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What if Humans Had No Biological Needs?

Updated on June 4, 2014

Biological Needs

All life forms on this Earth have biological needs, or to put it in layman's terms: eat, sleep, party.

But, let's look at it from a human perspective, although all animals have basically the same biological needs. Even plants have the same biological needs!

As our lives are centered around fulfilling our biological needs, so is most industry out there, as they have been developed based on our biological needs. The easiest example to think of is food. What if humans didn't need food? Well, you can be sure that restaurants and supermarkets would disappear... so would farms.

That's why artificial intelligence (AI) is so scary... what would be the purpose of humans when Singularity occurs? Singularity is the concept that one day, AI will be smarter than humans... at which point the robots (or cyborgs) will become the new humans. They'll continue all the research activities humans once carried out... they'll take the top spot on Earth... and they'll outcompete humans in all endeavors.

In this article, we'll look at what parts of the human economy are based on human biological need.


This is the most obvious biological need that has created a lot of industry.

If humans didn't need to eat, they also wouldn't need to use the toilet and that would completely eliminate the following types of businesses/economic activities:

  • farms, plantations
  • fishing industry
  • vitamin and supplement makers
  • supermarkets
  • restaurants
  • processed food manufacturers
  • toilet makers

And by extension, it would severely reduce the economic activity of the following industries:

  • pipe makers (reduced sewage pipes)
  • paper mills/plants (which make toilet paper)
  • transport companies (no food to transport)
  • energy companies (less energy needed for transport and cooking)
  • home and industrial appliance makers (no fridges, stovetops, ovens, etc.)
  • marketing companies (no food/snacks to market)
  • garbage and recycling industry (most waste comes from food packaging)

Obviously, there are many more industries and economic activities that would cease completely or get hurt, but this is a good basic list.


Next, humans need to sleep! Robots wouldn't need to sleep, however, so what would the landscape look like if sleep was not needed?

In this case, quite a few industries would be affected:

  • Furniture makers (beds not needed)
  • Garment makers (clothing for sleep and bedding not needed)
  • Hotels


Now, what if humans did not need to be entertained? They'd be robots without emotions! Yes, that's what they would be, essentially.

So, what industries would be affected without the human need for rest, relaxation, entertainment, fun, companionship, etc.?

  • music industry
  • movie industry
  • travel industry
  • games industry (electronic and non-electronic)
  • theme parks, sightseeing spots, dating spots
  • the arts
  • sports


Up top, we looked at industries that would be completely eliminated or at least majorly affected by the absence of certain human biological needs.

What industries would remain largely intact, though?

  • transport industry (reduced, but not eliminated)
  • information technology industry (probably not affected at all)
  • energy industry (reduced, or maybe more efficient)

Remember, we're just looking at the elimination of certain human biological needs... not the complete transformation of Earth into a robot-based society. If the Earth were to turn into a robot-based society, well, either all the robot individuals would be connected by the Internet or there would only be one individual that spanned the entire globe. In that case, there would be no need for almost all present human industries/economic activities!


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