a sign that the Illuminati is real.

      I think that the world will end soon, and GOD The One And Only GOD will triumph over Satan!!!

      I think this because of financial crisis in the world especially in Europe, Satanic meanings in many songs, etc.

      But to all of you out there, be prepared, repent your sins to GOD for HE is coming soon.

      God Bless You All

      To the poor

      To the rich

      To the Good People of this World

      To Everyone who does not Worship any other god and to those who do, so you may turn to GOD the one and only TRUE GOD.


      and may HE reign over us Forever and Ever and Ever.

    • profile image

      Miss Jane 5 years ago

      Now I am just a young girl who is just interested..I was attending a Youth Night at my friends church and the topic of the day was satanic symbols... when I got home I experienced a sleepless night.. I wasn't sure if the satanic information was scary to me, or if I just wanted to learn more.. I am a true Christian but I wonder if its wrong to show interest in this topic. If illuminati is real, I am totally against it.. but you say that our middle class people have to put a stop to this nonsense. But aren't our middle class people encouraging this? In the video it showed multiple clothing brands, bank labels, etc. Our middle class people are using these banks,wearing these clothes! All while overlooking what these labels represent. Don't the middle class people have to stop thereselves before they stop this evil society?

    • profile image

      jackie 5 years ago

      why do the illumanati people want to have controll over the world and brain wash peaopl and stuff like that ???im confused lol

    • profile image

      stevieb. 5 years ago

      not only are these secret clubs real they are also evil! we need to be praying always and watching for evil is everywhere, but our God has our back and He is comeing back for His church ... which will be watching for Him !! Fear not for fear is Not of God!!

    • profile image

      Bruce 5 years ago

      Wow dis illuminati thing seems cool 2 m bcoz its all about money and tkng ovr the world so i say if u wnt 2 go 4 it 'go 4 it

    • profile image

      Myself... 5 years ago

      ...I Suppose there is one power that governs all and that power has given us power of we strive for the truth, we believe we know the truth. we believe we have discovered the truth. How sure are we that what we seem to know as the truth is half the truth?... Who is God and what was His motive for the existence of mankind? Is it possible to praise and worship God in the midst of poverty, in the midst of lack. God wanted nothing of such that is offcourse the devil's intentions. Check we are very good as mankind to undermine one another and God's creation. We are posting comments to undermine and criticise the illuminati...Well done i am actually proud of them because they are not undermining anything but believing on their true self in what they believe to be the truth.If this truth makes them famous and wealthy, surely that is God's desire. I personally cannot see God in poverty because then it makes me to question His existence...

    • profile image

      abdou st 5 years ago

      By the power of, the ``ONE ABOVE ALL``they can only turn the ones who ``HE`` is not please with...but any one under his umbrella shall never feed from Satan... may ALLAH enlighten them to become a believers, so as to erase greed from their mines,,,,


    • profile image

      K-smith 5 years ago

      More people need to be aware this thing is for real and it's gettin to the point no one believes in it and that gives them all the power we as GODS people need to know when to be ready for the end and I believe it's coming by the hands of people like thee illum

    • profile image

      Hackym 5 years ago

      illuminati is real,for me i think they help thereself to become famous and wheath,for someone who belive in god to succed it will be rare hard, cause there leader are most famous people, if u want to be part of them that means u own the world,but if u are not that u are still believe in god u will not perish..........

    • profile image

      Richter 5 years ago

      It may be best to be on the winning side. Maybe the new world order is a global democratic state. The real doctrine of the group may support this. One above All could mean one people over greed and temptaion. There's so many different groups by that name that I like to believe the good of one that advertises its existance

    • profile image

      lucas 5 years ago

      well i have heard about this and personaly beilive that this could be true based om its back round and history it is unsure whether or not it is true for today but it has proof of its existance. do i belive thhat they can achieve what they want to achieve. NO i do not belive without the manpower and power or position there is no way to do this this is the truth in my personal opinion you can not base asumtions of of rumors or facts illuminati is a mere statement or could it be real and there plans unable to acheivemain plan. so think about that

    • profile image

      sulayman 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Steve 5 years ago

      I'd like to say to the kind soul who goes by "god bless you all", you are a truly inspirational person who truly believes in righteous doings in the name of god. Anybody who calls themselves a catholic or a christian or some religion of that sort who is suppose to be true to god should base their life and their ways on you if they really wanted to call themselves christian or catholic. And to the person who wrote this "blog" or article, This was truly fascinating. this is the first time I've actually read a description of who they are and what they do and i've already learned so much and like you said about the "left hand path" was a path chosen by people who are ignorant who have succumbed to greed and lust which are two of the major sins could possibly be forgiven of their sinful ways but as much as i know about them i cant really tell. Thank you for writing this article and thank you "god bless you all" you both are truly inspirational people

    • profile image

      oscar gonzalez 5 years ago

      those who are behind the media those who are not seen those who manipulate the people those who supposedly to be the elite rulers of the world.The evil ones .........ya ummmmmmm they can burn in hell. GOD WILL PUNISH THE WICKED

    • profile image

      Mis3alfa 5 years ago

      Hmm, quite intresting and at the same time outrageous, 2 have came all the way 4rm wayback, this stuff is really more than i expected, many hidden lies and deception are contained in this .........wat do i call it

    • profile image

      guy down the street 5 years ago

      what brought me here is a tupac song, he talks of this act in a few songs but a certaine one is what brought my curiosity, its called they just don't give a f**k an he talks about the this act (once again as i say) but then i was reading the comments and somebody said the ILLUMINATI is what we should be freaking out about in 21-12-12 and it also brought me because these bi**h's killed tupac and biggie, but then again thats what they think tupac is believed to be alive in london, but this act also has me hating it becuase the anti-christ and no marriage thing, this is nothing to joke around with along with all the other secret groups

    • profile image

      Chevon 5 years ago

      Interesting stuff...

      The multitude does follow the symbols indeed ; wether

      site seeing in Egypt, watching the big brother show`s mmmm.

      As for the masons, i was told as a little girl that its an Elite group of people and in order to join them you have to be able to cut both ways (whatever that means)lol....because it keeps you quiet and maintains confidentiality.

      I have read "God bless you all" comment re Tupac, MJ and Bob Marley...maybe Eminem got caught up in the rapture. Riyhanna in "Battleship" is questionable and Madonna/Niki M.

      There are no winners in the world today regardless of the Maya Angelou quoted "I`ve learnt that you shouldn`t go through life with a catchers mitt on both hands, you need to be able to throw something other words, "you reap what you sow" and what you sow is what you reap.

    • profile image

      Truth 5 years ago

      Myself, i must correct you on a lot when you said, "Who is God and what was His motive for the existence of mankind? Is it possible to praise and worship God in the midst of poverty, in the midst of lack. God wanted nothing of such that is offcourse the devil's intentions." You need to read your 66 letters more lol. Lazarus was a poor begger that served God until the day he died and the rich man was rich until the day he died but he went to Hell. And for the last part of what you said i will retaliate with this. "What profiteth a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul.?"

      But yeah the I like that everyone voices there opinion but if its not lined up with your Bible then its useless.

    • profile image

      Truth 5 years ago

      My bad i forgot to say God Jehovah bless everyone.

      P.S. Nice hub Reality Bytes, stay strong and may God give you long life.

    • profile image

      D.P. 5 years ago

      Anyone see the 2012 NFL halftime show? symbolism at its best . Are they trying to tell us something ?

    • profile image

      Xclusive 5 years ago

      It al abut end tym d world we re is abut 2 end live a meaningful lyf

    • profile image

      lette for life 5 years ago

      This is all very interesting to me...I like to keep an open mind about stuff, and I don't see why it couldn't be real. I do find it weird that artists that mention illumanati in their music wind up...well most of the ones that mention a lot arent here anymore, or arent seen at least. I have always thought our government to be fucked up and if theres an illumanati they are most likely behind it... and the government can possibly even be a cover up for something greater, something we arent suppose to know about...its possible that the things in the illumanati arent even sounds crazy but like I said its cool to keep an open mind. It could be possible that something else is running our government and trying to controle us...there are to many secrets that are hidden from us or at least that They try to hide from us. Does anyone else agree with me on that one? How weird is it that the government gets away wit so much? They could make someone vanish and just set it up to look like death or just an other kiddnapping or something, they could even erase the existance of someone, all but memories from others....and who knows maybe they could do that too. Also weird to see how much weve advanced in technology especially so fast! I saw somewhere that they are learning to make tanks invisible..what the fuck, how you gunna just make a big ass tank invisible!!! Our government knows to much that we don't and something needs to be done bout that....but hey what do I really know Im just a young gurl that is interested into many things and theorys lol.

    • profile image

      misunderstood 5 years ago

      I say down with darkness up with light

    • profile image

      jerry 5 years ago

      Wow this shit is good stuff

      How d hell u become a member Bro?

    • profile image

      jackieadex 5 years ago

      I read thru all diz and d only question dt kips coming to my mind is '' God, as hard working as d devil is, would u just sit and watch us like u watched Elijah tremble bcos of Jezebel? We need some help, or at least Jesus should hasten up and arrive b4 more pple get trapped! I tink it's beta now when the illuminati have not started using 4ce else. . . . God help us.

    • profile image

      jessica 5 years ago

      why are they real anyway

    • profile image

      travis james moore 5 years ago

      this is it and this is a good add it has all the ifo u need to know scary :(

    • profile image

      Yamilhee 5 years ago

      i just wanted to add i first heard about this thing in school from my classmates when we watched a video of Jay-z for water in africa when he was performing in a concert and visting a school he got almost everybody doing that stupid pyramid sign and the kids were like oh my gosh hes so stupid this and that well if this is true im not afraid but one thing i will not stand up for is ppl saying they will brain wash us and take over the world ever stopped and picked up a bibile and read it the person who made this world he's the control for all we know this is apart of God's plan it's his world God created everything these people who claim they'll ake over the world go ahead and take over the world once you do that what did you gain a trip to your hometown Hell where not only does the Devil make your life miserably but he will betray you why else is he down there just for fun who sent him down there ask your self these questions answer them the best you can then come back and see if you still see this illuminati thing is scary cause its not as long as you have the one and only ruler in your heart mind and soul GOD he shall save you from the bad in this world he promised he made us even if he breaks heis promise (which is rare)he still had done a great deed and THANKYOU is all i'll say when i die not in th eyes of Lucifer but in the arms of an angel and GOD himself.

    • profile image

      Reginald 5 years ago

      The truth is what u believe wel if the illuminati is real y'z God js wtchn?anywhere who wrote the bible?who wrote the koran?really confused

    • profile image

      satan 5 years ago

      i want to be in illuminati 666

    • profile image

      Gomegu've Nou've 5 years ago

      This illuminati is here to stay, they are well established and have strong networks around the world. The decision is up to you to be a illuminti, if you want join them, you are always free to do that But let me remiind you that you will sped eternety in hell with lucifer. You compare 60 years to eternity, which is more? its eternity! For i would never ever join this group. I am bound for Heaven when Lord Jesus return as King.

    • profile image

      999 5 years ago

      can i also add, for you to go into the "arms of god" you must go to church or atleast "pray" && by the looks of it you losers spend more time on this website. lets just say in my church believes that the proficy has been fullfilled awhile back in june/july of 2011. the new beginning is coming. satin will be back for 5 months calming to be "god" some people that don't read the bible will follow him and in the end burn with satin. but their will not be a "hell" those whom follow satin will parish, && we will hav no memory of them. this is all in the bible people. when the trumpets sound for all to hear. the illuminati is real , but its just a bunch of people in a secret society. they wont "take over the world" .

    • Rey Jaso profile image

      Rey Jaso 5 years ago from Garland, Texas

      The Illumnati is alive and well.

      Let us go back as far as 70 A.D. when the Roman army under General Titus invaded the City of Jerusalem. The objective has not changed much from then to the present. The objective was to take control of the temple. One can ask what does the Illuminati have to do with it?

      The Romans realized it was not going to be easy to take control of the world so they devised a plan, the most clever deception introduced to mankind.

      The temple of Janus, statue of Jupiter and statue of Venus were given a facelift so to speak along with new names.

      The statue of Jupiter was re-named St. Peter, and the statue of Venus was re-named The Virgin Mary.

      The birth of the Catholic Church!

      When Loyola organized the The Society of Jesus in 1541 the intent was always the same, power!

      In 1545 the Council of Trent was put together as a counter-reformation to the protestant movement.

      Since then many counter-reformations were organized with the intent to infiltrate the protestant churches, to the present Council of Churches.

      The Illuminati, Freemasons, The CFR, The Trilateral Commission, The Knights of Malta, many numerous branches are all traced back to the present day Vatican, the present day Roman Catholic Church!

      Once again the intent has not changed one bit, Power!!!

      The Roman Catholic Church has become more sophisticated behind the mask of religion and tradition.

    • profile image

      All So Real 5 years ago

      Mans creation eill be its own destruction. Guns, Gangs, Social Networks, Privacy, Secret Societies. How do we knoe someone or some illuminati isn't reading this and hunting us down. You've gotta think fast and be aware. This is hard to digest, but it could very well be true. Just watch yourself and always always treat with respect. Now a days you cant aford to mess with someone...

    • profile image

      mbuso koowe 5 years ago


    • profile image

      CAROLINE T MOALA 5 years ago

      We really need Jesus to save us all.............what is this world turnig in to?

    • profile image

      Austin 5 years ago

      I TOTALLY AGREE with mbuso koowe... is the illumnati like controlling everything already? Also, what is up with the howl, the moon and the spider on the dollar bill... is it just me or does it seem like the illumnati is deeper into our nation's government than we realize?

    • profile image

      Unknown 5 years ago

      Sorry if ur a south african u dnt qualify so dnt føol urcelf cz if u du ul be da toy of da evil team afta using u thy wil aborden u nd myd u tht threz no why owt

    • profile image

      bib boy 5 years ago

      that's crazy its very hard to be truth but i still love jesus let the devil be destroyed

    • profile image

      AK 5 years ago

      David Icke was how I learned about the Illuminati.

      I have researched this subject since 2003.

      Today 9 years later, I continue to learn new things from so many teachers.

      From David Icke to Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion to Jim Marrs.

      With all these freely available, many will benefit from the information.

