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The Changing Image Of Diversity In The United States

Updated on May 30, 2014

A Kaleidoscope Of Color

The changing image of diversity in the United States is attributed to the different cultures, races, and backgrounds of the nation’s people.

Americans are diverse in regards to cultures, beliefs, and religion. Yet the U.S. is a kaleidoscope of colors and its diversity is one of the things that make this country so great.

The shift in diversity is “so profound that it reveals an America that seemed unlikely a mere 20 years ago — one that will influence the nation for years to come in everything from who is elected to run the country, states and cities to what type of houses will be built and where” (El Nasser & Overberg, 2011).


Immigration's Significant Role

In U.S. history and until today, immigration has played a significant role in changing the image of America.

According a U.S. Census Bureau report, America “from South Carolina’s budding immigrant population to the fast-rising number of Hispanics in Arkansas, minority groups make up an increasing share of the population” ("Diversity growing across," 2006).

The fact that America is so diverse and ever changing and growing in ways that allow for people to express their personal beliefs, follow their cultural practices, and individuality.



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