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The Libraries of the Future.

Updated on July 10, 2017

if you are looking for a place with a never-ending book selection and an abundance of helpful resources, visit your local library.

With so many different genres and subject areas, there are all sorts of information to help you grow in many aspects of your life. Not only are the books and other resources a great way to stay connected and better your life, so are the programs.

I was sitting at my desk, when a patron came up to me in excitement. "Oh my god sweetheart! I just learned so much in that class, I am so glad you all have the computer classes!"

I was taken by surprise because I did not expect for this to happen. I had been working in this new position for just a short period of time. So this was the first time someone approached me like this.

In my little quiet voice I said, "Thank you for coming. Please come back, classes are every Wednesday".

Most of our patrons are very outspoken all the time. When our patrons express their love for the services the library provides, it kind of motivates me to tell them more about it.

When that lady approached me, it made me feel like a hero and I was moved by her enthusiasm. No, I did not teach the class, nor do I decide on the planning and execution of these programs.

But as an employee, it is part of my job to inform the patrons on what we have to offer. I felt as if I made her day.

Through these programs you have the opportunity to participate and truly connect with yourself and others.

Not only will you learn something of value, you will also have a chance to be inspired and apply your experiences to all aspects of your life.

  • Reading
  • Music
  • Gaming
  • Senior Development Tools
  • Computer Classes
  • Performances
  • Writing Workshops
  • Book Discussions
  • Financial Workshops
  • Child Engagement
  • Crafting
  • Art Projects
  • Job Search and Readiness
  • And many, many, more!

The Library as a "third place"

Marcela Cabello and Stuart M Butler, talk in-depth about the libraries services and programs being a crucial factor for community development and success.

They explain that without the library and its services, the community would not be able to stay connected with crucial resources needed to navigate the complexities of life.

The library addresses many of the needs of the community allowing users to stay involved with learning possibilities as well as a way to "get away" from the demands of everyday life.

Check out their article here,

Library Kiosks

The convience of library kiosks will be very beneficial for the community. According to a Pew study, "Overall, 63% of respondents say they would be likely to use library kiosks located throughout the community where people can check out books, movies or music, similar to Redbox’s DVD rental service; some 33% say they would be “very likely” to use such kiosks."

A Possible GPS Progam?

There are many times I come across a patron that is very frustrated because he or she cannot find what they are looking for.

According to a Pew study, "Overall, 62% of respondents say they would be interested in a GPS-driven cell phone app that helps patrons easily locate material within the library; some 34% say they would be “very likely” to take this type of class, including 45% of smartphone owners and 41% of tablet owners."

This means easy access for the future of library patron use. Instead of going through never-ending aisles of material, you will have a chance to navigate easily by using your phone's GPS feature.

Demso Software, has already providing the tools needed for libraries to incorporate this app for their system. It is just a matter of time when all libraries will take advantage of this convenient way of library navigation.

Minrva is another app, which is allowing library patrons to access material through GPS navigation on their smart phones. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has taken on this app to help their students find material easily.

How Can You Find Out More About Current Programs and Events?

According to a study conducted by Pew:

"In general, Americans feel somewhat well-informed about the various services offered by their local libraries. While about one in five (22%) feel they are aware of “all or most” of the services and programs their public library offers, a plurality (46%) feel they just know of “some” of what their library offers. Another 20% say they know “not much” about services offered by their library, and 11% say they know “nothing at all” about what is available at their library."

Also, according to this study, some participants wished they knew more about the programs and events going on at their public library.

Know that there are many ways to learn about the programs and events that your local library provides.

Visit your library's website events page for information on what programs and events are happening.

You can also make a visit and contact the circulation desk or a librarian for information on what they offer.

Sometimes one way is not enough, you may have to connect with multiple resources within your library system to find out more in-depth information on services available.

Oftentimes, you may also find information tables and bulletin boards with information as well.

Want to know more information? Visit the Pew Research Center article to find out more about the future of library services here:


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