      Most young people today, when hearing about the Illuminati are ignorant.

      They act like they know everything and anything just because they went to university.

      This new generation feels that they will be more freedom in the future.

      This is exactly what the Illuminati want you to become.

      Like an ant in a glass bottle, trapped and no way out.

      Most of you think that the Illuminati only exist in developing countries.

      They also exist in 3rd world countries & developing countries like Malaysia.

      Malaysia is an islamic country and 'key Illuminati stronghold' in South East Asia.

      The nation administration center - PutraJaya is an Illuminati design.

      The national currency - the ringgit is an illuminati design.

      The national supremacist political party - UMNO is an Illuminati design.

      The government administration is also Illuminati design.

      The Illuminati is real.

    • profile image

      Fortune 5 years ago

      Its exciting.I'm surprised that in a 'free world' freedom is not free. I hate the part where powerful men have to hide to practice what they believe.

    • profile image

      Mlungisi 5 years ago

      i'm confused about this whole illuminati thing, how will i know if its true or not? i'm so confused... but i trust in GOD

    • profile image

      TheTruthSpeaker 5 years ago

      The Illuminati is more powerful than ever before. Satan is still angry at Christ, so his plan for vengeance is to corrupt us humans, God's greatest creation, and make sure none of us live forever with Christ. While he was in Heaven, Satan was in charge of music, and since music is a big influence on us, Satan possesses music artists, like Kanye West, Eminem, Jay-Z, J. Cole, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne, Nas, the late Michael Jackson, etc. The only way to save ourselves is to repent, accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, read the Bible, pray, and have faith. "On Christ, the solid rock, I stand. All other ground is sinking sand."

    • profile image

      travis grimmett 5 years ago

      Illuminati is bullshit and is not real. Niggas beleive anything the white man say. Stand for something or you will fall for anything.

    • profile image

      joe dirt 5 years ago

      First, I'd like to commend this article on its accuracy in many many sectors which other similar articles lack. However, like any conspiracy analysis, so long as it remains subject to theory and speculation, is heavily subject to the bias of the person perceiving it. For example, a conservative Christian might emphasize the Leftist, Marxist, and anti-Christian motives of such an organization (whether it is called Illuminati or whatever). Not to say that these emphases are false, they just ignore OTHER pertinent aspects, so I encourage people to do their own research and find out what makes sense to them.

      Here's what makes sense to me: such an organization that is focused primarily (as the name Illuminati suggests) on Enlightenment through POWER will oppose ANY ideology or morals that oppose it and use ANY ideology that furthers its power or the preservation of its power. So, to call the Illuminati "Leftist" or "Marxist" or "Anti-Christian" is indeed true, but only half true. If they indeed did back the French Revolution, that isn't to imply that the Revolution with the stated goals of empowering the People were EVIL, its just that manipulating the goals of the Revolution for their own ends suited their needs at the time. As the rise in Communist/Populist movements in the late 19th early 20th century spread, this would probably have made a great opportunity to depose old long standing rulers (like the Tzars) who would have opposed them and provided for Regimes (like the Totalitarian Bolsheviks) who would aggressively control their own populace as they saw fit and further their own ends to preserve or increase their power.

      My point is, ideology such as "Communism" or "Anti-Communism" or "Capitalism" and "Anti-Capitalism" would simply be means to an end, and not an end in themselves. An organization with a Will to Rule would further any of these ideologies, Left or Right, Christian or Non-Christian, if it were under their control and oppose them if they were under the control of another the People.

      To further one's understanding in this, look not at the ideology itself, but how the ideology BEHAVES. Does the Communist or Capitalist government under Their influence empower and free the People of Which it is Comprised, or does it further the power of a small elite group at the expense of those who are in the "outgroup." Historically there have been Good Leftist governments, and Good Right-ist governments, as well as Evil Leftist and Evil Right-ist. Do not fall into the trap of believing only in an Illuminati which controls the ideology that opposes your own. Chances are at this point, they probably control elements of both. Use your best judgement.

    • profile image

      lala 5 years ago

      so u wana b part of such a thing than do it i don't knw y this ppl dreg kids into such shit u wana go to hel go alone i pray that god comes soos end very soon

    • profile image

      Greg 5 years ago

      I thought it was the jews who were the primary component of the illuminatti.

      As a poster said , all road lead to Rome. Rome is where the illuminatti is based out of.

      There are three main cities: Rome (Spiritual Illuminatti), the City of London (Financial), and Washington DC (Military).

      I was once Roman Catholic thinking that the Catholic Church was infiltrated by the Illuminatti. In matter of fact the Catholic Church IS THE ILLUMINATTI!

      The Illuminati is just the service organization for the Rome. Satan had his power bases in these places prior to Rome (In historical Order):




      Then Pagan Rome, then Papal Rome.

      Read an account by a former illuminatti named "Svali"

      Jews are a minor part of the illuminatti in freemason lodges. The freemason jews are subservient to Rome,and are rewareded for their efforts. Real commandment keeping Jews have not part of the Illuminatti. In matter of fact, the real commandment keeping Jews don't get along with the Illuminatti. G-d blesses the real Jews (see book of genesis blessing on seed of abraham), and satan blesses the false ones.

      Freemason lodges were founded around 1717 in London. This was a back door for the Jesuits into protestant England. The founding of the freemason lodge systems is an overall part of the counter-reformation effort of the jesuits.

      The Jesuits are the torch-bearers for all the ancient occult knowledge since the libraries of alexendria were burned down. The Jesuits are higher up than the Jews and the masons in the Illuminatti.

      The partial truth about Jews being powerful serves as a distraction.

      There was a protestant group called , "The elders of Borgfontine". According to the council of Trent all protestant are heretics. They Jesuits made up a book called "Protocols of the Elders of Borgfontine". What the Jesuits do is to take some of the things they do, and lay it upon the Borgfontine.

      Some Jews loyal to the Jesuits wrote a book called, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion." Everyone should read this book. The Jesuits essentially take what they do and lay blame to the Jews. This book is very accurate , and much of the items in the book have already been carried out. The Jesuits are even mentioned in the protocols saying something like, "The Jesuits are the only ones that can match the intellectual superiority of Jews."

      You have to be a Jesuit for 30 years before you are let into the core of the Illuminatti. This is about how long it takes to "Blaspheme the Holy Spirit". The Holy Spirit can whisper to you to do the correct thing only for so long before he lets you go. This is one of two , "Unpardonable Sins" you can't be forgiven by Jesus. The other is "taking the mark of the beast."

      Also, the thing from David Icke about the Queen of England being a Lizard is also a distraction. A distraction from Rome. Please see a lecture series on called "Total Onslaught" by Dr. Walter Veith.

      This lecture series will describe to you what I am saying.

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      Greg, you have presented some very useful and pertinent information. I also believe you are correct when it comes to distractions. I will be following your advice about watching the lecture series by Dr. Walter Veith. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. :)

    • profile image

      oxydra 5 years ago

      jst trough money many people moves funny bt trust me hell fire must be the cure for the free masons .....

    • profile image

      leezeen 5 years ago

      I've been doing so much research on this... and yet I'm born again. I don't understand why, I cannot stop until I'm sure what this whole thing is about... I cannot even judge cause who am I to do so... I want this to end, if it's fake I want to stop obsessing over it!

    • profile image

      ZeldaV 5 years ago

      Dear Leezeen - One of the big lies we are told is that we should not judge; "who are you to judge" is a tool used on Christians and true believers to incapacitate them. We believe we are doing the Christian thing, while in fact; YOU SHOULD VERY MUCH JUDGE!

      You don't have to condemn the person, it is not in a human's power to condemn another's soul, even if we can condemn the body to death. BUT THE ACTIONS - CONDEMN THEM. "YOU WILL KNOW A TREE FROM THE FRUIT IT BEARS" - Jesus Christ

      It is very much real. ILLUMINATI spelled backwards is ITANIMULLI - now type in your browser: and see it takes you to the AMERICAN NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY / CENTRAL SECURITY SERVICE official YES !!!OFFICIAL!!! website namely !!!!

    • profile image

      Mrs.little cutie 5 years ago

      Just to remind you guyz that Beyoncè,Rihanna,Jay-Z,Lilwanye the shocking one "HELLO KITTY" not sure abut Emenem my favourite star i think he is part of this illuminatine thing maybe bt that will not stop me from loving him. I LOVE EMENEM NOMATTER WHAT!!!

    • profile image

      Lastoneleft 5 years ago

      If these illuminati exists, they have already won because all the stupid religions are supposed to unite and fight as one but what are they doing? They are criticising one another and even kill.

      Where I come from, there are more than 100 different Christian churches and almost all dnt get along, criticise and hate one another. My point is Im not a f"'kn follower of any bloody religion or secret society but my advice is if you want to win this battle all your religions of God need to combine as one to be united or else you are as much dead as us who are lost. Its Common sense, you dnt need no college certificate or a priest to tell u that united you can win. Now children of God stand up and prove that God reali exist oh and while you at it, tell him we have a problem of global warming since he is said to have the utmost power can he reali try to fix it. We know its our fault but since he is capable to forgive I dnt thnk it will be a problem to forgive and forget

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.


      Sajeel Ahmed 9 hours ago

      I would like to share my experience Illuminati is in real all over the world. they want to take over the world By NWO (NEW WORLD ORDER). They are f****** exist in the world Adam was the first man who stated up in 1775. But now these are only 6000 in this world in blood relation.Now the head of illuminati is Queen Elizbeth.

      The first rule is to sell our souls's to Devil you wilol have to sign up a conract with Satan which you cant break if you will do this you will die such as Micheal jackson, lady Diana, & many more for this you can search on google illuminati Assasinations....... they just want to take over the world in sense sell our soul to davil & you will be your own GOD in this world mean no life after death.

      once people sell soul then they will get everything wharever they want specially money is like water for you & successed in every thing you decided to start.....they control all media,channels,politics & politicians, movies & some movie start,singer,rapers, like byonce,jayz,kayne west,eminum,lil wayne etc

      dun follow then people we have to show our face to GOD after death trust me they are killing humanity & blaming Islam & muslims that they are terrorist ....they talk about Usama bin ladin he was illuminati too was cousin of Bush then he was converted to islam then he been killed long time back in 1992.....but still they are attaking in sevral countries of world just to take over tese countries me

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      Please keep comments free from profanity. All comments will be posted as long as they are family friendly.

      Thank You for reading and commenting. :)

    • profile image

      Vinchi 5 years ago

      I wonder....if people like beyonce n jay-z are part of the illuminati, how come the press (in all its frightening efficiency) has no evidence of it? The press has, over the years, exposed the most personal and shameful details in the lives of various public figures, yet till date there's not as much as a blurry photo of any of these entertainers in a compromising position, related to the illuminati. I just wonder if it is fear that's getting the better of us?

    • profile image

      Sajey 5 years ago

      Pinky you are right they praise in songs & portia no we don't have to love them & don't have to listen them songs who are the part of this secret socity Illuminati.

    • profile image

      Lil V.. 4rm S.A 5 years ago

      God Keep Blessing South Africa..! Rumours spec : S.African niggaz (We S.A Blacks) were Liberated via Illuminati "666" Secret Elite in connection to Nelson Mandela ! He was thought to be released years B4 Freedom In S.A..! But Still, No evidence found that it exist In S.A. No Having Power n Money is the Root Of Evil# I believe Illuminati exist, In reference to WITCH'CRAFT being practised In Africa#

    • profile image

      cv ill fellow vanilla 5 years ago

      if it is so true why do people still listen 2 their music and howcome in south africa we never found any evidence of their existance there havnt been any report via the media exposing those people who are mostly used as examples like jay z it does scares me a bit but i hvnt been convinced its not jst a legend or myth....

    • Neferet profile image

      Neferet 5 years ago

      It is sad but most people wish to see proof that cannot be disputed in order to believe. The purpose of a secret society is to remain a secret. While we may be able to access some information, most is hidden from the world including the members and their ultimate plans. To disclose these plans would be treason and most likely to result in death. I am a firm believer in doing your own research to fully understand and verify information. You will be able to verify most information listed here. I am still processing some but have verified dates. Take the information as you will but always remember it is ultimately you will face the consequences of believing or failing to acknowledge accurate information. Thank you for this piece it was very interesting (Hope the trolls are gone next time I visit)

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      Neferet, thx for stopping and commenting. Also, welcome to HP. You are correct in many ways. The true elitist agenda cannot be divulged and only guessed at their true intentions. One can watch for patterns to see what is being implemented.

    • profile image

      Ugochukwu 5 years ago

      People do say that d anti-christ is about to come,but that's a lie we are experiancing and witnessing the time of the antichrist.Very soon,God will come in his allsome glory and abolish all this devilish things and the devil will be put to shame in the face of his worshipers and followers.

    • profile image

      bro Paul 5 years ago

      hmm a lot of things have happened and things are still happening. but in all these things we (CHRISTIANS:believers of Jesus Christ) are more than conquerors.


    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      *Edited for content*

      this_is_real 4 weeks ago

      this is the truth! the whole goal of the Illuminati is to create the "new world" if your translate the words on the back of the 1 dollar on the pyramid the words at the top it means "he approves of the undertaking" and the words at the bottom mean "the new world order". We the people accept everything they put out, for us we continue to support technological advancements, watch the crap on television they shape us with! listen to the music they put out(yes some of your favorite music artist are controlled by these people). The more we accept these things, the closer we get to this "new world" every bodies gonna be a daym robot, and nobody gives a #@*#! sounds crazy but its real

    • profile image

      Gben.T 5 years ago

      Well,though it exist but i am sure it wil not stand bcos it is not d councel of God.Those that sold their souls and bodies to hell know that they wil be with satan in hell.It wil be to late.Give u life God tomorrow may be too late.

    • profile image

      Wait, what? 5 years ago

      So you're thrashing Pagans to support your fear mongering propaganda? Shoot, I better not mention that Christianity actually IS Paganism combined with the Jewish mythology that they butchered to adopt the Pagan sacred customs. Hah!

      Ever wonder what the hell Jesus has to do with a rabbit laying eggs? Or the 4th of July? etc? =3

      Oh wait, you need to bash on an enemy (anyone will do) who is different than you to feel righteous... Talk about "elitist."

