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What about learning Arabic ??

Updated on July 21, 2016

What is Arabic ??

Arabic is an old language living until now.It occupies the fifth rank among languages speaking around the world , where the total number of Arabic native speakers in 6.6% ,( 246000000 human).

Arabic is the main language in most of Middle East countries ,Africa, Asia.

Arab area and the Islamic nation have protected their language ,As Allah has revealed The Holy Quran in Arabic.

Why Arabic ??

As it known , Arabic is spoken in a big scale in middle east and Arab area .

So why should you learn Arabic ?

  • If you a businessman , you may need Arabic in your work as there are many opportunities in Arab Gulf States.
  • If you decided to go on a trip as tourist to (Egypt,Emirates ,Kuwait,Jordan ..........),it will be better to speak Arabic to treat with the people there.
  • If you are a political researcher , it will help you to understand the situations in the middle east.
  • If you are Muslim and want to know more about your religion , learning Arabic help you to find out more about the peace and the rules of Islam.
  • If you want to make friends ,know new cultures ,so Arabic is good choose.

#So let's learn Arabic now !

But you will face some snags !!

  1. Most of new Arabic learners have a problem with the Voice similarities between some letters in Arabic as ( "sin" س, sad "ص"),
  2. They face a big dilemma with the pronunciation of some words . as ( فَعَلَ "did", فعْل" verb").
  3. They find it difficult to find the correct Eerab to the parts of the sentences (this is a grammar snag ).
  4. They find that is hard to use a suitable pronoun in their speech.

Some tips to overcome these difficulties !

To achieve any goal ,You must believe in yourself.

  1. To pronoun similar letters correctly, you should listen carefully to their pronunciation . This is a perfect site show the difference between similar letters
  2. The best thing to pronoun any word in Arabic ,You should notice marks on letters (fatha, dama, ksra)
  3. Any sentence may begin with a noun , a mini phrase or a verb .
  • If it begins with a noun ,it is called [جملة اسمية ESMIA sentence ]
  • If it begins with a mini phrase,it is called [جملة اسمية ESMIA sentence],too.
  • If it begins with a verb,,it is called [جملة فعلية felia sentence].

There are some pronouns:

-For males [hoa هو,hom هم ..........]

-For females [ heia هي ,hona هن.........]


Useful habits to be fluent in Arabic!

  1. Listen to Arabic a lot.
  2. Record to your pronunciation .
  3. listen to your record.
  4. Compare your records with the listening.

Reading Quran is so useful to be fluent in Arabic!

Quran is miracle from God where it Challenged the Arab in their language.


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      That is useful essay!

    • Paul Kuehn profile image

      Paul Richard Kuehn 

      2 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand

      I have always had an interest in learning the Arabic language. Thank you very much for the tips and the reference learning websites. I will definitely check them out because I have an interest in linguistics and learning languages.


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