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What do you see when you look at the sky?

Updated on September 20, 2009

The bigger picture

I cant help but to find myself constantly staring up at the night sky, even the day sky for that matter. What are we really looking at anyway? I often ponder to myself what other people see when they look up at the sky. I believe many people have lost touch with the surroundings around us.

What do you see when you look at the moon? Do you look at it and think, hmm, yea its the moon? Next question? How about the sun? What about the stars? It seems to me many people take these breath taking views for granted. Do people think we live in a bubble? Is the sky nothing more than a seemingly two dimensional backdrop to compliment the beauty on Earth?

The universe is so vast and amazing that just thinking about it makes my head spin. I think more people need to think three dimensional about Earth and its relation to space. For example, when the sun rises in the morning what do you see? Most people would simply say, light. I say step outside that type of thought, and imagine yourself in space. Imagine, what in reality is really happening. Imagine the Earth simply turning into the face of an amazing star that produces a mind boggling amount of energy. A light that is always lit, even at night. Imagine that sunrise from space. As you see this light all around you, don't just think, yea its the from the sun. Visualize what is actually taking place, and don't just pass it off nonchalantly. I feel so small just thinking about a sunrise from space.

When looking up at the sky, do you ever think about your exact location on Earth? Do you think that up is really up? In actuality we are standing side ways. Well the majority of us. When we are looking at the moon or the sun, do you really know where the top and bottom of these things are? How about the stars? Relative to us all of these things seem to be upward, but consider their relation with the planet.

People need to start becoming more in tune with the surroundings around this great planet. When looking up at the sky, don't just pass it off as a pretty painted picture. Really critically think about what you are actually looking at. In the grand scheme of things, everyday life on Earth is basically meaningless. Up there in the vast universe, work, bills, and the worries of everyday life are minuscule when compared to the bigger picture. The Universe, a seemingly endless void of mystery and complexity. Next time you glance up at the night sky, take a journey and allow your mind to actually comprehend what you are looking at. Enjoy it for what it is, simply amazing.


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    • profile image

      carl forder 3 years ago

      jinzore...I got the same as you, but never mention it as people would never understand it .

    • profile image

      JINZORE 4 years ago

      when i look at the sky i see molecules Moving ,i don't know if its in my eyes or in the air

      and lately my right eye appeared to be showing a little thing like a transparent spot with certain drawings on the inside ,it moves according to the direction i'm looking at ,and starts going down like the sun does when i'm trying to focus vision on it .

      any idea

    • profile image

      bander 5 years ago

      iam sure there's one god move all of those things . think about when the sun move down a little believe me no one can live in this life. please god give us your mercy . this my theory

    • profile image

      Dragos 5 years ago

      I was just reading on wikipedia about the speed of light and it made me so sad, 2.5 million years to the nearest galaxy and when ( when hehe ) we wil reach there who knows what will we find, as the galaxy will be 5 million years older when we get there, this taken in consideration that we will manage somehow to travel at -1 ns below the speed of light, it's simply overwhelming it is giving me all the time a mental orgasm when I think about it.

    • daviddwarren22 profile image

      daviddwarren22 6 years ago

      Very entertaining hub. Love the relaxing sense.