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      Wait,what.....what? Who are you referring too?

    • profile image

      jessaboo 5 years ago

      this stuff is real take alook around look at the world now war famish people killing each other wake up the governement is the illuminati!!!!! singers like jay z beyonce rihanna michael jackson they are all a part of it all tu pac michael jackson whitney houston john lennon farrah fawcet bob marley ect. they were all a part of it and died!! they tried to warn us about it and they died!! you people that don't believe yall are blind!!! yall believe that this isn't real yall are apparently living in a different world then the rest of us

    • profile image

      nwa 5 years ago

      by the blood of jesus christ we are saved...John 3:14 - And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.

    • profile image

      keke cashin no matter wat 5 years ago

      illuminati is some stupid stuff n i dnt care fo it n let mii tell u pple sum ghod iz always dare n if u aint on hiz side dan u gone end up in hell think about it n da ones in illuminati change yo life u need jesus

    • profile image

      TJ 5 years ago

      Oh god people are actually believing this horse shit conspiracy. You all might as well believe that aliens exsist. Conspiracy theorist thrive on getting people to fear a certain group of people, its called PROPAGANDA,its been done for centuries to make people fearful for no good reason. And to those who are quoting bible verses or preaching it, there is no god! He's made up just like santa clause and the easter bunny. And that bible that some of you religious zombies praise so much about, has been re-written all the time. The basis of Religion and faith, is the governments way of shutting you up, faith doesn't allow you to think freely and make great decisions based on common sense not on some jewish zombie that lives in the sky. Theories are not proven facts, these theroist have nothing better to do with their time than to spread fear to get a reaction. And look, people here believing this shit, are as dumb as michelle bachmann. Conspiracy theorist are people that are jealous to the fact that famous people are living their dream of success, and conspiracy theorist arent. So get a life and don't believe everything you read or hear.

    • profile image

      Prince 5 years ago

      If the illuminati realy control this world is because we allow them.When im making a freaky hair style,"CRISTIANS"say that is a devil style,the problem is we are giving everything to the devil.If the illuminaties can use a Bible to destroy,so by faith in the living GOD i can destroy their work with the same worpon they use. I LOVE JESUS CRHIST

    • profile image

      aniva wilson 5 years ago

      My father migrated to nz, from Samoa. As an ordinary citizen he worked as a Poatal Teller in the local post office as well a Justice of Peace in the community. Chances of him being a mason were real slim to nil. But then he bought a local grocery store. All of a suddenly, he was invited to join a private club as well as being asked to join the masons. My dad turned them down. Being myself only 12 yrs old, I did ask him why he did not want to join. He calmly said" One day you look it up". Guess I have now.Although I have known about masons. Illuminati is quite interesting. Will keep reading on this subject. Thanx. avina.

    • profile image

      the idealist 5 years ago

      people we are the future and whether or not you believe in the illuminati you must know that something is seriously wrong with this world and how its being run and its up to us to change it.we can make a difference

    • profile image

      cipher007 5 years ago

      Can i please get the name(s) of the author(s) and the date this article was written/published, i need it for my english project as a good source.

    • profile image

      M.J. 5 years ago

      It sounds like a lot of bs because we don't know and don't have enough information on the subject NEED MORE INFO!!!

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      I am working on providing more info M. J...

      Check out my hub on the Bilderberg Group to see how these secret societies all tie in to each other.

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      @cipher007 The author is Reality Bytes. This was published around eighteen months ago.

    • profile image

      qwerty 5 years ago

      Your site is good.

      The evil Illuminati think they rule but..

      The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them. (Psalm 2:4)

      Jesus Christ rules over all. One day, they'll have their judgment.

    • profile image

      anaymous 5 years ago

      Stupid illuminatti!!!! That was how the devil told christ,"just worship me and the world is yours" and he said " GET BEHIND ME YOU SATAN"people should open up there eyes and be careful, the devil is out like a wounded lion looking for whom to devour.....he was cast down from heaven because of pride, and God said, "woe to the inhabitants of the earth for lucifer is down to torment the children of YAWEH"!! may YAWEH'S name be praised for ever!!!shame unto the illuminati!!!

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      Claudio *Edited for content*

      Illuminatti is grap,b#@*shit,nonsens and i don't give a dam about them for my part they can go to hell i am the son of LORD JESUS and satan f#@* u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      huiefh 5 years ago

      illuminati is real guys, sorry to say so but anyone on this comment page could be... illuminati, don't trust a soul -eyes dart from side to side-

    • profile image

      Child of God 5 years ago

      How are christians dumb? the illuminati is alive today. Look around!Its everywhere. Movies, songs, singers, actors, etc. You just have to pay attention! This world is getting worse and worse. The devil wants to take over!We have to stand up for this! We have to turn to God. And give your life to HIM! He WILL save you. And you will live forever(:

    • profile image

      Nangamso Duku bizana at zwele2 5 years ago

      It started in heaven after God created human whith out calling Lucifer.She had jeluosy and there waz great controvecy and My God won and through Satan on earth.Thn satan wz angry bcz she lost and started an org called Freemansoncy which divided into many org of pagan worship. So u mst becarefl. IN TYMZ LIKE DIS WE NEED JESUS. WE MUST PRAY UNIT SOMETHING HAPPANEZ.

      I rearshed 2 mny book and watch videos on youtube i plead u 2 read ur bible invite the holy spirit 2 be whth u wll sprosper.

      Thnks God 4 giving me an opportunity like dis and ur comments helped me a lot spiritually. God lvz u al.MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS U WHTH SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS.

    • profile image

      robert juggs 5 years ago

      illuminati is an outcome of jewish fears as they have faced the wrath of people of many faiths. the jesuits are a cover up, but the main goal of the illumanati is to distort christian faith and values from within.illumanati inner circle follow rituals of devil worship to which only the hardcore are allowed (after many years of observation and indoctrination and then initiation)They are waiting for the anti christ with whom they will join forces with .the practise of magic rituals by the illumanati is a typical jewish contribution

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      robert juggs, To claim this is a conspiracy perpetrated by a particular group is quite erroneous. These labels only serve to divide the people and distract them from the actual facts of the issue.

      I do not believe that the order of the Illuminati would care what religion or race the individual holds.

    • profile image

      tehe 5 years ago

      ok..i read almost all of dem and if u are a christian and u trully arr den ..u no it is real i am not saying i belive in dis im saying it is reall but stupid satan wants u to fall in his trap..i believe this is true but i am NOT going to follow this it is all over the world .. u cant deny it because its everywher u dnt expect..but dnt think im following this cause im not the IIIluminati is real but dnt follow it cause jesus wants u to follow him..and only him..

    • profile image

      Tehe 5 years ago

      hey reality Bytes i just wanted to christian and do u think this is real? i do bt i dnt follow it ..i mean look around u it everywhere ..when i first saw thhis my mouth droped i could not believe dat this was actualy all around us ..i follow jesus chris ..not dis:)

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      Tehe No I am not Christian. I know that the Illuminati existed as there are facts to prove its existence. Whether or not they still exist under the name Illuminati is a mystery. It is no mystery however that there are global elitists that are perpetrating the same agenda on society that the Illuminati hoped to accomplish.

    • profile image

      anonymous232 5 years ago

      the knights templar starts in the 12 century from 9 knight crusaders, they get enormous wealth from debt on kings and from finding the "holy grail" (probably alien technology)

      templars shut down by king phillip & pope. (they start a revolution in revenge) they move to england and start freemasons. they do the same thing there that they did in europe and expand to the rest of the world. making political, military,corporate, and other highly influential people members which is why governments can be controled by the freemasons unknowingly to the rest of the world. in 1776, adam weisapt in his german college starts illuminati, the society within the society, with even higher power now. has only 5 or so original members, which makes them control everything, since they can get membership from the highest ranking freemasons (33 degree or so) german journalists that are illuminati operatives start recruiting people in yale, under the name skull and bones.

      skull and bones acts as a recruiting society to other higher ranking societys. it grooms future politicians, corporates, and others to be sucessful for being loyal members.

      in 1947, the government finds a crashed ufo. the first director of the cia (which before was a skull and bones member) creates the cia, which is in charge of terrorism, intelligence, and ufo's. which causes alien coverups, false flag operations and terrorism inside jobs (9/11) to start wars for oil and drugs to profit massive amounts of money. these drugs get transported to drug cartels in mexico and shifted over the american border. these drugs and the violence can give the governments to restrict our rights to near fascism/communism style states.

      see? these things should have been noticed by now! illuminati started it all!!!

    • profile image

      DOUG PEAY 5 years ago

      It is ashame everyone rich is suspected of being a satanic worshipper or worse. Some may be. Beware.

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      why? *Edited for content*

      I read this all... I see this all... I hear this all.... and I understand all.... I believe that all this is real... every last single word down to the Tee...but my question is what went wrong why would you want this for their selves and other people of the world how cold hearted could you be to fight for any of this Illuminati satanic junk....what is going through their mind when they get into this sh#t....I understand that they were real and still are active....I understand their symbols and their purpose but i don't understand their mind state...why? there is a lot more to it i know....i just don't know how to start to find it out and i damn sure don't want to get put into it to find out their secrets......for them to even to be that p@*sy to hide is a hoe move...and it angers me that we have a pu#@y azz rich white men only secret society hiding within our government....why are they hiding are they scared of us everyday people....i think they are they can't f*#k with us...but they do everyday we just don't know it....subliminal messages...i want so bad to find out what they are up to i just need somewhere to start.

    • profile image

      .. 5 years ago

      Its all real., listen to nigguhs in paris in slow motion, it says "we killed tupac yeah, come and find you " also in the song faded it says "be nice to satin ".

    • profile image

      Infinité 5 years ago

      Ok i read this and then read the comments and i have to ask are like 40% of the people her retarded 40% christianity freaks 10% a mix and 10% normal? It doesn't matter if the illuminati are real or not at least not yet it wont matter till they are either revealed or reveal themselves should that ever happen should they even still exist. if they do exist then for some reason soooo many people are blaming these wars on them but what's the point these wars serve no purpose other than to grant the family that owns the federal reserve more money and power and that family is a bunch of incest fucks not a secret society almost everyone knows about the federal reserve family by now. If anything those wars that the US is fighting should be halted and revolutions that are going on right now should be supported because the people know what they want and the people know what needs to happen to their country, or at least the people starting revolutions in third world countries do....anyway its not the illuminati doing this but we do need a NWO ( New World Order ) if everyone can ever coexist peacfully and if you wanna know how it should happen look at the revolutionists in these third world countries, its the people who need to change the government to change the world, not the government that needs to change the world ,the power is with the people.... Also a lot of the illuminati's ideals are perfectly sane i mean religion? what's the point nothing other than to give those who are desperate to look forward to something when they die hope, marriage? k that's ok i don't mind it being there but it shouldn't be forced on people cause of all the child support and bullshit that woman can take from men i mean comeon how many times have you heard of 2 people getting along dating then getting married having kids then divorcing and the woman getting the kids and the man paying child support and eventually killing himself? the divorce rate itself is over 80% worldwide and for the woman getting the child support and the kids its probably around 90% if not higher. As for the things like morals and shit that is nice to have but with the people that exist here and now its not like something you should have it should be a bonus in my honest opinion being a Sociopath is definitely the way to go the only people you should care about are those who you have a reason to care about not every fucking person you see. And population control i know im getting to a point where everyone is gonna hate me if im not already there but population control is becoming necessary at this point look what we've done to a once beautiful planet its now covered in cement filled with holes and we are ripping the ozone layer to shreds we will be lucky to be living on this planet still in the next couple thousand years if not less, we have a population of roughly 6 and a half billion ( 6,500,000,000 ) we need to implement some form of population control if we are going to continue to survive or at the least do something like chinas 1 child policy but rather limit it to 3 children because its like that even if people have 3 children one of them will die at some point prematurely maybe even before they have kids and hopefully limiting them to 3 kids will keep the birth:death ratio at a pace where our popultaion will stay even at what it is and if we put it down to a 2 child per couple rate then maybe it will even decline and we will be all the better. Though i don't support the cannabalism and shit like that that is the worng form of population control and showing you have no morals that's just stupid....

    • profile image

      Maxwell 5 years ago

      I think the Illuminati is dumb. I think it should be destroyed. Many people I see talking about music always say it has something to do with the devil. We need to just stop.

    • profile image

      Need to know 5 years ago

      The free masons were founded in ancient babylon how worshiped the devil and were pagan. Some say they were the start of illuminati though not officaly founded til tne 17th century.

    • profile image

      PUC 5 years ago

      Dear Hub,

      First of all let me start of with saying how glad I am that I stumbled on your blog. Just like you, I myself believe that the Illuminati exists, and their continuuos existence will literally alter the good morals of our society if care is nt taken. I have read a lot of comments that refer to the possible non-existence of this goup. the truth is, the Illuminati exists everywhere in this world; someone wh u know very well could also be a member of it. what makes some of us naïve towards this topic is the Illuminati's ability to cover up their membership in very subtl ways.e.g, ever noticed how Jay -Z says 'I'M A MASON', but then covers it up with saying that he said; 'I'M AMAZING'. ever noticed how other such as Rihanna, Beyonce etc are obsessed with making their eyes noticable. the reason they hide these things is because just as some of us may be frightened of this society, they too are intimidated by us.after all, "the power belongs to the peope"..everheard that saying? there are more non-followers of the illuminati in the world than there are followers of it. therefore, we non- followers have the ability to overcome the society these people want to create. however, I do believ that some of those who joined it were forced to. for instance Whitney Houton....where is she now? GONE. I did some research into this, and watched an interview where she said that 'THEY' (referring to the illuminati) tried to destroy her. what abou M.J who warned against these societies. wheat about John Lennon and Bob marley who sang about peace. what these four people have in common is that they sang about love, and if u notice their music videos were not raunchy and dark like those we see today. Yet, a part of me addmires artists such as Beyonce and Co...see, even they might be controlling me, but atleast I knw all this is not right.

      HUB ARTIST, I would really love to chat to u more abou this topic, but i don't know how to coontact u personally. Once again, thank you for helping me make my point to the non- believers of the Illuminati.

    • profile image

      news you cant miss 5 years ago

      go to your adress bar and type

      spell iluuminati backwards incase i spelled it wrong. this will open your eyes to the real truth about the world not what the news tells you.

