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What Is The Meaning In Life? -The Knowledge That Everyone Seeks

Updated on December 1, 2013

Most people, almost all people, go on a search to find the meaning in life. They get obsessed with knowledge and want to find all the secrets. This, is called a truth-seeker.

I too, had gone on this quest, as we all do at some point, and have come to a great point "in myself" where, I learned basically all of it is baloney, but it still isn't.

Now, saying this is baloney, you might shake your head at, but truth is, you can't learn anything but from within yourself. I now know why Bruce Lee, got to the point where he said, all knowledge leads to self-knowledge. Now, there might be ego-minds out there where they're thinking, "no-shit", truth is, they do not understand the concept.

Going on the path to truth, is a disastrous journey, but it is for a reason. If one got to the end, and said, I'm the man! There would be many variables that would make things a disaster. God, the universe, whatever "you" personally call it, would not allow such a thing.

There are so many helping signs, so many things to learn, that start to itch you to the path of the living, but it is truly hard to get there.


I personally, was at a point where I thought so deep within myself, that I felt I was a master of everything. At the same time, I had issues that needed solving. I then went on the path of "recovery" and this is where I stumbled upon amazing things, and finally woke up to the real world.

This is a path that so many go through, and the ones who have made it to awakened land, sit there and totally relate with this. The ones who don't, either see this whole article in a ego-view, or a form of finding knowledge and going, aha! To other people.

Waking up to the real world, you will realize everything you possibly knew.. Was basically the opposite of what it was. You then will go through a adapting process, where all your new learnings are still not settled in, but you do know of them, and are itching your way to "living" them.

I am now on the path where I am looking within myself, with the new/awakened teachings to guide me, and living the best way I could possibly live. To explain it, would become an idea, which is not the intention of all this teaching that one seeks, so, I will keep it to myself.


Basically on this path to recovery, you are shedding everything you had ever known. This happens to everyone. Why this happens to everyone, is because in order to learn this new way, you must shed basically everything you knew because you realize, it was not working for you.. it was the problem.

You are then, a reptile who has shed its skin. You are vulnerable in the world, because everything you once knew is gone. You are completely empty and the world is a dangerous place. For a long time, you will try to go back into the old-skin but you can't, because it no longer fits. After the back and forth thinking which lasts a long time, you then eas your way into learning a new way of life.

Once you are now awakened, you are so far from everyone else, because many are still in the trap. They are still in the normal rules of society, where, you realized it was all false. It was all a trick and a game that no-one sees through.

Once you are on that stage, you will continue to learn, and you will realize everything you were searching for, was for nothing. There was nothing ever to figure out. Even though you are at that mark, you will still have tons to learning to do, because you still aren't quite at the right peep, because of old thought-patterns that will still take place in your mind, going back and forth like a pendulum. Also because, you won't be "living" it.


Then atlas, finally, you will get to a stage where you are "in" the real world. You now see it clearly like when you were a kid. A never ending path of learning and living. Which is, the meaning of life.

That path is an individual choice one must take. For most, it is usually a call, as it was for me. Will you take the call? That is your choice to figure out.

I personally studied everything, and became completely open to everything. I learned so much it's incredible. If you are looking to be on the path of awakening, I suggest looking into, Buddhism, Zen, Huna, as much info as you can find on your path to enlightenment.

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