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What are Black Holes and Where do They Lead to?

Updated on October 25, 2016

Black Hole

Real Picture of a Black Hole Provided by NASA
Real Picture of a Black Hole Provided by NASA

Where do Black Holes Come From?

Before understanding what a black hole is, you must understand where it comes from.

Stars are everywhere in the universe. They come in a wide variety of sizes. The birth of black holes usually starts with the death of stars. Allow me to explain. After millions and even billions years, stars will eventually die out. They then proceed to collapse. This collapse of hot gas and a huge mass causes the formation of a black hole.

This event has never been actually recorded, though there is evidence confirming this happens.

While you probably already know this, I will state it now. Black holes take everything in due to their incredible amount of gravity. Even light can not escape their gravitational pull. (This is what causes them to appear black).

Fun Fact: You would have to make the Earth the size of a golf ball to match the amount of mass a black hole contains.

Where do Black Holes Lead to?

Now that you know how a black hole is formed, you are most likely wondering where they lead to, if anywhere?

This is where there can be some debates. Multiple theories exist, though the most popular theory states that is leads to a white hole. A white hole is the opposite of a black hole, instead of taking things in, it puts things out. In theory, you could travel across the universe in an instant. Yes, crazy. But there are mathematics and other sciences to prove it.

While I wont get to far into the topic, I will mention another popular theory. This theory states that if one were to enter a black hole, they could reach another universe. Of course, this is an entire topic of it's own, and I would recommend reading some of Albert Einstein's published novels to find out more.

Andromeda Galaxy

Milky way's neighboring galaxy, held together by a massive black hole in the center.
Milky way's neighboring galaxy, held together by a massive black hole in the center.

What Would Happen if a Person Entered a Black Hole?

Well, it does not end well for that person, at least according to most theories.

If a person were to enter a black hole they would be stretched incredibly hard. Known as "spaghettification," this states that if something were to enter a black hole it would be stretch across the entire universe. That is, if the object or person doesn't rip into a million tiny pieces first.

We would put something into a black hole in order to answer truly answer this question and others. However, there are a few problems. The nearest black hole is at the center of our galaxy. Reaching it would be next to impossible. Even if we did find technologies to reach the black hole, how would we design something that would withstand the enormous forces?

Then, if we were able to accomplish that, how would we transmit data back to Earth? Light cannot escape black holes, a radio transmission would be the same. Who knows, maybe we will be able to find out the answers to these questions in the future.


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