    • profile image

      Bala 5 years ago

      Why are we easily lured into believing the existance of a so called secret body called illuminati,even if this vindictive group exist what is expected of u is prayer that will help in weakening them ,because proverb 13:11 said wealth gotten by vanity shall demish and so shall the power of the evil ones

    • profile image

      lolly 5 years ago

      the Almighty God the God i serve will surely not allow all those who believe in him and follow the path of righteousness perish in hell. He will punish the wicked unless they turn away from their evil and follow Jesus. God bless every christian

    • profile image

      Dee 5 years ago

      The illuminati is not real, and if it is who cares? Live your life, fear GOD, and be judged by your FATHER, ignore satan and he'll flee from you!

    • profile image

      Nikki 5 years ago

      Ehh. This is a bunch of conspiracy theorists that are taking advantage of fear going on in the world from 2012 and all this other stuff, and filling in the blanks with their own crazy nonsense. It's just too unbelievable. There's a saying 'the simplest explanation is usually the right one'. This is by far not simple, so most likely, it's not true. Is there any actual hard evidence of any of this? Real proof? Doubt it. Don't get yourself all spooked with this nonsense.

    • profile image

      ZeldaV 5 years ago

      I used to be a skeptic as all I reda was about secret societies with supernatural powers, people who didn't really have faces.... Until this hub caused me to delve a little deeper. I came across info that linked the world's bankers to THE Illumminati and suddenly things started falling in place.

      After reading that the 'American' Federal Reserve Bank is owned by bankers, not the US Government, my skin started to crawl.

      Recently we had much trouble here in SA with Toll Roads being forced onto us in a very underhanded way. It involved access to banking accounts and personal info - as well as blanket authority for the E-Toll system to charge your bank account. Affordability is a huge issue but the ferocity of how the government pushed ahead to force tolling on a NATIONAL SUBURBAN HIGHWAY made everybody's skin crawl.

      What I discovered was that it is ILLUMINATI linked - and here is how:

      The N1 Highway was tendered out for E-tolling to a PRIVATE COMPANY callet TMT Services and Supplies, owned by former government employees and a black BEE frontman.

      When they won the tender, they started looking to raise capital. They found this in the form of a partner called Kapsch TrafficCom from Sweden; previously a SAAB company.

      SAAB was involved in the ARMS DEAL SCANDAL - wher SA Government officials were bribed, seemingly to buy aircraft and defense 'goodies' from SAAB.

      I also learnt that SAAB has purchased many STRATEGIC COMPANIES, of which very importantly a GOVERNMENT OWNED Denel which manufactures defense equipment, like ammunition, aircraft, tanks.... It is now know as Denel/SAAB.

      WHAT???? Come again! A company that belongs to South African Citizens is part owned by Swedes?? I was shocked, but hooked...

      I discovered that many such sensitive companies were part owned by Swedish companies and it obviously wasn't a coincidence. Then I found it. The common thread is that chunks of the Swedish companies are owned by the Wallenberg family. Rich Swedish Bankers.

      Next step was to ask the internet about Illuminati links - I wasn't disappointed. Their family motto is:


      I traced the ANC's involvement with the Wallenbergs way back to the 1970's - Bishop Tutu was even awarded some Wallenberg family medal.

      So it is to me, rather obvious how the ANC has been enticed by the Swedes since way back, and most obviously helped into power. Because the Illuminati knew that these people would be corruptible - they threw money at these people and a large number of blacks and ANC specifically gorged on it!

      But why - what could we have to offer? Other countries have gold and diamonds, our country is fast going backward through mismanagement and corruption.

      Part of the answer came through AFRICASCAN - a Swedish trade website, where blacks were referred to as BLACK DIAMONDS. Because they earn R7000 upwards, are 'deemed to be' qualified (but we all know how black education STILL is inferior), and they are credit worthy. So the Swedes see them simply as a resource to be mined.

      Work, and at the end of the month we will dump product and charges on you... We will reap what you've sown for the month.

      But that couldn't be all, surely?!

      The answer was in Denel SAAB Aerostructures brochures: South Africa's apartheid arms & ammunition factories are now being used to manufacture components and supplies that are sold through SA to Eastern Countries like China, India and Russia, Indonesia and whoever else wants arms and cannot buy in the West.

      Again, who is behind this? The Swedes, of course. And their big shareholders? Illuminati banking family the Wallenbergs - who by the way; are financing things like the Toll Roads and Arms that we (South Africa) are manufacturing through the World Bank, which they help run.

      The stage is being set for the Third World War. The East is being armed through South Africa (NOT BY SOUTH AFRICA).

      Please do not take my warning lightly. In South Africa the people have won a round against the Illuminati by REJECTING TOLL ROADS. I am sure they will be back....

      But for now, I am happy that there will be no spying on our cars along the N1, the state will not be in posession of my banking and personal details and will not be able to deduct costs at their whim.

      I published an earlier hub calling Jacob Zuma a demon president; and it all make sense now.

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      Interesting story ZeldaV, keep up the good fight!

    • profile image

      ZeldaV 5 years ago

      Just for the record, I am not racist. It isn't a racist issue or even a black-white issue.

      It is a section of the black populace that has been enticed probably because of lack of being educated and informed about these issues. This is a complicated issue that I don't want to go into here; it has nothing to do with white oppression - which I believe was another ILLUMINATI illusion. I will take time to prepare a piece on this.

      There are many black people who are also suffering under this government, many are against the ANC and their policies.

      These blacks I am referring to, have so many things wrong with them, their skin colour is incidental.

      Gorging isn't confined to them either, there is a small number of whites that are equally bad. I refuse to say they are worse because they are better informed because whites are denied many basic rights in the 'new' SA - it is just inexcusable for all.

      To my countrymen I say this: the workings of the Illuminati is all too clear in South Africa. Even the new surge of racial tension because of unfair laws that discriminate against white people, I believe is being orchestrated. I fell victim to it myself, until I had the revelation of the workings of the Illuminati in our country.

    • profile image

      Chike Tony Nwaogu 5 years ago

      It is unusual to see these things,.God did not take power completely from the devil,but have allowed them to challenge our faith in him.The battle is on and it is in our hands to defeat the devil's plot as the word(Jesus)must achieve his purpose of being sent to us here on earth!!!

    • profile image

      adams ghali 5 years ago

      those that suppose to destroy this illuminati are those involve in it.

      Meaning=the leaders!!!

    • profile image

      Informer 5 years ago


    • profile image

      infiniite 5 years ago

      QUOTE "news you cant miss 8 days ago

      go to your adress bar and type

      spell iluuminati backwards incase i spelled it wrong. this will open your eyes to the real truth about the world not what the news tells you." END QUOTE

      lol you don't have any clue how easy it is to make a website with an address that will redirect you to another website do you? If the NSA (national security agency) had anything to do with illuminati they would wouldn't give "proof" like that that is soooo stupid

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      infiniite, info on the site:


      John Fenley

      Registered through:, Inc. ( [link to]

      Domain Name: ITANIMULLI. COM

      Domain servers in listed order:



    • profile image

      the enlightined one 5 years ago

      um seceret socities should be weeded out look at KKK what were they tring to do um we all knw ppl intents arent always good if i could tell everyone one thing it would be to love ur neighbor no more deaths and KILLINGS please!!!

    • profile image

      Jin 5 years ago

      There seems to be a kind of influence of the illuminati on the music industry. Inyiur opinion, is there?

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      Jin, since you ask... recently published! :)

      Illuminati Control Of Politics, The Music Industry, The Media, The Movie Industry! How Do Secret Societies Operate?

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      I believe they are a real organization and that 9-11 was an inside job. I also think that we will all find out the truth real soon. Shalom

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      The freemasons are a strange secret society, and though they may have been more secretive way back when, that doesn't mean we know absolutely everything about them. Illuminati seems like its being dumped mostly on that secret society but it's not all them, not to mention it at all. Freemasons are very, very secretive with their rituals, meaning no one outside of the organization can know, it's sacred to them, and I can understand that. But without knowing you really can't put all the blame on freemasonry, and say that they have to be eliminated

    • profile image

      Josiah 5 years ago

      i have always herd the word illuminati but i still don't get wat it is for example why does meek mill always say " They say im getting money must be illuminati " . wat is he saying

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      Josiah, hopefully this article helped you in your quest for information1

    • profile image

      Veronica 5 years ago

      The Illuminati is not real. The world is not going to end. Point blank. Now go on with your lives.

    • profile image

      Grey 5 years ago

      I enjoyed this. Not sure if you've come across this but there is a video series that you really should watch. The name of it is "The Truth Behind Hip Hop" by a guy named G. Craig Lewis available on The name doesn't do it justice b/c its about a lot more than hip hop. He talks about the world, government, and how hiphop is only a small symptom. I think you would find it interesting. I suggest strongly that you see "truth behind hip hop Part 5 & 7" and also "the error of man". Also, I'm assuming you've already seen The Money Masters by Bill Still. It's a great documentary that I think you would also find rewarding.

    • profile image

      wow 5 years ago

      I am literally falling out of my seat laughing at all you religious idiots. I am appalled at what religion has done to humanity, and being rational. The most ironic thing about all of this is that an elite group is already controlling you, and has been for centuries! The catholic church and every other mainstream religion was created by powerful humans who wanted to control the masses. I hate that we as a society cannot "see" this!!!

      The Illuminati is an idea accepted by those who can "see" and understand that the world works way differently than the overall masses can see. In essence, there actually trying to help the masses, not control them? They want everyone to see what they see.

      Times are changing, and I can only hope that we as humanity can get past this period of irrationality. The world truly is such a beautiful place, and we have all been given an amazing opportunity to take part in life. I just wish most of us wouldn't waste it following and idolizing an imaginary friend.

      Hopefully, 500 years from now, people will study our "God," and the impact religion had on our culture and society, just as we study ancient and Greek myth today.

    • profile image

      anjhe 5 years ago

      I'm afraid this article is very creepy. can the people who plays in a band like me and writing songs be an Illuminati? I want you to please read my lyrics and see If I'm an Illuminati because I might kill myself instead of spreading their NWO thingy! I'm freakin' out because I think in our country Illuminati are existing even our government can be one of them and I'm very very curious! Please do help me I really really wanna know. I'm looking forward for your kind consideration. Thank you and praise God Halleluiah! God help us and please do save us from evil, Amen.

    • profile image

      tony stark 5 years ago

      I love how hypocritical the op is... I can't even have freedom of speech on this hub. You're no different than the socialist agenda you fear. No matter, keep deleting my posts and ignoring all the signs... just be careful, atlas may shrug

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 5 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      tony stark, Unless you were vulgar in your comment it is either posted or nonexistent.

    • profile image

      javrac 5 years ago

      vanity of vanity is all vanity for the bible clearly states it that the wages of sin is death for real hell exists and Christ is soon coming back for these are the signs so Christians be aware pray with out ceasing not to miss out on the kingdom of heaven.

    • profile image

      Woodmiester 5 years ago

      If you actually do your research you'll find some ties to certain celebreties. If you think about it what is Lucifers daughter's name ? Well it is Eulb Yvi. If you spell that backwords it leads to Blue Ivy which is the name of Beyonce and Jay-z daughter. Another very obvious thing is listen very closely to a song made by Tyga called Faded. In the begining you can hear right after he says Ahh... You'll hear a demonic voice saying be nice to satan.

    • profile image

      Cameron 5 years ago

      This opened my eyes, and makes me pay closer attention to my surroundings and habits as well as my childrens,

    • profile image

      rec 5 years ago

      Truly it's hard to decipher what family should you be shiltering...there are a lot of religious practices that decieves without knowing the backdoors of its content...I think at time like this. opening your eyes alone and receiving christ as the center of your life and everything is our safest path because in the end salvation is our only chance.......I admit im no good at bible reading but ever since my childhood i always believe Jesus Died for me and watches over me.............the point is GOD Alone in our hearts..

    • profile image

      ;) 5 years ago

      The catholics are important because they have documents that have been kept safe for many years waiting for Jesus when he does come back which is soon. Because of this there has been a race for Satan to bring as many people over to his side as possible. It is easier to do this with sheltered people who have not experienced a lot. Pain senses are much more sensitive. The devil let's them experience the most intense pleasure and desire we want, then takes it away. The pain is excrutiating and then that's when he reveals himself to you. It's hard for sheltered people who have led very vanilla lives to stand up to this. Look at that girl from Utah who was taken so easily by that man and paraded around to parties. If you are strong enough to say no, it gets worse for a while because the devil shows you how many people have said yes to him. Would you be willing to be homeless? Spend the rest of your life in prison? If you know that you said no to Satan, despite all the pain God let you experience in life and won the promise of heaven you would.

      The illuminati are those who did fail this test. They are angry at God and refuse to worship him. Satan is their God now. They know they are stuck here and can't reach heaven. They will keep being reborn here. That's why they want population control. Because they can't let Jesus come back, because it would be the end of this game and they will have to answer to God. They prevent the second coming of Christ by trying to seduce and harm the virgin Mary, jesus's only way of being born into this world. Jesus was black last time. That's why the so many black men are in prison. That's why drugs are spread in the community. I don't think Jesus can be black this time, because it's just too dangerous. Satan usually doesn't go after black people, because black people love God and live lives that toughen them up and they aren't scared of the devil. But that's not the case every time. They think this is illumination, but it's cognitive dissonance.

      What the secret societies do is brain wash intelligent people through a series of steps. This is easier when they have full control of you by making you desire to be a part of their group and your willingness to please them. They ease you in slowly.

      God doesn't have a sales pitch. He doesn't need one. The devil is a salesman. He's trying to prove that even Jesus will fail in this world. That it would be too much. Then God will either have to turn his back on his son or admit defeat.

      Whether God the father or Jesus forgives them and/or Satan is their business, but it ain't looking pretty.

    • profile image

      I'm a Christian Man 5 years ago

      Wow, I'm just now discovering what Illuminati is, and I'm not afraid of them. I believe they are real but God will protect us. Of course, you never know though.

    • profile image

      jasmine 5 years ago

      Its interesting to read about such things. If everything is so secretive how do we know so much

    • profile image

      ZeldaV 5 years ago

      I have just had a look at a site displaying pictures of the Denver Airport and it is downright scary.

