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What Is The Real Issue When It Comes To SeaWorld?

Updated on December 3, 2015

Bred In Captivity?

Animal rights activists have been making a big stink about animals bred in captivity at SeaWorld for quite sometime. Now the Orca shows at SeaWorld San Diego have been canceled. To be perfectly honest, I can’t understand why.

Animals have been threatened by extinction for an unlimited number of years. But, I truly doubt that resorts like SeaWorld are the cause of it. The wild is a dangerous place for any living creature. The constant climate change alone is a huge factor. Food that the animals need on a daily basis to survive and thrive is at limited means because of poor climate conditions. Most often, animals will die off mostly because of starvation from lack of food in their own environment. Other animal predators hunt them as well as humans for their fur or tusks. Orangutans, polar bears, elephants are being threatened by extinction because of these dangers more than anything else. If anything, SeaWorld could be saving the animals lives after all these years. They also get infections from arrow wounds. I’ve always believed that once you are on someone else’s property without their permission, all bets are off. You don’t know if the invader is going to harm your family or not.

Like in this video for instance:

Did you notice the warning signs from the monitor lizard to Dominic Monaghan? “Dude, stay away from me. What are you doing here anyway? I didn’t invite you. And I sure as heck don’t know you. No I’ve never seen Lost!”

All kidding aside, how truly important is it to preserve these animals for reasons other than strictly educational purposes? I understand animal cruelty is wrong, but if the only way you could put food on the table for your family is by killing an elephant for it’s tusks...would you do it? Two years ago, I would’ve said no because I read into @DomsWildThings horse poo tweets on Twitter.

Animals are important, but when it comes to my kids I’d do anything to save them. If a snake or other wild creature came at your child, would kill the snake to your protect them. Of course you would. I would die protecting my own kids. It kills more and more inside not knowing if they’re O.K. every minute of everyday not being here with me. I am more for protecting my kids, my friends and family than I am some silly orca at a resort. Why are those wildlife conservationists making us feel like we have to chose between and animal and a human life.

Wild Animals Aren't That Important!

An animal isn’t going to be able to find a cure for cancer or score the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl. Can an animal help us get into a good college? Could they share a tender moment with us when our first child is born? Do bottle-nosed dolphins work at a restaurant so we can eat or are they there for us when we are having relationship issues? Dogs and cats are there for us, but those animals are domestic for a reason.

The Types Of Animals That Truly Matter!

Some Touchy Subjects

At SeaWorld, I am hoping those dolphins look to humans as people they can trust. Next time though, explain the importance of animal rights to a single parent working two jobs to support their three kids. Or tell a homeless person eating their dinner from a garbage can again that week that animals being bred in captivity is wrong and inhumane. Or you could just tell me. I spent three days in row taking the red line to Union Station to sleep where there were no rooms available or I didn’t have enough money. After 11:00 P.M. You couldn’t use the restrooms so I held it until 6:00 once I got up from sleeping in a chair in the lobby. I had my laptop, my backpack and one suitcase with me at all times. I was homeless on and off for six days. One night I was kicked out of Union Station because I didn’t have an Amtrak pass. There’s only so many times, “I can’t find it” works. That morning, I slept on the red line. I wasn’t the only one, of course. That morning however, I gave in and called my mom admitting to her I was back in L.A. so she could get me a room so I could sleep. She wasn’t happy.

Our own families, our own lives, our own safety is so much more important than an orca’s life. Well, of course. But, some people are obsessed with the idea enough to lose sleep over it. I believe those people need to find a hobby and need to reevaluate their own lives.

I would like to think that SeaWorld has plenty of food for the animals, doctors standing by 24/7 in case an animal gets sick and enough security to keep people away from the dangerous ones. What a minute...why would you put your kids so close to a dangerous animal? I hope the animal is in a glass case so it doesn’t attack a group of kids. Oh, but wait, that’s animal cruelty! I hope SeaWorld has all those animals in a controlled environment. It’s a good thing the kids aren’t out in the wild. They may not know what to do in case a snake of an unknown species spots them. Good thing there’s a show like Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan to educate us on what happens if you risk your life in the wild like he does. That kind of stupidity should have stopped after Steve Irwin got a fatal bite from a sting ray. I think those animal rights activists canceled the wrong show!

A Couple More Thoughts!

I’ll be in SeaWorld in San Diego tomorrow. I’ll let you know if my feelings about this change.

“Some insects are important as well. For everything else, there is Raid!”

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    • Amanda Abbott profile image

      Meredyth Lynne 2 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Thanks, Jackie. I'm going post an an article about my first SeaWorld adventure when I get nack.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 2 years ago from The Beautiful South

      I agree with much you say and there are too many people trying to run all the shows I say. I also say no matter what anyone says that the only good snake is a dead snake!

      Love the dolphins and whales in these places. Well fed and having fun, what's wrong with that?

      Great photos.