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Trust Me, I'm a Law Student

Updated on December 27, 2016
'A law student's life' (Image under Creative Commons with Attribution License)
'A law student's life' (Image under Creative Commons with Attribution License) | Source

Being in law school does not mean one has to study and do nothing else (though some students are capable of doing just that). Keeping a balance between school and your life 'outside' is the key to avoid early burnout while pursuing that dream of becoming a lawyer.

Here are some practical weekend tips for fellow law students or those aspiring to become one to help refresh the mind and spirit while trying to survive your law studies.

  1. Relax. Spend a couple of hours thinking or doing something not related to your studies, like read an engaging book or you could spend that time getting most needed sleep.
  2. Get a good body massage. A massage is a good way to de-stress tired and aching muscles from staying up late.
  3. Have a manicure or pedi done. Those fingers need a break from digesting tons cases over the week and those toes need a respite from running around school just so you won't be late or standing for long periods during recitations.
  4. Get a 'hot oil' treatment or a 'hair spa' treatment and throw in a head massage. It will release the tension and stress from your head brought by all the thinking and analyzing.
  5. Shop for a new shade of lip gloss, or for guys a new scent. Nothing boosts your confidence knowing you are fresh and smells really good to wow the seatmate you have been crushing on for a while.

Take time to relax every once in a while.
Take time to relax every once in a while. | Source

6. Catch a movie. Watch the latest movie flick
7. Go out of town for a change of scenery and pace. Go somewhere for a change like out of town perhaps.
8. Go on a night out. Spend one whole night bar-hopping. And spend the next day sleeping.
9. Sleep when you can and when you are on a budget. For law students, sleep is considered a luxury.
10. Have a date with your loved one. Visit your girlfriend of boyfriend, or have you forgotten you got one
11. Visit the dentist. Caring for your teeth is a good investment. Without them, talking to your clients later on would be such a problem with those falsies.
12. Get a good facial. Need I say more? Have smooth skin for the next two weeks at least. You owe it to yourself... and everyone else around you.
13. Do workout. No matter how small that window of time is, you can do moderate runs, or walk to get your circulation moving. Your brain needs that.
14. Have a great sauna trip. Many health experts recommend sauna baths as a healthy way to get rid of toxins, rejuvenate the skin, and improve blood circulation.
15. Shop! Spend some time doing a little bit of shopping. It can lift your mood, but don't overspend.
Law school will never be a chore of you know and practice the balance and give yourself time to recharge during the weekend. There is life outside of law school, and you are still human after all. Enjoy!

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