      I don't mean the whole concept of the Illuminati and Free Masons - I mean the paintings and artwork. A sculpture with a demonic figure popping out of a suitcase. Scenes of destruction, death, children weeping bitterly. A surreal figure with an AK47 and sword, wearing a gasmask.

      Have a look at:

      The photographer highlighted on the Memorial Stone - a section about 'a capsule buried beneath the stone'; but missed completely that the stone was unveiled by two Grand Lodges, referring to them as The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge.

      This is a Freemasonic title. I checked it out. Just ask Google 'who is a grand lodge...'

      On the stone it states that it is the New World Airport.

      Thus there can be no question that at leat, the airport has a direct connotation with Free Masons. On the stone is also and engraving of the Free Masonic symbol, with the letter G in the center - obviously G for Grand Lodge.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      This article is literally filled with lies. The French revolutionars weren't vampires and cannibals who were stirred up by a food shortage caused by the Duke of New Orleans. That is ridiculous. They were peasant who were being starved by the King and the monarchy.

      Also, the idea that in communist countries a limited amount of rich elitists keep all the wealth is a joke. That is what happens in capitalism as well. This is why in America the richest 1% own 50% of the countries wealth.

      There clearly are people who have a huge amount of money, power and influence over both the media, the courts and the political systems. Looking at how the worlds largest economies have been robbed for billions over the past 5 years you would have to assume that it is the banking community that has this power.

      But before buying into this Iluminati bullshit just ask yourself some key questions. Like, if you were in the Iluminati, would you really hire Jay-Z to join. He holds no power or political influence. Hes a rapper, a very rich and successful rapper, but a rapper all the same. If you ran the world and owned 50% of the wealth, would you really employ a rapper from Brooklyn to leave little clues in his music videos to your secret organisations existence.

      Come on people you are clever than this, have a bit of self-respect. It scares me that so many of you will read this and believe the historical 'fairy tales' being told, without actually checking the facts....

    • profile image

      A Mason 5 years ago

      This is 50% BS.

    • profile image

      muslim 5 years ago

      about the topic illuminati i'm confused. there isn't enough material to prove that illuminati is 100% real. if u think about it ur mind becomes scatered. we can't say that it is completely true but our upcoming future'll show it's existance[may b true or false]. as being a muslim i believe that dajjal'll come so i'v to believe illuminati[the people who r working for his arrival]. many of the videos on youtube r fake. they don' prove the existance of illuminati but they enforce us to think and search on it. but in short i believe illuminati more than 80%. may ALLAH bless all us

    • profile image

      Josiah 5 years ago

      wat do free mason do

    • profile image

      Christopher Hem 5 years ago

      I really need to get to know this, cn sum1 gt to setup ma phne i nid to see ths vids of youtube

    • profile image

      He who is in me is greater then he who is in this world 5 years ago

      John 10:10 The thief comes only to take the sheep and to put them to death: he comes for their destruction: I have come so that they may have life and have it in greater measure.

    • profile image

      jason 5 years ago

      People all I have 2 say is hell is real and if you don't listen to the lord the devil will claim you .......plz google the rushen scientist drilling in the earths core and listen and read what dey heard and saw

    • profile image

      cody b 5 years ago

      anyone no some more good sites to study up more on this?

    • profile image

      coolex 5 years ago

      i won,t to join but you don,t allowed me to join illuminati 07087562861 this is my number

    • profile image

      MR NYC KG 5 years ago

      I think people want to destroy other people's beliefs.Theres no such thing.

    • profile image

      IwantTHEtruth 5 years ago from unknown

      hello, Reality Bytes what you have produced has had a quite a large impact on me, iv know a little bit about the Illuminati my uncle tried explaining them to me when i was quite young but didn't really understand it, but yesterday something happened to me i was on my computer on thins website watching a video 2 mins later my brouser had shut down ,bearing in mind i had 3 tabs open, so i opened up my browser again but only 2 tabs was open my facebook and my torrent site, in the third tab there was the website but it had disserpeard so i went back into my browsing history but my history had disserpeard it didn't look like i was even on my computer within the two hours i was on for my history ended from when i signed in on facebook in the morning at 11am, 11am on-wards i was looking up all sorts of stuff about the Illuminati and anonymous, but all the stuff i was look at was removed from my history. so then im kinda obsessed with finding out wether or not what i was looking at was legit, my friends and family think im becoming mentally unstable but i need to find out the truth about the illuminati there's accusations that there still active and that they had something to do with the 9/11 7/11 and a rumor that there's gunna be an attack on the 2012 Olympics and that secret organisation have something to do with it but this is where im in two minds about it, are they still here today and still plotting or is it all coincidence. it would be nice to talk to someone with the same interests

    • profile image

      i'm muslim 5 years ago

      If you want Jannah, you must through some test from Allah.

      Maybe it's hard and make us don't want to beliave in it again, but you know Jannah not like power/money or what can make you happy just for while in this world, our world.

      So, we have to be strong and don't easyly fall in to syaitan hand...

      You know friends, place where no saddness just happiness is Jannah, place where we are immortal. If you want , you must make your own way is full to bealive in Allah , Do what His say, Leave what His say too.

      It's not like when you are making fun until you die then you can enter Jsnnah!

      #sorry if my english not good :)

    • profile image

      Ose 5 years ago

      Bad people they will go to hell

    • profile image

      Hannah Springton 5 years ago

      Who really knows what lies in the spirit world? We are all connected to it. We all have made contact with it in some a dream of upcoming events that came true...or the manifestation of a spirit...or hearing voices or your name called when you were just falling asleep.

      We all will go there...and yet, if you look at all that is happening in our wourld and the hatred of humankind...the demonization of humans as vampires or cannibals...well, all of this can only be attributed to yielding over of one's mind to withcrafts...demonologies...worship of the evil unseen...we all know it exists. We know it hates us and is continually trying to destroy all life on this planet...starting with Jews and ending with christians and then...who knows...?

      The point is...obviously, these timeless spirtits do exists and do use people to plan our harm and tortuous mutilations...and these ideas are promoted as entertainment in video 'games' and 'reality' tv, in tearing down our family values and demonizing the Jewish G-d who gave Torah for life to all mankind.

    • profile image

      ZeldaV 5 years ago

      I've had similar experience after posting information here and on other sites, like the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) about the Illuminati, and being watched by whoever does the spying...

      Suddenly I was kicked off the internet! Fortunately I am clued up, and quickly discovered that my network card (used for the internet connection) had been disabled.... It is the first time something like that had ever happened to me. Sure, things go wrong when you are installing software and hardware, but I was just busy posting! I was freaked OUT! Even if it was a co-incidence...

    • profile image

      akv333 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Seb 5 years ago

      Aloha guys!! I am 15, a little young for this stuff no? Oh well. While i am a devout Christian, if the illuminati exist now (which i am leaning towards not believing they do) the why would it matter? @akv333 got it right! The Lord will protect his believers and maybe even rapture us up before any of this nonsense goes on! The whole London Olympics nuke seems a little far fetched though don't you think? Well, I will end it with I have been FRIGHTNED by this until I thought of something...If they exist, where is proof? No, Jay-Z making a triangle does not count. Also, I think this could just be a media scam for people like Jay-Z and Kanye to get more money. Anyways, no proof of any illuminati members has been proven and nothing on if they exist. Whatever happens, happens, but my Saviour will help me through my fear! Just giving my opiniion. Peace guys! :D

    • profile image

      Seb 5 years ago

      Also, listen to this. For the Bible says that just Christians alone gives the antichrist headaches and problems. Therefore, the rapture shall occur before the tribulation and rising of the antichrist obviously. Overall, the illuminati, (if they are real, which facts say they are not) is a devil/antichrist worshipping group. Christians will not be on Earth to witness the antichrist because the rapture must take place before tribulation, and the antichrist is in tribulation! All Christians shall be saved! Open your eyes people, Jesus wrote in his book that his followers shall not be appointed to wrath! What do we have to be worried about? Nothing that is what! It is a win-win. If they are not real, we go on with life, if they are, eventually, the rapture shall come and we will be in heaven even quicker! Please, do not fear the (if they are real) illuminati! I have and still have my fearful days, but think of how wonderful this opportunity actually is! Peace out, no arguing, no pain, and no problems with God! :)

    • profile image

      mr. non beliver 5 years ago

      Dear folks, this is just another way to mess with peoples minds. Everyone that has a borning life's looks up this bs and its here on the internet. The more people reads it the more idiots are made . The end!

    • profile image

      Jim 5 years ago

      These people are real and have already exposed themselves. Every mainstream music video has the ILLUMINATI symbol in, all the lyrics are targeted at destroying not just Christian but all sort of good morales. Rihanna is telling kids to dress like a slut and kill and drink along with lil Wayne, jay z and anyone in hip hop charts. The fact is these people are doing the devils work and seem to be getting rewarded for it with wealth talent power and fame. When these superstars want out of the occult or they are finished with them they are killed. Through a series of botched post-mortems reports and investigations the verdict will be non conclusive. most recently Amy Winehouse. Forever young 27 club. The list goes on.

    • profile image

      Illumunati Is Evil 5 years ago

      Yo Listen Up People This Illuminati Is A Real Shit. Satan Has Made A Promise To God Dat He Will Take People To The Hell Of Fire With Him N This Is How He Is Doing It. Makin Ppl Fall In His Trap. You Know The Bible Gets Changed Evry Year If Yu Do Not Kno That Ask A Preist. Have You Herd About The British Catholic Preist Who Has Just Convrted To Islam Knowing The TRUTH.

      All These Lies About Islam And Came From The Devil Itself.

      You Know There Are Over Thousands Of People In America And All Around The World Who Are Converting To Islam This Is Because ISLAM IS THE TRUE RELIGION And If You Don't Know Then Please Reasearch. Rappers And Rockstars Have Also Converted To Islam E.g. Loon

      So Please Don't Fall In To The Trap And Let Yourself Burn In The Hell Of Fire.

    • profile image

      mad scientist 5 years ago

      ive read almost all these comment posts an yu kno ive grown up in a prodominantly catholic household ie catholic private grade school church every week but now over the years of self enlightenment ive strayed away from religion altogether however i do believe there is a higher power a (god) or creator..

      now in the past few years these ideas have dawned on me like a fucking car crash that i believe these secret societies exist and are in fact functioning i also believe that an nwo is alredy in effect jus think about it there are alredy world courts, world banks etc.. all (they) ,which ever power or powers they are, would have to do is simply break the news to us (the average person) that they are now switching to a world government ... i beleive these plans have been in effect for some time now infact since the birth of this country (US) i believe this country is infact a model of how a new world order would fucntion .. we are fed tainted food supply, are western medication is ment to merely cripple us to death with side effects, tobacco will never be outlawed (hmm i wonder why) oh yeah and is evident that our so called presidents have never controlled our country nor our government so with all that sed please everyone enlighten yourselfs for the love of humanity we owe it to ourselves i don't beleive we put here to be sheep to work hard for money which we spend on nessecities and bullshit non nessecities which make the richer wealthy people even more wealthy who own all the corporations arounds us which supply everything

    • profile image

      mad scientist 5 years ago

      ( a few things i forot to add) 0 an please i want the feed back i love to talk about these things because this is how i truly believe we discover new ideas and truths ..

      im not a satanist or person who hates religion in fact i don't even believe in satan ..

      now with that sed as i sed in my previous post i don't believe in religion first off religion in itself is very tainted that its recorded by humans long ago than translated an unknown amount of times also we have scientific prove of human life that dates back to 15000 years ago ( the sumerians ) was god an alah an judah an satan etc. not present for that period of earth time that civilization doesn't seem to follow any of the standard religions these are the things i find current religions to foul up on please im not on a one sided war here im simply on a war for enlightenment and knowledge thats my religion i call it illuminati which means to enlighten lol knowledge is power .. simply believing something because its normal in a society or because its tradition i feel isn't right .. tainted hearts tainted minds...

    • profile image

      And I say... 5 years ago

      While I do believe that this is true, for some reason I wish I never looked into it. I'm not sure why, but I guess it just made me more worried. Especially about the stuff that they could be planning, it just makes me feel less "happy" (I guess) than I used to be (be happy about your life guys! :D ). Some truths are sometimes worth being kept secret, but other times not.

      Anyways, these devil worshipers or whoever they are are plain crazy. Since I believe in God, I believe that He rules over everything. So even though they worship the devil, they'll still be destroyed - whether it be while their on earth or after they die.

      They'll probably also deteriorate like any other cult, but they'll probably work "underground" again like others as well... or probably just die out... who knows? Nothing and nobody can stay in power forever (except God).

      This hub was very interesting and helped me further in my research. Thanks for posting it! :D

    • profile image

      no name 4 years ago

      This seems very interesting. However the are many perspectives towards this matter and many believe that you must attain some sort of logic in order to believe this ideology. In contrary a much appreciation to the author who was as confidant enough to bring up such a controversial topic. This has to be said as i am a muslim and to come up with assumptions towards the illuminati seems very vague as they are a "group" who uses secret methology and false belief to send there message across. therefore for us a people who follow a religion or don't these people try to get a reaction out of us in a senile way it gives them a sense of accomplishment. Alos the mainstream music that uses the symbols and the lyrics of the illuminati just wants to promote their music and once again trys to get a reaction out of ordinary people.

    • profile image

      Emily 4 years ago

      I still don't really understand what illuminati is all about. But after reading some of the comments, what people are claiming sounds pretty ridiculous.

    • profile image

      shirley barker 4 years ago

      believe in God and not all this rubbish, put on this site to brainwash innocent people, especially the young. there is only one power and that is JESUS CHRIST, OUR LORD GOD, THE HOLY SPIRIT.

    • profile image

      kendrick was right 4 years ago

      "Who said a black man was in the Illuminati last time I checked that was the biggest racist party."

      - Kendrick Lamar

      They even have ties to the KKK! Are you kidding me?!

