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What do you mean by education?

Updated on January 7, 2013

Education for all

Education is the backbone of a nation. No nation can shine without it. Every citizen of a nation ought to receive education in order to prosper. Mass education is a must to develop. So the light of education should be spread among the nation.

Importance of education: Education is the light which removes the darkness of ignorance. Education broadens our mind and out look. So every student should receive a good education.

What is mass education: Mass education means education of the illiterate mass of our country. This mass education makes people know what is right and wrong and makes them conscious of their rights.

Significance of mass education: The significance of mass education in our country is very great. Most of the people do not know how to read and write. They do not know how to cultivate their land. They do not know the way of population control and they do not know many things. So, mass education is very necessary in our country.

Duties of the public: In order to dispel illiteracy from the country, the co-operation of every one is essential. Without the help of the citizens, this kind of programme will not be fruitful. The people should be motivated in this behalf. If all the people take part in it, this programme will be successful. It is a matter of delight that our govt. has taken a necessary step to spread the light of education for all.

Mass education programme is a step to dispel ignorance from the country. The govt. and the conscious people should come forward to spread education among the people. If this programme becomes successful, the people of our country will be able to lead an easy and comfortable life.


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      Asharaful Ahmed 5 months ago

      Internet is the best process to learn and to understand something. .............

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      shampa Debroy 2 years ago