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What Types of People Scare You?

Updated on May 23, 2014
Would you marry or date a woman with this tattoo?
Would you marry or date a woman with this tattoo?
Would this person scare you in certain situations? Would you think "danger"?
Would this person scare you in certain situations? Would you think "danger"?
What about body tattoos? Is this an instant turn off no matter how nice she is?
What about body tattoos? Is this an instant turn off no matter how nice she is?

Okay. So, everyone in the world does have built-in biases, prejudices, about people they encounter in daily life. Whether it is on a dark street at night, in the day, people react to certain stereotypes who are strangers. Some reactions could be called as "racist" but each person does have these reactions based on their personal experiences during their life.

For instance, Mark Cuban, recently said that he would personally avoid, if possible, any white person who is bald and loaded with body tattoos and a black man wearing a hooded sweat jacket in specific situations. Then, the overly sensitive people of the world, complained about him indicating his personal fear of black guys in hoodies. So, he apologized. There was no reason for an apology. These are his own fears based on his life experience and of course, how the media portrays many. Called it racist or whatever, but it is his reality, his fear that has been supported by media portrayal. Bad guys exist that look like these two stereotypes and the media feeds this prejudice to the masses. It reinforces the prejudice. Talking about it does not solve the issue. Mark, will probably avoid either two types when he encounters them. I can't disagree with what he said, many people would agree with him and react if they encounter these types of people.

It is also a generational thing.Until recently, tattoos were looked down upon. People with them were thought to be more of the "low life" people of the world, like convicts from prison. Now, many do it as a form of free expression and art. Its cool, now. This is supported by how the media has portrayed it.

The time of day also impacts how such prejudices are dealt with. Night's darkness creates an element of danger because humans cannot see well at night. Fear is a powerful thing when you cannot see a person well who fits a specific type of person who scares you. Is a white person wearing a hoodie any less scary than another color? Not really, but the media seems to think so and this greatly influences how we all think at times. The same can be said of fearing a person who looks like terrorist. In the media, they usually have facial hair, dark hair, speaks broken English. Of course, that could apply to anyone from the Middle East areas, but that is racial profiling. It is what it is.

A woman of any color might avoid any man or a specific type of man based upon her personal experiences. A boy may avoid an adult figure because of abuse in the past. The point is, everyone does have avoidance radar built into their psyche. Whether it is intentional or not, they tend to steer clear of these dangers or they may confront from to prove or disprove their fears.

To say that these fears are wrong and need apologizing for when making them public is really silly because even the people objecting have their own prejudices or racial profiling.


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