    • profile image

      been there done that. 4 years ago

      hell is on earth then u go to hell the are trying to destroy .im sure there is a price 2 b paid they must sell souls. rubbish hogherie ka boogiery' could they possibly heart u anymore.they gotta live with it not worry u to death.only the strong survive.2 much time on there hands.over population .is .is the answer

    • profile image

      KILLER GEE''KG''KAGISO_(DA MAN OF PEACE) 4 years ago

      ok,alryt?I grw up in da family of christainz,typicly,I'v learnd a lot abt chrstainity moralz nd so on.Sinc I wz a chld,I neva bin gud on bible bt sum verses r so populor 2 reach blverz nd non-blvrz.Acrdng 2 my piz of knwlge rgard bible,peepz shuld'nt judge y peepz hu cald themslvz christian r so judgmntaly 2wardz Dis illuminati org?Isn't God plc 2 judge?Obvsly,we hv many subconsiouz illuminati arnd here.Is part of Devil deedz 2 judge,No wonda y court judgez r bin claimd 2 b part of illuminati,We oftn witnz nd obsv judgez bin pronous God 2 hounour dem.Judgez usualy appear wearng out fil simila 2 my point is;whn eva u thnk of pointng a judgng fingure,u shuld knw dat u r particulary nt helpng bt gone againts bible.perioud!

    • profile image

      KILLER GEE''KG''KAGISO_(DA MAN OF PEACE) 4 years ago

      ok,alryt?I grw up in da family of christainz,typicly,I'v learnd a lot abt chrstainity moralz nd so on.Sinc I wz a chld,I neva bin gud on bible bt sum verses r so populor 2 reach blverz nd non-blvrz.Acrdng 2 my piz of knwlge rgard bible,peepz shuld'nt judge y peepz hu cald themslvz christian r so judgmntaly 2wardz Dis illuminati org?Isn't God plc 2 judge?Obvsly,we hv many subconsiouz illuminati arnd here.Is part of Devil deedz 2 judge,No wonda y court judgez r bin claimd 2 b part of illuminati,We oftn witnz nd obsv judgez bin pronous God 2 hounour dem.Judgez usualy appear wearng out fil simila 2 my point is;whn eva u thnk of pointng a judgng fingure,u shuld knw dat u r particulary nt helpng bt gone againts bible.perioud!

    • profile image

      Killer Gee'KG' 4 years ago

      Ok,Alright!I bin trng 2 figure out,y sum peepz turn thr eyez blind 2wrdz Illuminati existnc?r dey min 2 ease thr consciousnz?or dey jst choz nt 2 blvz in reality?Mmh!Guyz,Diz orgnztn daz rly exist!sum of us evn are,we jst subconscioz of it.Quite frnkly,you cn't literally pruv it unlez u bcum itz da min tym,I'm cul wit my own theoriticl asumptn nd sum factz i persnaly witnezng.

    • profile image

      n2deep 4 years ago

      Im like the other guy we all were arguing about real or fake it say false prophets will come and we as children of god should know right from wrong and we allow or selves to get brain wash by these people as we worship them as the greatness ever and cheer them when they accepted there awards for being a good action or actress who votes for them i know.voc who does that do you they say they thanks god for giving three power or strength to do this or that when the illuminati mock god in every way possible its a shame how ignorant people can really be to things like this the best way to hide is to hide in the open don't you understand

    • profile image

      golden 4 years ago

      read the blog,read all the comments. And well i think this whole thing is a conspiracy. I don't believe in a heaven nor a hell hence,this whole religious component doesn't add up. Same goes for illuminati,if it does exist then that truly sucks,but i believe its not the end of the world n they can only control those who r weak spiritually. There is a God,but it's unfortunate how religions have become so corrupted. Peace.

    • profile image

      SUPER-DICK 4 years ago

      I find this Blog quit-Desturbing, we should start forming our own Aliance's of fighter's to counter this Ilumanati sickness. they spread like a Disease Cancer, and we the true people are the cure for this sickness.

    • profile image

      Annamous 4 years ago

      i think its a big conspirecy to cover up something even bigger. its been proven a lot of people die when they speak out about government seacrets so would we all have been killed if we were right? i bet the government is laughing at us for beliving in there big whokes

    • profile image

      Just me 4 years ago

      Hey, "noname", how can you say Kill Every One of Them (referring to the Illuminati) to have peace on earth when killing in itself is evil. It's like giving everyone a gun and bullets then telling them to go and fight for peace???? Cause and effect. "You shall reap what you sew". You are either living in heaven or in hell. Depends on your thinking! Think good thoughts and you will live in the light.

    • profile image

      Hector5559 4 years ago

      I see it all so clearly now,it al fits in like a jigsaw,{Hector5559}

    • profile image

      Tino 4 years ago

      Ok well ive been researching this topic a lot and i do believe its tru, a lot of people have difrent ideas which seem to connect or add info. I think dat there might be a way to stop all this chaos, but only if we work together. Pleas don't think this is a crazy idea but we can actually do something about it by coming up with ideas. If you think we can and want to help me please email me to hopefully some of yu have hope n actually email me, if yu don't well i would suggest for you to researc more about d nedia, bible, and other reosorces . And see how things fit together anyys Please email me if yu want to help in any form ... Thank you

    • profile image

      black rose 4 years ago

      Illuminati would never have accepted people like Jay Z, Beyonce or Eminem. The intent was to become such a strong person that you could CONTROL self in any situation, thereby doing NO HARM to others. These people do MUCH harm and are the FARTHEST thing from enlightened that exists. Just Say'in!! Once a hood rat thief, always a hood rat thief. You can take the rat out of the hood but you can not take the hood out of the rat. These folks are hood rats, providing nothing of value to society, as is the way with all Narcissist, sociopaths.

    • profile image

      Anthony Gillard 4 years ago

      People wake up theres only one true god JESUS CHRIST we tubuke u satan and the whole entire illuminati society in jesus christ name you have greater riches when we get home to the only faithful loyal honest merciful and caring and loving God who still lives today i love jesus christ

    • profile image

      seer of light in darker 4 years ago

      i have no god what so ever but the Illuminati are everything that i think is wrong they believe the knowledge is for the few not many the can only be peace when all people know the truth then and only then will there be peace

    • profile image

      Believer 4 years ago

      People watch the 8 hour documentary called THE ARRIVALS on you tube, read about THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE where Satan is chained up by Allah S.W.T.

      Why have so many ships and planes gone missing in this triangle? The search and rescue teams that go to the aid of these people also go missing.

      Creepy storeys of ships that go missing and later found in the BERMUDA TRIANGLE but guess what all the crew are NOT inside the ship!!

      No body's ever found!!!

      Islam is talked about all over the world in a bad way by these secrect people to fill people's mind up with crap.

      Truth is Islam is the real religion and our prophet Muhammad SAW was the last messenger.

      Believe in Islam and you will be saved from the hell fire.

      Become a believer and paradise you will enter.

      Turn your back on Islam in this world and Allah will turn his back on you in the next world.

      Laa Illaha illallah Muhammad dar rasoolallah x

    • profile image

      Blue 4 years ago

      The world is a beautiful place. The people in it scare me. As a part of todays youth, I'm disturbed. Scared at times. It only seems to be getting worse. Do you feel the same way?

    • profile image

      by chance 4 years ago

      Is it just a concidence that Lil Wayne (claimed to be an Illuminati) posted a viral music video, in which there are 12 skeletons in a movie theatre at one angle. I guess there are 24 skeletons at a different angle, but you got to wonder. ??? How real is this whole thing?

    • StillBreathless profile image

      StillBreathless 4 years ago

      Mark 8:36 (KJV)

      "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

      I reference back to that verse because we are living in a shameful generation where some artists think that they are gonna take over the world with there music. I believe that the illuminati is real and the signs are clear. It's scary because people are walking towards hell as they fall in love with the WRONG music.  They are choosing Satan over God. They don't believe that this illuminati stuff is real. I made this account just so I could comment on this hub. I'm so glad I read it. I agree with @Blue, I'm disturbed as well. I feel the same as you do. The world is so so SO beautiful but some people are scaring me as each day goes by. And am I the only one who keeps seeing that not everything is a "coincidence" it's a sign. I really do feel for the jay-z lovers and the kanye worshipers (plus many more illuminati people) Words of advice: Jesus died for you not kanye or jay z. You need to worship Jesus for saving you and not kanye for releasing a new demonic album.  

    • profile image

      Joseph 4 years ago

      the thing i dont understand people blindly follow christianity and claim that this is the devils work but IF it is true why would god allow such things to happen such as michael jackson your telling me that the illuminati made up that he was a pedophile and that didnt fully kill/destroy his image so they ended him by giving him an overdose.

      dont you just think that things happen for no actual reason the phrase what goes around comes around springs to mind that would explain Tupacs death (RIP) if you a murderer people will gun you down

      and isnt it a coincidence that because the jews killed jesus that they are accused to be figuratively satanist because its the same principle here one person comes along tries to make some form of change wether it be good or bad we could say its jesus he started something that he thought was right. to him it made sense and to the main society back then they thought he was spreading the word of the devil ie a new god which was just a new way of life and strangely thats exactly what the ''illuminati'' is another way of life why is it that christianity is right and the illuminati is wrong if its that simple shouldnt the other religions be ostracized because by doing this you will only then have two groups the christians and the atheist they would be no need for secret societies because you would only be part of one large group the believe in the same idea of life then it would cause no further conflict

      but that is just my view on this i see my self as part of the logical side of society why is controlled by science so maybe im being biased thats some thing for you people to decide im not trying to cause argument or call people liars i was simply offering my thoughts in hope that i could help some people see the other side of this discussion

    • profile image

      Jesse Joiner 4 years ago

      I've recently found out the Illuminati is real (yes I know I should've knownabout it a long time ago, being a 18 year old) and everything I found out, even the info I read just now, is scary. They are also part of the music industry. Pay close attention to songs like mercy. Even play songs backwards, and you'll get secret messages. Like the song "another one bites the dust" that exact lyric played backwards speaks "It's fun to smoke marijuana". The Illuminati have played card games of world events such as 9/11. I've heard 9 is one of the numbers they use, so that's gotta tell you something, right? Last bit of info I will speak of. All of you know about the London 2012 Olympics, correct? Well did you know that same stadium was built on top of a bomb? Well, during the opening, or closing, or 48 hours after the olympics when there is less security, that stadium is supposed to blow up. If it blows up, the Illuminati is, in fact, real, and the end of the world is coming. If it doesn't blow up, then someone was just trying to scare us, and the Illuminati is fake. So right about now, all we can do is wait. I've been doing research because, honestly, all of this is scary and terrifying. That is all..

    • profile image

      Jesse Joiner 4 years ago

      I also forgot. If you wish to contact me, you can email me at Thank you for your time.

    • profile image

      Hamisaurus 4 years ago

      Celebs really wouldn't be in the illuminati because some aren't smart enough. In fact there might be one in my school in my grade that is going to GEOMETRY in 8 th grade I'm going to algebra 1

    • profile image

      Hamisaurus 4 years ago

      It seems true that in fact illuminati are satanists so my friend is an illuminati but someone told me that they do have higher intellect and technology and we and another friend discussed this before I saw this site and we figured they also might some type of mortal god. Now I'm a Christian and don't directly believe this and I believe what web said is extremely true. Seb is my newest bud.

    • profile image

      Tony 4 years ago


      Just because you think that anyone to have an affiliation with these secret groups, or masonic groups should be killed, doesn't mean that they all know what Illuminati are...Like me I'm a mason and until I saw some random video on YouTube, I had absolutely NO idea what Illuminati was or even meant. I was even in Demolay when I was younger, so I'm just saying...

    • profile image

      Alisha Gilly 4 years ago

      Not all artist's of course are associated with the "elite", but those that are said to be the "Illuminati" are merely pawns and puppets pushing the "elite" propaganda. As one commenter noted, find out for yourself, as much time as you spend listening to theses singers and watching your favorite actors films, spend just a fraction of that time looking at their history, when they actually made it big and if there were any crazy or mysterious deaths (or sacrifices). Some seem so quick to say, " yeah I believe in God", but if so then you have to know there is a devil too and if you believe in divine movements, well child, the devil has his authorities and powers too.

    • StillBreathless profile image

      StillBreathless 4 years ago

      Well said. Well said.

    • profile image

      jrpoqegj 4 years ago

      Think about it. The groups mentioned in this were either kill or turned into other groups. And those groups were either killed or turned into another group, and going on and on... And eventually turned into three groups. One was Nazis, they all were killed. One was the KKK their gone. And the third, the lefties who are basically Democrats. And their still around. Trippy..

    • profile image

      Jeremy 4 years ago

      I'm sorry to burst anybody's bubble but I highly doubt there is a heaven or hell. Some people are in the know - enlightened (Illuminati etc) and they use that to their advantage.

    • profile image

      ysa delapaz 4 years ago

      well it is historical i cant wait to tell my friends what i've read that what they do is iluminati so i better hurry to tell them to stop doing that action and tell them what iluminati means thank you for the explanation...

    • profile image

      BassDroppinMaddness 4 years ago

      This is definitely interesting. I've been wondering for awhile what the Illuminati was or who they were, etc. I feel like this isn't something we should be scared of, but aware of. We need to be aware of our surroundings and what's going on in the world. There always seems to be a coincindence.

    • profile image

      Schenke 4 years ago

      In regards to getting knowledge to build these technologies from demons and more powerful races, it was the Nazis who did this first, and the Illuminati weren't having it, they were jealous and scared because their poor little Jewish race was on the brink of Extermination, if the Illuminati are so powerful, how come Hitler came up with all the technology that he did first?? Because the Illuminati are nothing but a scared bunch of cowards who can't even show their faces, if they had any real power, then what do they have to hide?? I'll tell you why because they are weak and vulnerable, they are nothing but a bunch of sniveling cowards, murderers, traitors who have had nothing in their childhoods, because they were unloved, and that's why they do this to back at everyone who has friends and a family who love us, but they do not they are alone, they are only one percent, if we were organized we could crush the Illuminati in a week, a month at the most........I know this because I am a Right-winger, I am related to Hitler in some way, and every time we expose the Jew's plans for a new world order, they get angry, and upset, that's why they tell the police to do what they do, be aggressive to the little guy, well guess what Illuminati, you are the little guy, it's majority rule here, we are the 99 percent, get used to it, we are big and you and your communist Jewish friends are small!!!!!! Up yours, we are going to win this next war, you Illuminati boast in your own strength at the moment, but that will be your downfall, because know this, all empires collapse bear that in mind, submit to the 99 percent or be destroyed!!!!! Heil Hitler!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      confused .. 4 years ago

      ive been told the illuminati is about selling your soul too a demon and getting a favour back , what ive looked up has nothing too do with what ive been told so what is true ?

