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What Psychologist Specialize In!

Updated on June 22, 2015

What Psychologist Do?

By: Dorothy Parker


Experimental psychologist don’t sound very interesting unless you have the gift of commitment because their focus is on experimenting or doing research that proves or disprove a particular hypothesis. Experimental psychologists usually have a bachelor’s degree in psychology in addition to statistics and math skills (APA, 2015). EP can find work in number of fields but their focus is usually on research. According to the Society for Experimental Psychologist founded in 1904, this profession pursues a diversity of research methodology including collaborating with other fellows and leading experimentalist of which they admit six yearly among the leading researchers (, 2015).

According to bureau of labor and statistics research psychologist need a doctoral degree usually one that includes a research degree and exam and a dissertation that is based on the original research of the student. Also licensure and certification are necessary to practice according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics in Washington, DC (BLS, 2015). Any professional license or certification required, and how it is obtained, before one may practice within the sub-specialty (if these are not required, this must be noted in the paper).

I know I would not be interested in pursuing a career in this field because I am horrible at math and statistics. As interesting as this field of psychology is the idea I do not have the patience to wait for research findings. I would rather use validated research and build upon others work. If the research involves other than lab work or data (math) collection I could probably do it with no problem.


Health psychologist should be easy to define because their focus is on the relationship between the psychological factors and how the affect health and illness. Examples of some of the issues they research include substance abuse and teenage pregnancy as well as health research that can provide answers or programs to help deal with theses issues (United States Department of Labor. (2015).

Health Psychologist usual requires the same training as clinical psychologist with a focus on health. Graduates with this type of training are usually eligible for licensure as psychologist (APA, Division 38. 2015). Health Psychologist does not practice on patients they are researchers who find ways to support health and illness based on psychological parameters. This field does require licensure and certification at the graduate and PhD levels. Undergraduates are not eligible but can certainly practice in this field under the direction of senior personnel (ibid).

This field seems very interesting and certainly can provide effect research in the area of health. This is another field that would not interest me but can hold my attention because it researches issues that are of interest to me. The fact that pathology can influence health and illness has always interested me because I know many people who are sick because of pathology. Additionally issues like teenage pregnancy and substance abuse can present interesting research just because of the environmental factors that can influence decisions to abuse substance and have babies while you are still young.


Industrial/organizational (IO) psychologist are so necessary because they play a major role in using psychological principles to solve work place problems (Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015). This is a field in psychology that should be look at based on the division between the rich and the poor and wide gap that continues to separate the worker and the business owner. While this field helps employees working styles and morale, it has its hands on the management and policy makers as well. The fact that IO psychologist apply their concepts to organizational development it would behoove them to broaden their skills to making a difference in work place equality and the income gap that is turning the rich against the poor. According to APA (2015) I/O Psychology is not just about helping companies make money; it is about the worker and how he/she is coping in the work environment. This is significant because to make money you need laborers and they should be happy with their work environment.

According to the Society Fro Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) 2014, this field of psychology involves the scientific study of the workplace, a broad definition certainly but, an effective tool to help bring the necessary health to the damaging affects of capitalism. This field only requires a master’s degree in psychology but accompanied by a doctoral psychologist master’s degree graduates can work in a variety of fields that include assistant psychologist in counseling, clinical and research (BLS. 2015)

I am certainly would love this field because of the work and help it can provide to workers and leaders. The fact that there is such large gap between worker and boss is enough to warrant a psychological investigation because sure there are some questions worth researching to help provide and environment that is healthy and whole. The pathology of capitalist in America is disturbing because their has to be pathology at work when you have the rich getting richer at the expense of making the poor, poorer. Before researching this field of psychology I had no idea it even existed, much less what it does. The fact that the SIOP is seeking facilitators to help partition policy makers’ means they could be going in the right direction. I am not sure how influence this field of psychology has had on the organizations it service but if its anything close to what they are suppose to do than certainly its a field that needs national attention.


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