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How to Avoid the Danger of Electromagnetic Frequencies

Updated on October 13, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' author who learned heaps as a wellness coordinator. She loves to share healthy tidbits with her readers.

Spending an afternoon relaxing in open space is the best way to beat positive EMF.
Spending an afternoon relaxing in open space is the best way to beat positive EMF. | Source

What Is EMF?

EMF is the acronym for Electromagnetic Frequency. They are found everywhere around us. Sometimes you can feel them, and often the rays are so subtle you can't feel them; however, your cells certainly know they exist. EMF affects your biochemical electrons and causes them to spin in an opposite direction. This is how oxidative stress occurs, and diseases begin to set in.

How EMF Affects You?

EMF profoundly affects a person's biochemistry; this is the price we pay for living in a technological world. When you use a cell phone, turn on the television, use a computer, a dryer to dry your clothes, fluorescent lighting, and, etc. you're being exposed.

One way to lower your exposure is to reduce your use of these devices. You can use your cell phone for emergency calls only. Please take note the power of a cell phone is as strong if not more powerful than a cell phone tower.

Research is beginning to show that cell phones are creating cerebral tumors. When children use cell phones their fragile developing brains are exposed to the same power as of a microwave oven. Using cell phones before bedtime seriously affects the quality of your sleep. It might make you so jittery; you might experience insomnia and nervous bouts of anxiety.

Heavy computer usageis creating all sorts of havoc. Computers emit certain gases into the air that is slowly poisoning you. Besides affecting your vision and nervous system, sitting for countless hours typing affects your posture, and can create a carpet tunnel syndrome.

We can't live without computers or the various electronic gadgets that make our life more manageable, but we certainly can reduce our exposure by using salt lamps and negative ion generators.

Negative ions occur in nature after a rainstorm and at the beach naturally. You can breathe in negative ions when you go walking in a park. Negative ions make your electrons spin in a negative direction. This helps to stabilize your cell membrane and creates less oxidation and stress.

Spending a couple of days in nature, fishing or camping will substantially reduce the negative effects of your EMF exposure. Remember to leave your cell phone at home. The negative ions felt will be hugely beneficial to your health and lungs. You will have renewed energy and feel refreshed.

After a rain shower pollutants like smog, pollen, petroleum chemicals, and small atmospheric debris fall to the ground. They're washed away in rivers and oceans. The refreshing breeze you take in after a rainstorm and the clean air you breathe on a beach helps to strengthen your lungs.

The older you are, the more oxidation and free-radical damage you experience. To live a productive and healthy life you must make sure your home and environment have negative ions. You can accomplish this by simply opening windows to let fresh air in, and keeping your home free of EMF's. Turn off and unplug as many electrical things as possible at night to help reduce your exposure. You should use a negative ion generator to help purify your air space.

Air purifiers clean indoor air, by removing pollen, dust mites, pet dander, smoke, mold, and toxic pollutants from electromagnetic frequencies or EMF. By placing these ionic purifiers in various places in your home you will help make it feel like your room has just been washed in a natural rainstorm breeze. Doing this systematically helps to prolong a good feeling of homeostasis and make you feel alive and surely help you to rest better.

Dangerous EMF of Cell Phones, Microwave Ovens, Dryers, TV's, Computers and Electronics.

Outsmart EMF

Fishing is a great way to experience the benefit of negative ions.
Fishing is a great way to experience the benefit of negative ions. | Source

Camping and Fishing Diffuse EMF

A day in nature will significantly reduce the negative effects of a positive EMF exposure. The negative ions that you absorb will withstand the positive rotation of your damaged electrons. This is exceptionally helpful for your health and lungs.

For instance, fishing is a relaxing pastime that accomplishes all of this. Camping and skiing are also relaxing and invigorating. These activities take you away from the hustle and bustle of big businesses and EMF pollution in cities.

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