    • profile image

      child_of_God 4 years ago

      To all u ppl sayin dat u wanna join u real stupid ...I mean cum on do yal only think about money fame power women and men? How about if you join you buying a 1 way ticket to hell .... but hey its ur life nt mine!!!!! But wen ur burnin 4 eva ill be in heaven rejoicing wit da angels

    • profile image

      Glory to JESUS 4 years ago

      It's ur choice which path do u like to take...hell or heaven..only GOD had the power to do it so..don't let illuminati control urself or even in the world..don't sell ur soul to demon..purify ourself so that in the second judgement we are sure that we live with sure that in everything we do,GOD will glorify on it..GLORY TO GOD..

    • profile image

      Nikki 4 years ago

      Interesting...But like anythang it is where we take up to you...Think about it before you jump in!!!

    • profile image

      liam doherty 4 years ago

      i think illumanati are a group pf upper class people with a bit of money who look down on people with nout

    • profile image

      Sam 4 years ago

      Thank you. This helped a ton for my research. I've been tracking down, writing notes, everything you could imagine to find out more! I, personally am a nocturnal (a good guy) and have ratted out a few people. Barrak Obama, a president is starting to get on my nerves. Our group is debating currently on whether he is or is not illuminati. Jesus is and always will be a part of my heart.

    • profile image

      truth 4 years ago

      Such a shame so many people dont know there history,this is as real as it gets and always has been,look at the worlds economy,its not skint its the total opposite,its not about people with a bit of money looking down on those with none,its about the illuminati not wanting anyone else having any of their money which is all stolen,were heading for a population cull as we breathe.This is about the route of all evil,these people are untouchable by mankind,look at poverty,peadophiles,rape,murder,illness and ultimately death,its what they thrive on,pure evil that only god can stop,but out of annoyance and depression i wish he would hurry up and sort it out as promised,everything has been done and is just being repeated on a daily basis.By the way im not a religious nutter just an awake human who has grown up with this s***.

    • profile image

      child_of_God 4 years ago

      Omg ppl ik y'all nt dat stupid ...I just re read everyone coments ..... lyk really joinin illuminati..wen ppl talk lyk dat it piss me df off ... y'all think is al fun and game but it won't be fun wen u hav to kill someone... sell ur soul to satan hahahahaha. ............y'all real funny talkin dat bull........burn in hell for fame money nd men.....or rejoice in heaven hmmmmm let me think uh duh I'm nt stupid I'm going 2 heaven wat bout u??????m??m

    • profile image

      Lance 4 years ago

      I think Jesse Ventura & his show Conspiracy Theory is really interesting. & he backs up what he's talking about also. There is a lot of cricket things going on in America. I'm Canadian & there is a lot if cricket stuff going on here as well,all over this world there is.

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      the illiminati could be trying to use music to start brain washing us

    • profile image

      cody 4 years ago

      I dont belive in satan or god so im with them in the whole get rid of religion thing, religion is useless. A world goverment dosnt sound to bad as long as we play our cards right. Also how can they sell there souls to the devil if they want to GET RID of religion, u sorta have to belive in religion to belive in the devil dumbasses

    • profile image

      Davo rhymes!!!!! 4 years ago

      To b honest this thing is a big crazy shit. in ma opinion i don't believe they really exist....

      i believe this is public stunt. as we all know it is always and every where told that all celeb. are part of this shit, i just belive that this the best way to make them famous more & more and as well as this political leaders!!!!!!!!!!!

      plz don't waste ur time reading this crap

    • profile image

      chantal 4 years ago

      i am also against illuminati but we should join hands and fight it coz there are very many p.ple out here who have no knowledge about it.we better do something. it is not yet to late

    • profile image

      tasha 4 years ago

      i love the illuminati i guess because im in the illuminati and for anyone to down us is uncool . we are not going to hell but you all are for we do good in the world and you people kills the world with your drugs killings and so....... much more so pry for us no pry for you yourselfs.

    • profile image

      nathan 4 years ago

      belive this if you like or not but masons last year contacted me and my dad trying to get us to join there lodge but they never disscussed what happens at these lodge's just that i would have to attend gatherings and some other weird things tried not to pay much attention to it

    • profile image

      Head Shaker 4 years ago

      Man is such a flawed and pathetic life form. He seems to believe that he is actually important in the scheme of things. Species have come and gone and man will to. The endless futile debate about the battle between God and the Devil is highly amusing. Here we have supposed beings of unlimited power having nothing better to do than fight one another as man does, come on give me a break there is the truth people seek, its a made up story by mankind for their greedy selfish ends. Whether the Illuminati or who ever exist, what does it matter. History is full of proof that nothing last forever and things constantly change. If any so called "secret society" is planning for world domination (shades of Pinky and the Brain) they may achieve it but then someone else will eventually move them aside and so the pathetic form that is man will muddle on through the same garbage until the earth tires of him or until he destroys himself

    • profile image

      Shocked girl 4 years ago

      If God and His people exist so does the devil and his flock.......I believe in the existence f the illuminati as all the signs are out there for all to see. What is most shocking is the fact that religious leaders are part of it and it is these same people that Christians turn to for hope e.g Joel Osteen , Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes the list is endless.......... does that mean we believe in no one but ourselves?Here is my thing ,I read the Bible for guidance and fill myself with positive thoughts :-) and Im a happy girl.

    • profile image

      Faith fullness in GOD 4 years ago

      God is the almighty no one or thing can over power him just have faith in God and all will be well!!!!! Satan is no where near as powerful as God and everyone who believes in satan and this illuminati crap i wish u good reddens in the lake of fire

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 years ago

      I'm not sure if this Illuminati is real or not, but I do know that the Devil is-but so is the Almighty Lord. Still I can't help but wonder if I'm suppose to stop listening to my favorite music, going to fast-food restaraunts, and buying cute clothes that just so happens to have secret evil symbols etched in it. Beyonce Knowles,Barack Obama, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, etc., are they all apart of the Illuminati or are they just victims of it? I believe they're victims. People, if you know, if you are 100% positive that the Illuminati exists then speak up. Jesus Christ is coming for us no doubt, but God gave us all the tools to resist; we could help. The Devil maybe powerful and pretty much tempted the entire world to indulge in sins but no matter how small they may be, hope and faith is always there. God will come down and take all of his children who have followed in his footsteps, bring them home, and let them be in eternal peace, joy, and love. This Illuminati may be scary to some people but they are probably nothing but sinful greedy people who thrive for money and power. People, fear not, for God will protect you if you let him, if you choose to let him.

      God bless you all.

    • profile image

      THE TRUTH MAY SCARED YOU 4 years ago

      Yes trust me it is real I know mostly everything about the illuninati i'm going against the illuminati WHEN THAT TIME COMES AND TRUST ME THERE WILL BE A TIME WHERE YOU GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE,BUT IT'S MUCH BIGGER THAN JUST KNOWING THE ILLUMINATI

    • profile image

      watcher of the times 4 years ago

      Very illuminating to say the least! These are the last days folks and you need to make a decision soon for your future and all eternity. Accept the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved, from hell, damnation and the pit of fire. GOD DOES NOT LOOSE! "Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through HIM who loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor sthings present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any osther created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 8:37-39 Now is your chance to make a choice!

    • profile image

      hi 4 years ago

      um... it sometimes scares me because think about it the singers get what they want because they dont belong to god anymore know they belong to the devil and once your in you can never get out and if you want more anwsers here the song mirror by little wayne and bruno mars look at the drawing that lil wayne draws!!!

    • profile image

      Allah is great 4 years ago

      The problem with their plan is that God is more powerful than anything in the world even the day they WILL die and they will go to hell and regret what they have done on earth for an eternity

    • profile image

      lol shake my head 4 years ago

      Okay, so I'm not one of those people who are too closed minded to actually believe the possibility of an "Illuminati". In fact, I happen to know a lot about how much events can be orchestrated by people who are in positions of power. I know that 9/11 was an inside job, and I have a logical explanation as to why, and how it happened if you'd like to hear it.. in fact, I could break down more then 10 world events that I can guarantee were planned and orchestrated by those in positions of power. I know about RFID chips, and the fact that big bankers are in fact, trying to manipulate and control the world...

      Does this mean that we should believe that this is all apart of some master plan? Do you think we should believe that these people wrote the Bible(and not some crazy man), control religion, control the world and everything that happens, every major event that occurs, is completely staged by the Illuminati in attempt to carry out some master plan?

      Maybe. There is very much a possibility of this. I'm not denying that. I understand the idea behind theoretical ideology, but I also understand that there is equally as much of a possibility that these theories are false, and blown out of proportion by crazed fanatics. So what do I mean by crazed fanatics? Well, take a look at the video above. It's basically implying that every single company that uses a triangle or an eye, or both as their logo is apart of this "Illuminati."

      That's where I draw the line and begin to question this. It'd be one thing if the people proposing these ideas were of any historical significance or held credibility to make such claims, but the fact is, they are just average men. Not once has a President, politician, banker, or anyone of relevant significance that is implied to "partake" or have knowledge of "Illuminati" actually came out and said it is real, or that is the case. Implications have been made by such people that could back these theories, but I could create a theory right now that is designed around their implications and that say it's true because what they implied applies to it.

      Again, going back to the video above. I actually really liked your article, Reality Bytes, and you definitely gave the theory some substance and got my mind working. I'm not some realist who only believes in fact, and I certainly don't believe everything that I read on paper. However, I don't believe, that what you have presented us above couldn't mean something completely different to the theory that you are proposing. Especially when the person who is proposing to us that the Illuminati is real provides a video with a bunch of triangle and eye logo's implicating that all of these organizations are apart of the "Illuminati."

      I once played a video game where I could make a logo. Can't remember for the life of me what that game was, as I was probably like 11 at the time. I do remember, however, selecting an eye shaped logo, and in another video game, selecting an eye shaped logo. Does that mean I am Illuminati?! Come on, now. You're smarter then that.

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 4 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      lol shake my head Thank you for the detailed and well written comment. It is obvious to anyone with their eyes open that events are manipulated in a:






      This is not to say that every event is orchestrated but many events are, inciting revolution, creating fear, all used to manipulate society. With the knowledge that there is an Oligarchical entity that controls the governments of the world, just perhaps the people could attempt to resist the fascist control system being implemented around us!

    • De-Zy-Her profile image

      De-Zy-Her 4 years ago


      Your ILLUMINATI & STRAWMAN articles were very informative. I came across your postings after searching the web looking for a reliable source on these monsters. Once I got started I couldn't stop, I read article after article--KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!

      True Story:

      One evening back in 2002, my brother called me and started ranting about this guy he had just met downtown. My brother told me how this fella had just informed him of this big "conspiracy" within the government. My brother knew I was taking law classes so he wanted me to hear what this guy had to say....honestly I think my brother thought the guy was "off his rocker". Actually, my initial thought was---they're both drunk.

      FORTUNATELY, I was able to meet this guy whom introduced himself as a "Commercial Law Specialist". He started explaining how America was bankrupt, then the creditors & debtors and finally the UCC1 Financing Statement. I tried to comprehend it all but it was so overwhelming. The "cover up", the lies and secrets the government had withheld were shocking. I immediately went into multiple stages of shock, and confusion, I felt completely bamboozled. I ran straight to my computer and started my research and it didn't take long for me to see the reality before my eyes. My mother use to say, "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck....then it must be a duck. I wanted to know what I could do to "undo" and protect myself and family. I will admit I was still a little skeptical, I thought this guy was trying to take us for a few bucks.

      Later that night my husband ended up riding to the store with "Mr. Doug". Shortly after they left --I got a call from my husband stating the police had just stopped them because Mr. Doug had decided to floor the gas pedal and do 100 mph in a 35 mph zone PLUS he didn't immediately pull over the cops had been in pursuit for a good 3 mins. He was pissed yet nervous at the same time because he didn't know how everything would play out. When the cops came up to the car they asked Doug to "roll down his window". Mr. Doug "cracked" his window and stated: "Sir, as I do not use the highways in this state, but travel upon the highway of the state, would you please provide me your probable cause that I am engaged in commerce"?

      He asked the officer "Is this a commercial offer"?

      "Is this a offer to contract"?

      Doug: "As I do not do business with unidentified parties, would you please provide me your name?

      Officer stated: "Officer ____"

      Doug: Excuse me but I know your mother and father did not name you Officer ____, would you please give me your private name.

      Doug: "If this is an offer to contract would you please provide me a copy of the contract along with full disclosure as required in accordance with The Truth in Lending Laws, as also set forth in the nature of 15 USCA 1601 et seq.

      Apparently the conversation pissed off the officer and he threatened to break the window if Doug didn't roll it down.

      Doug stated: "As you are operating in the public as a public official you know if you break or damage something you have to pay for it. "will this be cash or check"?

      The officer radioed his Supervisor which came to the scene along with many other police cars.

      Doug concluded his conversation with the statement: "Thank you I accept all claims for value"

      Officer wrote him a citation and asked him to sign it, Doug turned the ticket to a 45 degree angle, signed it and wrote the following (in RED INK)

      "UCC-1-207.7, WITHOUT PREJUDICE along with the date .

      Doug: "So now if you expect to damage me, my rights and my property as a result of your ignorance of the law, will this be cash or check?

      Doug: "I accept that for value", he spelled his name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

      Doug: "Do you know anyone that has a claim against me"?

      Doug: "Non-negotiable, this claim is accepted for value, I request you release the products, accounts, proceeds, fixtures and the order of the court to me immediately. As I am now the holder in due course".

      Supervisor & Officer: "Sir, your free to go".


      My husband couldn't wait to call and let me know the outcome, the excitement --the disbelief --amazement in his voice let me know that this was the REAL DEAL. My husband was so beside himself, he could hardly sleep that night.

      Talk about proof in the pudding. Early the next morning, my brother, my husband and I all joined Doug at the Secretary of State (nobody wanted to ride w/Doug). We copied , and filed all necessary paperwork to properly (perfectly) file the UCC1 Financing Statement. After reading your well researched articles and finding out about the EVIL intent of Rockerfeller the murderer. I'm even more aware now and ready to take my REACTION to this PROBLEM and assist with the SOLUTION. There is strength in numbers. I had no idea that my signature creates $.

