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What To Do When Mom(Mother Nature) Gets Mad

Updated on April 5, 2015
Courtesy of David Castillo Dominici
Courtesy of David Castillo Dominici

It is a natural part of life; Moms get mad!

Sometimes we just do not understand why.

You may have said or done the wrong thing.

Maybe she is having a stressful day.

Maybe Dad did something wrong.

Maybe Mom has bipolar disorder.

Maybe it is just that time of the month.

So what do you do when Mom is mad? Buy her flowers? That may work. Give her a hug and kiss and say you are sorry, even if you're not? Yes, you are getting warmer; that will help a lot.

Either way, I really don't have the answer, because I am not talking about your parental Mom.

I must admit, I played a trick here, because I am talking about the one Mom of us all:

Mother Nature

You see, Mom Nature gets mad quite often too. Sometimes, well, most of the time, we don't know why. Flowers surely won't work, because she has flowers upon flowers. I really don't think hugs and kisses will work either.

I do think if we all treated the environment a little better, she may be nicer to us.

This hub is about the steps you need to take if Mom does get mad.

Read on....

Emergency Kit

Just listen to the news; you hear of natural disasters every day. It just makes good sense to be prepared.

Every home on Earth should have an emergency kit within it. Every business should have an emergency kit in it.

These are the items emergency kits should have stocked in them:

  • First aid supplies: band-aids, gauze, hydrogen peroxide, eye-wash, etc....
  • For a family of four, it is suggested that you have at the least, 8 gallons of water. More is always better.
  • Non-perishable food items for three days.
  • Small battery operated radio and extra batteries.
  • Flashlight with extra batteries.
  • Moist wipettes.
  • Breathing masks. They come in boxes of 10, 20, or more.
  • Emergency blankets
  • Duct tape
  • Plastic sheets. (can be used with duct tape to build a shelter.)
  • Whistle for signaling.
  • A sharp knife, and actually a multi-tool is even better.
  • A change of clothing for each person of durable quality.
  • A pack of lighters or matches

The following items could be added as extra precaution:

  • A cook-stove
  • Travelers Checks
  • A tent
  • Paper and pencil
  • A compass
  • A signal flare
  • A gallon of bleach

You can never be too prepared. If you know of other items that should be added to this list, feel free to say so in the comments down at the bottom of this hub.

A Family or Business Plan

It is very important that as the head of household or CEO of a company, you have a plan in case Mom gets mad.

The first step is to consider how does Mom usually get mad where you are? Does she throw:

  • Earthquakes?
  • Tornadoes?
  • Volcanoes?
  • Mudslides?
  • Tsunamis?
  • Floods?

It is best to know what the most common anger issues are from Mom; that way you can plan for her anger before it comes.

You will want to have a "meeting place" in case you are separated. You will want all family members to have emergency phone numbers. You will want to plan an escape route.

It just takes a family or business meeting with one person putting it all on paper. With everyone telling their ideas, you should be able to put together a great plan that everyone will understand and be a part of making.

Below, I will go through some of the basic protections and wisdom depending on the anger Mom is distributing:


Earthquakes are happening worldwide. Some areas are more susceptible than others. At the right is a link to the USGS website that shows earthquakes that have occurred recently.

These are steps you should take if you are in a prime earthquake area:

  1. After developing a plan, conduct a drill having everyone perform what they should if an earthquake happens.
  2. Locate the safe places. These would be under sturdy tables or on interior walls.
  3. Fasten shelves to the walls in a secure fashion.
  4. Store breakable items (glass, porcelain, etc....) in low, latched cabinets.
  5. Fasten pictures and such to the walls. Do not put them over beds or chairs.
  6. It is wise to use flexible fittings for plumbing and gas. Theses will give in an earthquake and not break.
  7. Make sure your building is securely fastened to the foundation.

Remember, Mom sometimes gets angry and shakes the Earth. She only does it for a very short time, so be prepared when she does.


Tsunamis somewhat go hand-in-hand with earthquakes. A tsunami is essentially a large tidal wave that is usually caused by an earthquake in the ocean.

I recommend a great movie about what a tsunami can do. It is called The Impossible. We watched it recently and it will have you considering the possibilities of a tsunami wherever you travel to.

For safety against Mom sending a tsunami:

  1. If touring, know the whole procedure in case of tsunami if you are in an area that one could happen in.
  2. If you live near an ocean, know the height of your property and prepare for the just-in-case tsunami.
  3. Have a complete evacuation plan and a meeting place at higher ground if you are separated.
  4. If you have an earthquake in your area, listen to bulletins for tsunami warnings and evacuate if on low ground in case of a warning.

Watching the movie I described will give you a much deeper understanding of being prepared against tsunamis.

When Mom gets mad, she can throw a lot of water.


Just recently we had a landslide disaster in Washington in which many lives were lost.

I often wonder how some houses are built where they are just for that very reason, but.... these are some helpful tips:

  1. Proper building is important. Follow regulations.
  2. Get an assessment of your property so that you will know if the possibility of a landslide is there.
  3. Plant trees to help hold the ground.
  4. Building or digging channels to divert water and mud can be wise, but make sure you are not putting neighbors at risk.
  5. Consult professionals if you are on high risk land.

Do not forget your emergency kit and plan for this possibility. If you are getting heavy rains, be prepared for a land or mudslide possibility.


Mom is big on tornadoes. They happen during certain times of the year more than others. Certain areas of the world are more prone to tornadoes more than others. Are you prepared for tornadoes? You should:

  1. Watch the skies and the weather. Dark, cloudy skies can be a sign of a possible tornado. This is when you should listen to emergency channels and be prepared to take cover if there is a tornado warning.
  2. Learn the shelters in your area.
  3. This link will give you all the safety information you need for tornadoes. There are many circumstances.
  4. A basement is the best place, but follow the link above if you do not have one.

The safety and protection against tornadoes has been developed quite well in the Midwest United States where tornadoes are prevalent. Very few people get hurt or die in tornadoes because they follow the procedures.


Mom gets angry in many different ways.

I could go on and on with other ways she gets mad like:

I want to reiterate that we as humans need to start protecting our environment more. I believe that is the #1 reason why Mom is getting so mad.

I am putting a link below that will give you all you need to know about protecting yourself from the many ways Mom can get mad.

We have to be careful or she may tell Dad.

© 2014 Greg Boudonck


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    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 3 years ago from Will soon return to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      Thank you Ann.

    • Ann1Az2 profile image

      Ann1Az2 3 years ago from Orange, Texas

      You know, you just may have created a great reference and various lists for people to use in case of a disaster. I loved the opening photo, but seriously, you did some research here. I live in a hurricane area, so we always have time to get out, but in other disasters, like tornadoes (I used to live in Nebraska), you don't always get enough of a warning. It's good to be prepared ahead of time.

      I noticed on the description of the skies during a tornado that you said dark and cloudy, which is often true. But during a storm, if the sky turns pink or pitch black, run for shelter - I've seen both, and it is not pretty!

    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 3 years ago from Will soon return to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      Thank you honey. Yes, Mother Nature is God's wonderful creation, and there is a reason for all.

    • Lastheart profile image

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 3 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      I love mother nature...God is a great Creator. Everything has a purpose. I loved that Tsunami picture I hope many are able to watch it. That family is a miracle of God's grace and mercy.

    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 3 years ago from Will soon return to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      Thanks MsDora.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

      Mother Nature gets mad for sure, and you have give good suggestions for appeasing her wrath. Voted Up and Useful.

    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 3 years ago from Will soon return to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      Thank you my friend. Hope all is well. Take care.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Very clever title, Greg. After that, very good information. Good job buddy.