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What You Should Learn Away At College (But Not In The Classroom)

Updated on March 3, 2015

Time Management

With your day consisting of going class, doing homework, studying for exams, while finding time to do normal things like eat, sleep and socialize, you will begin to become skilled at managing everything you need to get done. This is when you need to implement and follow through with a schedule calculating down to the minute.

Every part of each particular day show be accounted for; all your classes, time study and get homework done, extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs and jobs, while also making time to eat meals and get 8 hours of rest a night. It could be tough sometime to get all these done but if you have everything planned had of time you should be able to everything done.

Make sure that you are able to look at that schedule at any time. I always have daily schedule on a white board in my bedroom, but I have one accessible on my phone.

Social Skills & Networking

College is going to be one of the best opportunities to meet and interact with people from all different walks of life in one location. You’re going to meet people that grew up in different areas, have different lifestyles, and with that different customs. This is the time where you need to learn basic social skills and network yourself that can prepare you to advance working world.

Learning basic social skills can help you represent yourself in a positive light. Holding doors and elevators, saying “please” and “thank you,” will show people that you’re polite and approachable. Having general conversation skills are also very important in networking your brand. You may not think it but at this time, but he connections you make in college can very well set you up after graduation. Whether it is a recommendation letter from a professor, or references from an important alumni, the friends you make in college can help you get to where you want for years to come and having a reputation of being sociable will only help.


Mommy and daddy are not there to hover over you anymore and now you're on your own. You’re probably started thinking of all the things you can do now that you don't have to consistently hear their lectures, abide by their rules, and curfew, what curfew? This this new freedom can be a double edge sword; you now have the option do new things and seek out new adventures on your own, but you’re also going to have to learn the hard lessons that come with it now that your parents aren't going to be there to help clean up your messes.

This is a great time to begin learning how to do the things on your own that you’ll need to know when that ultimate time comes after graduation when you’re in the real world on your own.

College provides you opportunity to maintain a balance of going to class and keeping your grades up, you can get a part time job and learn how to financially take your yourself, or figure out what your passions are academically and recreationally. This is best time to learn what your true potential for future can be.

Maintaining a Living Space

Yes you had your own room at home that your parents tried to get you to clean it and once in a while you moved that pile of “clean clothes” from one part of the room to the other while removing that thing that had the distinct smell of rotting death, but now your parents are not there anymore to make you do it, its on you.

It is most likely that you have to also consider other people in this matter, I’m sure you probably do not mind 2 week old gym socks and sticky ramen noodle bowls, but maybe your roommate doesn't like it and wants to keep the living space actually livable.

Keeping your room clean does not have to be massive chore. As long as you don't let the clutter pile up than the little work you have to do will seem quite manageable, rather than deciding it might be time to do damage control after your room looks like the Geico commercial where the Tasmanian devil went nuts after drinking a red bull.

You’re hopefully going to own your home one day and maintaining its upkeep and keeping it clean will be a job in its self. Doing it now in the smaller capacity of a dorm will help you prepare for that inevitable future.


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