      I do have a question for you, how often will I have to file a continuation??

      Stay blessed & keep informing. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!

      Most of the questions I had were finally answered after It wasn't until I read your well researched arti

    • profile image

      Max 4 years ago

      I don't understand how some people (weird christian extremists) claims that devil worshipping has something to do with this subject?

    • profile image

      Jordan 4 years ago

      in the comments above, someone mention eminem was the illuminati, by thats immpossible. E is much much more evil than the devil.

    • profile image

      paris 4 years ago

      i believ illuminati do exist,but in jesus name i wont fear any evil becauce all the power belongs to him and they are under god's control

      Jesus is the king.....blessd you all

    • profile image

      Rachel 4 years ago

      The Illuminati are definitely real... but if the Catholic Church is supposedly the Illuminati itself... should I stop going to church? Also, there is a conflict of interest here. A question: If the Illuminati has rewritten the bible to conform to its standards, why are people telling other people to read it? That if you read the bible and worship GOD that you will be saved? Now, don't get me wrong, GOD is the only thing I believe in.

      The dollar bill has many Illuminati symbols on it. The Illuminati have already taken over the world. And don't get me wrong, I do think that population control is becoming necessary. I mean, look at what we've done to our planet. The one child rule that has been established in China is extremely logical. Even if it was two children per family, the population would decrease, and without further interference from anyone.

      I hate the Illuminati, and I believe that folling GOD is the only way to be saved, but there are certain ways that you should go about doing it so as to protect yourself.

      GOD BLESS!!!AMEN!!!

    • profile image

      moiselle 4 years ago

      illuminati is not true,,,illuminati its just a servant of the LORD...

    • profile image

      Miriam Ally 4 years ago

      Allah ,the most powerful, is trustworthy, believe in him with all your strong heart. You may lead to the golden gates of Heaven. You may have your hearts' desire but not Satan, he is evil and do not care one percent about you, do not go into the hands of him.

    • profile image

      clear 4 years ago

      yeahhh right those people dont have their ability and talent they need to sale their soulto satan for them to be famous and even tough im not rich and not famous as long as my god is only jesus christ that created all of us....

    • profile image

      Sam 4 years ago

      All religions have forte against each other and killed people religious priests have raped young children and continue to do so its time people wake up and believe in there selfs and God The Illuminati is not evil Think about it stop being a religous Sheep

    • profile image

      ingrid 4 years ago

      God is the most powerful their none like him. llluminati is a piece of shit that control you to do bad things. People can say whatever they want, if you believe in Jesus Christ may enter heaven but if u believe in llluminati may u burn in hell

    • profile image

      ANTHONY 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Gaindus 4 years ago

      Everything that happens at the time God chooses so there is nothing new to be scared of so trust God and have faith in him.If you have ears you can hear and if you have eyes you can see that we are comming to the end of....???

    • profile image

      Andy 4 years ago

      Love can achieve anything. It can turn enemies to friends. It makes you forgive when forgiving seems impossible. It can achieve peace anywhere. The world can live together and help one another. None of this is possible without God. I don't mean to preach or anything, and I am not religious, but I do believe in God. With God, anything is possible.

    • profile image

      adam 4 years ago

      pple are blievin ulliminati they are not blievin god this pple are really crazy and god will punish them and we know whos is creat this world and hereafter and u all die same day me my self idont blief that ulluminati controlling this world ... thats bullshiit god made this world god creat us and we all die for hin we reten for him whay u talking about satan and ulliminati to the hell fire

    • profile image

      believer in God 4 years ago

      God is our creature why do some people think that the devil can save them if they believe in illuminati it is a shame.....God Bless those who believe in illuminati becouse there is nothing stronger then the power of God he is only one man illuminati can have many followers but you cannot beat God

    • profile image

      Alex 4 years ago

      Some people get confused when you start intertwining the "economic one world government" illuminati and the "demon spirit channeling" illuminati. The fact of the matter is, like any secret society, the illuminati keep secrets more confidential depending on the importance of them. For example, it is no secret that globalization is occuring and the US government has put profit over quality of living, and it is no secret that those who control the federal reserve are aiming towards a one world government. However, this knowledge is hidden in plain sight, making it's confidentiality unimportant. Those who control agendas towards a one world government or economic globalization are NOT even that powerful in terms of their rank in the society. Anything you know is obviously not very important to the agendas of the illuminati. As you move up the ranks, you are introduced to more knowledge such as the power of energy, chakras, sacred geometry, and myths such as the law of attraction. The understanding of the universe begins at a much higher rank, while the control of materialistic objects such as the US economy dwell in the lower ranks. The agenda's of the highest ranks of the Illuminati are simply unknown. Some argue that aliens run the whole show and have been dictating the human race for as long as we can record. Others argue that pre-historic descendants of humans from mars migrated here approximately 50 million years ago (hence bible myths and atlantis) and control the agenda. Either way, our economic, spiritual, and educational basis in society is completely rigged, and in NO WAY will anyone ever be allowed to succeed an Illuminati rank in knowledge, power, or influence.

    • profile image

      mvjmaa 4 years ago

      I see so many have it wrong, and is understandable! Satan did not want a large group to get it right, as this would allow it to be haulted! Listen close, to understand how the illuminate works today and in history, you must also fully understand what the bible tells us. The illuminate is not members who only follow Satan, they are members who also do work in God's name. They come to us from every ave. hitting like a ton of bricks, setting the path undetected until the end. For instance, some may follow a republican nominee, some a democratic. Many are of the works of the illuminate without knowing it. What is the illuminate in biblical word? "AntiChrist" You and I have the ability to be an antichrist. Many people believe there are or have been only a handfull of Antichrist, but the truth is they are everywhere! Some antichrist do works in the name of God, some in the name of Satan, if it was done in only the name of one, it could be or would have been eliminated. In the bible, it is said the pathway will and is being set for the final Antichrist "The Beast" continue below.

    • profile image

      mvjmaa 4 years ago

      It is meant for everyone and everything to become, well haywire, but what is the ultimate Goal? Let me put it to you very simple, Wealth and Power are key, this brings us to Greed, which will be the ultimate destroyer. How bad will Greed get? You will sell your soul to buy or sell, this means simply buying food for the stomach, However it will be done in the name of God, but not of him or his works. Best advice, take no part in Greed, but you cant stop it! Yes, the illuminate was formed and involved, as I said, it is coming to us from many avenues some in the name of Satan, and some in the name of God as to go undetected, but it all has a function and a purpose. The one rulling Gov. take a look today at the war between dems and republicans, this all is part of it! The pathway must be set in order to be accepted! Do what is morally right! Do not allow power or Greed in any form to control you, in the end the final call will be "The Beast" he will be in the name of God, but not of him!

    • profile image

      Ishan Vashishth 4 years ago

      if we know about them then how come they are secret societies

    • sallieannluvslife profile image

      sallieannluvslife 4 years ago from Eastern Shore

      Came across this hub while reading an article about the Boston Bombings actually being done by the illuminati...had no clue what they were...whatever they are, if it is true or not, it would not surprise me if a group such as that would be connected to the current government administration...We are to fear only God Himself...God, the Father, God, the Son Jesus and God the Holy Spirit...illuminati, or not, He will reign in the end and guaranteed those who think they are powerful and rich and crave power and money over service to God will live to regret those choices, no matter what organization they think makes them rich or powerful to the world, they will be made pitiful and weak. EVERY knee shall bow, EVERY tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

    • profile image

      Illuminatus 4 years ago

      Your Information yet vast and well researched is based on provided assumptions by other researchers and unfortunately remains flawed and inaccurate. You and anyone else seeking the Answers to Illuminati will only find them when you Yourself have Achieved Full Illumination.... : ) Good Luck

    • profile image

      Jie 4 years ago

      The answer to this conspiracy, this might be real or fake remember that the one who is attacked by this secret societies are we people. For now, we are still blind with this things around us, we might not yet be affected it's beacuse there is no proof of their existence, but the only thing that we can do, is to strengthen our faith to God through prayers, He never failed to help us and answer prayers, not now but in time, never turn your back to him...

    • profile image

      ST.GERMAIN 3 years ago

      I would like to tell you all,that i spent nearly 7 long years hunting down

      all possable information regarding the matter.If you start linking all

      the "allegations" it could drive you insane trying to work out what exactly is going on.But if, on the other hand you do see through these

      obstacles of misinformation,you will realise that they are elaborated

      speculations for an answer they cant get to,simply because they are

      working in reference with the widely spread "dualistic morals"ie.good-and bad ,right-wrong etc.

      This is why illumination can only be aquired by the true seeker nothing at all to do with being rich and powerfull- or poor as the pauper it is not about that at all.

      Some of the most powerfull secrets in this world are held by humble individuals,such as your shy neighbour genuinly quite people that are clever and do not mind helping anyone regardless of self benefit or even recognition.

      Real Adepts and initiates must think all you lot are flipping in colours.(I hope nobody has taken this answer the wrong way and if so sorry .)

    • profile image

      sstoqn 3 years ago

      Starting to think that assassins creed is actual y them illumanity motherfuckers.By the main symbow and the other stuff about the world appearance I think that this is a illumanity game.

    • profile image

      Tracy 3 years ago

      I have many beliefs that this author says are leftists. I do not despise Judeo Christians. I have morals. I simply do not believe in oppression. I wish people would stop inserting their personal beliefs into articles and then try to pretend they are factual. State your opinion and then back it up with FACTS, not innuendo.

    • profile image

      jenn 3 years ago

      The world will End but the ending of the world will be beacause of the illuminati....God is the creator and only he knows the end...But really there are so much in this world...SIN and the devil uses people to decieve...Most people love money and fame more than anything and people would put lives on the line just to get rich...some people take it to the extreme and sale their souls just to have the rich life..Why does it happen because THE DEVIL uses fame and money to get you in hell...This is the truth believe it or is real and people cant just really 100% prove it...anyways thats it..i just pray for the ppl that actually sold their souls for fame and money.,,,GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND REMEMBER JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY...

    • profile image

      jcGeoegiaBoy 3 years ago

      For the ones who do not believe please research. I am a Master Mason. What is the 33 degree who knows. Not many will ever see that degree. One man I read about quit Freemasonry on his travel to DC to become a 33. He walked out and quit. People who think masonry is a religion is also mistaken. You just have to believe in a higher power but no mentions of Jesus. Understand the further you go the more you learn. Go and pull up the layout of Washington and.white house etc

      You will see roads and all laid.out in the masonry symbol. Long story short. Who is the elite and who is in total control. Don't know!!! But someone is. Its all playing out exactly the way they want it to. Pull up underground city in the Ozark and.maybe this will help you understand. Wanna see a new white house above the underground city that can withstand a nucluer blast research is a wonderful thing if you put yourself up to it. Peace.

    • profile image

      steven 3 years ago

      O.M.G every 1 ive just started my own ivestigation into the illuminati and ive found out that some celebs have died or been killed just days after speaking out bout the illuminati well if they do excist 2day well i expect to be gone very soon or on the other hand still be here and still looking into them how whether i believe that we will never find out the real truth

    • profile image

      child of God 3 years ago

      I don't believe in any of this. Just because those people are doing well in life, doesn't mean they sold their souls to the devil. Ever occurred to you guys that it's a talent the Lord blessed them with? Stop making up stories.

    • profile image

      robert hernandez 3 years ago

      Their is no illuminati just the love of money,put it like this its like kids in the playground hoarding all the swings,monkey bars and everything else and doing whatever it takes to not let others play with the good stuff,money doesn't destroy and corrupt the love of money does,that's just my opinion.

    • profile image

      Ian Hillier 3 years ago

      Just wanted to say thank you for writing this piece. It was informed and engaging, and was also well written, so, again, many thanks. As to whether the illuminati exist, well certainly there exists a group of privileged, well connected, immensely wealthy individuals and/or families. This group controls directly, or by manipulation, what we read, see, hear in the media. Even supposedly "free media" such as this site and other web journalists, twitter journo's (average citizens tweeting on scene from news events) and blogs etc...can be easily diluted with rogue agencies, disinfo and flat out lies. They also control the money, with every facet of life that is influenced by it therefore open to their agenda. Not forgetting law and order. Meaning they decide what is legal, who is a criminal and who is not. If you are onboard, playing the game, connected, then you make the rules. If not, then you are vunerable. So they control the media, the money and the justice system. Now tell mw democracy is not a sham. Politicians, certainly in the West anyway, are puppets. They have no real power because they only do what they are told and both sides are working together. So whoever you vote for, Labour or Conservative, Republican or Democrat, Right wing or left, Religious or Secular, it doesn't matter because they are two sides of the same coin. Whoever loses, they still win. Its a rigged game and it is elegant in its cunning and simplicity. But it is also evil. Until the people, wake up, grow up, and realize that they actually have more power than they understand. That the rigged game is one they can win if they think smart. Electing a genuine reformer, unbiased and not corrupted, taking the power back, playing them at there own game would be delicious in its irony. But somehow i see neither the will or the courage of people in the west to do anything. The Muslim world, for all its faults, is far superior at deposing corrupt officials. They take to the streets and DEMAND change. The fight for their right to responsible government. If only we had their self respect. But we don't. We are content to let pathetic, boring old men in suits run rings around us, to tax us to oblivion, to ignore our wishes (Iraq war anyone?), and to treat us with utter contempt. What a shower we have become.

    • profile image

      justalilmousey 14 months ago

      wow read the last comment an I agree this ain't no democracy; I would also like to add that they are ruled by money so everything that gets done by them as long as long as it involves money and corruption they do and control; This is why I believe the way I do. I believe the ones that died were really pawns small pawns as they were viewed. not really a comparison, but tupac deserves to be viewed as someone who tried to change and recognize the secret society he stumbled upon and when he actively spoke against them, there ain't no mystery here. He was killed off by them. whether he is physically dead or not that is a perception; I say no both figureatively and literally. do I think illuminati exist yes and why I say that is because the premises the us is supposesd to believe they are believed to believe they are brainwashed to believe they are free. all those opposed to control are killed think critically people!!!!!

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