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What does the future bring

Updated on November 29, 2010

Throughout the history mankind was always a little obssessed with future and how to predict it, and if we were able to predict the future what will we see? Are we going to like it? Is there going to be a 3rd world war? So many questions unanswered. It would be cool to know what the future will bring. In my personal opinion this is impossible, even if you have superpowers like in somekind of movie it would be really hard to predict the future because people are unpredictable and that makes the future unpredictable aswell, our actions is what makes the future, for example if you decided to work all your life and earn money you will have some money even a nice pension, but if you decide not to work anything then you future is pretty obvious, so in one way it is a way to predict the future by the peoples actions. And how about world's future, now that is something that we would all like to know.



Flying cars, cyborgs, space ships, time travelling and all that kind of fantasy stuff that may not be a fantasy in the future, now everyone think that it is impossible to travel through time, or to travel in a speed of light. Well I can tell you one thing, 200 years ago if someone said that people will be able to listen songs and play games on a device called mobile phone and that this device enables you to talk to the people all around the world, people would declare him mad and probably burn him, 1000 years ago if someone claimed that there will be an iron stick capable of killing someone within a long range they would beat him to death and burn him for being a witch. And today if I say that people will be able to become cyborgs and that we will succesfully travel through time you would probably think I played too much games. Einstein was exploring the idea of time travelling and he got to a conclusion that there is a possibility to travel through time with the right amount of speed required which is speed of light. There are people who already travel through time. Astronauts in space are aging more slowly in space than we do on earth because their heart is beating more slowly an with that all of their body functions are slowing aswell, so in space time doesn't flow at the same rate as it flows on earth because of the speed and the distannce. So you see there is a scientific explanation that these science fiction theories are possible and that we just need to discover the way of making such devices. The whole universe is chaotic and absurd to our mind like the existence of black holes and star imploding, the big bang etc. so in universe everything is normal whatever happens. What we think today is absurd and not possible, in the future may be normal and completely possible, and kids of the new generation are going to think how primitive and ancient were we with our mobile phones and today's technology.


Do you believe that time travel is possible

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    • Darrell Roberts profile image

      Darrell Roberts 3 years ago

      Hi Alen.

      Very nice hub, and wonderful pictures. I just wanted to put my two cents out there to see what you think.

      -In order to truly go back in time would it not make sense that the whole physical universe would have to "go backwards". Think about it, every particle is in an exact location at an exact time. The cells in our body are in an exact location, the sun, moon and stars are at an exact location, the galaxy also is moving and relative to all other galaxies they are at an exact location at a particular time.

      In other words if we took a snap shot of existence right now, there is only one possibility, and that is what ever the snap shot would hold "right now", any thing else would be something different.

      Even if some one wanted to go one second back in time, how would that be possible without reversing everything exactly.

      Here is another thought, all out thoughts that we have ever had in our lives has been in a very particular sequence, for some one to truly go back in absolute time, would that not change the sequences of thoughts of the collective.

      Example: I was born in 1977 and I have had a specific series of thoughts right up to this moment, one thought different, and we are not dealing with the same exact reality.

      Or how about this, where would we find the space for the "time traveler", If it is the year 2000 and a person is from 2010 trying to go back, what space would they occupy, if all space is filled even with micro particles and other things.

      What I am saying is absolute means absolute, especially when looking at the big picture. I think that Einstien's theory or relativity is great, however, when it come to absolute versus theory, the absolute does not change, theories change.

      Well, that is my opinion.

      Best wishes,


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