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What do I feed filter feeders in my saltwater tank.

Updated on September 14, 2010

A Filter Feeder

Filter Feeder Foods

Their are so many filter feeder foods in the hobby for a beginner and expert to lay their hands on. Depending what you want to buy depends on how much you want to spend. Their feeding is very important and they are a little picky with what they eat. Some also need to be target fed which is spraying the food directly over the coral. To the right is my Xenia clipping that I took off my main colony a couple months back.

Different Filter Feeders

If you have any sort of coral, leather coral, feather duster than you need filter feeder food. Their are many liquids out their that are crucial for your corals and filter feeders to live. Using these chemicals will help ensure the proper growth and reproduction of your filter feeders and reward you with great filter feeders.

Awesome Liquid Filter Feeders

Kent Micro-Vert is a nutritionally balanced food for filter feeders, corals, anemones, feather dusters. It is rich in vitamins and natural minerals from spirulina and kelp. Kent Micro-Vert is properly preserved, with preserved for human food use. It has a long shelf life without refrigeration and will provide superior results, just smell the difference. The main benefits of this supplement are it provides rich sources of protein fats and fiber for invertebrates, contains heavy amounts of spirulina and kelp, provides full spectrum vitamins.

Marine Snow is my favorite and most affective. This is a great product that reproduces the suspended matter found in natural seawater. This food is an important element in marine ecosystem food chains. Marine Snow is the perfect for filter-feeding invertebrates. You will love this food over anything else.

Phytoplankton is a dry formula that is a great source of food for Filter Feeders. This food is dry but when it gets wet it reacts to the water and will become edible to the filter feeders. This is great but the liquids are better. This is a easy to use food for people to use.  With a premeasured spoon it makes it easy.

Elos Zoo plankton Coral Food for Filter Feeders when used over natural reefs is rich in plank tonic organisms and other desirable small organism. These are very important for the survival of filter feeders such as some  tube worms, sea anemones, coral species, this liquid contains a multitude of  vitamins as well as organic nutrients and other beneficial ingredients such as some Omega-3, Omega-6 and other fatty acids.


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