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What You Can Do To Better Prepare For Finals/SATs/ACTs etc.

Updated on June 3, 2016
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I am a hs student who is very interested in a variety of things. These things can be random, so you'll some of my content scattered around.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask!

Talking with teachers can help prepare for tests, and improve relations with them as well.
Talking with teachers can help prepare for tests, and improve relations with them as well. | Source

Talking To Your Teachers

Teachers are the ones usually giving out these tests and later grading them. Teachers are also the ones who, chances are, know the most about the subject and the test at hand. So, don't be afraid to ask your teachers for help and advice regarding the test. You may ask what the test's main topics will include, how to study for the test, how many question and what format the test will be. You can also inquire about after school or at lunch study sessions with a small group supervised by the teacher. Putting yourself out there and asking questions may also boost your reputation with your teachers, since most value students willing to learn and to take responsible risks. However, you may want to avoid asking about grading or how much the test will count, since this may make you or the teacher uncomfortable.

If Possible, try to get teachers involved too!

Although it's OK to have fun while studying with friends, make sure to stay on track and actually study!
Although it's OK to have fun while studying with friends, make sure to stay on track and actually study! | Source

Studying with Friends

Preparing for a big test shouldn't be a solo endeavor. While you may think that your friends wouldn't want to spend time with you studying, and that you should study by locking yourself in your room with some textbooks, chances are your friends are in the same boat. Friends will be likely studying for the same test you are, and would be happy to join you to study for the big test. Studying with a friend or a small group of friends can remove much of the stress of studying that comes with anxiety and loneliness. Instead of seeing studying as something that you need to get away from your friends for, think of studying as something to get your friends together for!

Here's An Example of a Schedule you Can Use


Budgeting Your Time

Stress is the enemy of success, which is why you should never be stressed before taking a test. (that rhymed!) To make sure that you aren't stressed before you take a test, you must be very thoroughly prepared for the test. Only when you believe that you know the material, and when you are comfortable with your familiarity of the material are you going to be free of "testing stress". The best way to make sure you know all the material, and prove to yourself that you are familiar with it, is to partition studying across the calendar, not just a week before the test. If you have a weekly schedule that has a busy Thursday, Football Practice on Monday, and Church on Sunday, look to study more on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, to make up for lost time on Thursday, Monday and Sunday. Remember, procrastination is the inducer of stress, not the reliever of it. Set dates for studying with friends, and also set days for breaks in studying, overworking your brain has similar effects to overworking your body, you can get burned out very quickly.

Relax, Man it's just a test!


In Conclusion

- Stress is the Enemy of Testing

A no stress test is much easier than a stressed out test. Make sure that you are well prepared, both in knowledge and in mental state.

- Work with friends and teachers to better understand and study for tests

Don't turn away a social event for studying, turn studying into a social event. Get together with your friends for a fun and effective group study session. But, make sure to stay on task and get work done.

- Study at a pace that is right for you, but study as often as possible

You don't have to study 5 hours a day, but you probably do have to study every day. Making yourself familiar with the content and subjects of a test is the best way to prepare yourself by studying.

- Don't Cram!

Cramming a day before the test, however the probably one of the worst ways to study. Don't let that happen by setting goals and making good use of your time while studying.

- Encourage your friends to do the same

Nothing is more lonely than studying by yourself, get some friends, family or siblings involved in the studying and reduce the anxiety of studying alone.

- Have Fun!

Don't let studying be a drag, having fun and setting aside days to play and relax is good for test taking and your overall mental health!


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