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What is this Life all about

Updated on April 1, 2016

We all live in the same world. We imagine that the world changes from one country to the other, but it does not. What you get are variations of the same thing. So, because we live in the same world, I think you're going to understand what I'm going to say next. What I'm going to say next may not make much sense at all at first. But I hope it does in the end.

I think there are many worlds. Well there are indeed many worlds. Right now, something is happening on the surface of Jupiter, and on the surface of any planet out there floating in the emptiness. It's all animated, spirited, moving and alive. None of them are still or dead. And something or the other is happening there at all times that may entertain us.

But we are stuck to this one. We have nowhere else to go, except this one. And, we don't need to go anywhere else, except this one. It's enough for all of us. More than enough. We drain all our sewage water into the river, and into the ocean; but the ocean still stays clean and pure, generation after generation. And it will, I think, stay as good and as pure as long as we all continue to exist.

What if a super massive earthquake destroys all the humans. Then, only the cats and dogs and pandas will exist. That will be good for them, in one sense. But it will be bad too, because I think they need the proximity of humans. Not only for the reason that we have hands and fingers that can operate on fractured legs, or provide food to tiger that has lost most of its teeth; but also because we are the only ones that provide them access to a greater world, and so they may achieve liberation through us. What kind of liberation? The liberation that we are all searching.

What is peace? Does peace mean to sit quiet at the corner of a room that has all its door and windows closed?

I think, life is structurally predetermined. But it's morally open ended. What that means is that God, had already determined our quality of experiences when he had designed the world itself. When God had designed the human body, it immediately implied that we were going to invent clothes, and a bed to rest it, and a roof and a house, and food, and all the other such systems were there already in the mind of God as potential outcomes.

But the point is that we are free to alter and determine our choices. We may choose to do good, or do bad as well.

We all are deeply interested in money. But why? Money is good because it brings good experiences.

Now all these are connected to shares, stock prices, national economies, NASDAQ, Nikkei, company profiles, value of one currency in comparison to the other, the price of gold and etc. But in the midst of all these, it's equally possible that we forget what we are doing in order to achieve what our aim is. Our aim is money. But that was not what we were looking for. We were looking for simple things. We wanted love and we wanted to be loved. And we wanted a certain sort of cleanliness all around us, as clean and as perfect as God itself is. A light that radiates so much that we forget all darkness we've ever seen.

But the system of life is such, and it's so intricate, and so interconnectedly woven into the very fabric of life that it exerts an almost compulsive force.

Here it gets really interesting. Most of the time, life takes such shapes and forms that we may get almost drowned under this compulsion. Life becomes like a heavy dream where the single penetrative aim and objective becomes a method to access the core of the system, and to get as much wealthy as possible.

But then, it becomes like buying pain. Money itself is nothing. God doesn't care a shit about money.

What we are all looking for is the one that is behind us. And I think it's a market that is still unexploited.

Those who have reached the top of this system, doesn't give a damn about the way those who are at the bottom of the system think. The top of the system? The CEOs of large corporations, 'big' politicians, investors who invest capital into various projects around the world and develop real estates, small & medium companies, invest into film making, invest into local governments of various nations, etc.

From the top, the world looks completely different. The world looks like a single organism. The national governments look like artificial enclosures that impose superficial limitations on the local life, but can dictate the entirety of the organism itself that we witness as life.

I said that there are many worlds. Indeed there are. It's like seeing the top of clouds. That's a different world when you see the top of a cloud. Life on earth has a top. But I think it's multifarious. One can be a CEO of a large corporation but they will still die when their time comes. So the top also shifts into different directions and polarities as well. One can be a Shakespeare or any artistic 'genius' and still die the death of a dog. So the entirety of the system is not really so directly visible and can not outrightly outlined.

Most of what we know about the world, are lies. We are not even properly aware that our knowledge of the world are filled with lies, because we think we derived the knowledge from legit sources.

But in truth, those sources are not legit sources, just as much as this is not a legit source itself.

The real objective to this thing, I think, is to become like God. We are all trying to, in our individual way, become like God. That's what this is all about.

© 2016 Rodeon


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    • Rodeon profile image

      Rodeon 21 months ago

      What are your thoughts on the true nature of the human being, Abhimanyu gaur?

    • Abhimanyu gaur profile image

      Kshitiz Gaur 21 months ago from India

      Very nice thoughts and much of what you have written has been going through my mind for some months. When I looked into science for answers it has failed me and made life even more complicated. Theory of evolution, what was before the big bang and an entire atom is not fully understood or proved yet. Theory of evolution maybe total nonsense as it has not been fully proved. There is no evidence of one species converting into other by evolution.

    • Rodeon profile image

      Rodeon 21 months ago

      Hey thank you for checking this stuff out. :)

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 21 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Interesting thoughts and concepts.