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What Takes It To Become A Champion Student.

Updated on August 21, 2016

So guys, I will now discuss what takes it to become a champion student .
Follow my guideline and one day , you will sure become one!


In order to become a champion student , you need to have faith in yourself that you are the best and the most intelligent person . You need to believe in yourself. You need to admit that you can do anything. Look, if you will not have faith in yourself , you will think that you aren't capable of becoming a champion student , and you will not even try , and eventually fail in becoming one. Just think that you are the best and you can do anything you want and climb any wall that is in your way , and definitely become a champion student one day. Believe in yourself !


Hope is one of the most important attribute you should develop to become a champion student . Nowadays , you may have recently heard about the rapidly growing ratio of suicides. Many of the suicide attempts are due to the failure in exams. People should learn to respect their life. What if you failed 100 of times? It doesn't matter how much you fails , what matters is how many times you tried! Try again and again , no matter how many times you fail , there will be a time when you will pass. You will definitely pass one day! Just try and have hope. Try , try and try !

Okay , lets take an example , you fail your exams. Now, if you will have hope , you will try again and again and succeed one day. But , if you won't have hope , you will leave your studies and ruin your life or simply commit suicide which is utterly foolish!

Hard work

Hard work is the most important attribute of a champion student . If you have faith, hope and everything necessary to become a champion student except hard working attitude , then mark my words , everything will be in vain! Work , work and work and one day it will always pay you off! Even if you are the most intelligent person , but you don't do hard work , you won't succeed no matter what . Hard work can even makes the dullest student , a champion student ! Work hard for 15 or 16 day long exams a year or so , and enjoy rest of the life ! Just work hard in your exam days and enjoy rest of your life. Hard work will always pay you off. Your hard work is your key of the doorway leading to the title of a champion student!


Having an ambition is too damn important for becoming a champion student that you cant even imagine it. Having an ambition is like , chasing something you love the most putting everything on it . What do you think a race will be without a finishing line? You need to set a target or ambition from the very first day of your studies and chase it like a cat chasing a mouse! If you will have an ambition you will work more hard to achieve it.
Take an example , you are having a race. If you win the race you will get a luxurious car. Won't you do more work hard , compared to a race without any price ? Believe me, chase your dreams , even if the world rejects them!

Positive attitude and prayer

You need to stay positive about your dreams and studies. If you are a negative thinker , you will always cheat to pass , but remind yourself , it will only help you in your exams . When you will go and get a job , they will assign you projects and duties which you won't be able to complete because you hadn't studied the things you need now , you just cheated and passed.
Moreover , you need to pray to your God because without his help you can't even move an inch. Pray to your God for ultimate success.


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