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What if we can live in two worlds at the same time

Updated on September 14, 2012

The parallel dimension.

What if we can live in two worlds at the same time? Like in the movie Matrix or the Avatar? Or maybe in our dreams? Yes, we do THAT all the time!

What if I were to tell you that we do not have to worry about tomorrow, or what your future will hold for you, or what will happen to your kids if you fall sick? Yeah, right! I can almost see that cynical smile on your face! But the thought is entreating, isn’t it?

Yet immediately the rational part of your brain will tell you how absurd even the mere thought is. We have to do two jobs just to support ourselves, let alone a spouse and kids. We can not afford to deviate from the rat race even for a second, for if we do, we might never be able to afford the car we want or the house we dreamed of or the children’s’ tuition.

So we live in our own little worlds with our families, in our cozy little houses, worrying over our megre bank balances and look into our future though a gloomy present. Me, my and mine is all we have time for, in our lives –no cynicism intended.

We go on in life not knowing how the rest of the world exists. We know our problems and we assume the others also have their own share…..and they also must carry their own load just as we do ours. That’s only fair, isn’t it? We like to help others…………….if we have enough for ourselves – which is never, we would love to share our good fortune…………….if there’s enough to share…………and the list of good intentions is endless.

So when the religions and philosophies preach to do good and share and sacrifice, either those who said so were living in a totally different world from ours or they were ‘not so right upstairs’ . How can they know the problems of the 21st. century? No wonder people turn away from religion…because it’s just so impractical in this day and age.

Today people try to rationalize everything………and religion or true religion, is one thing that is out of their league…….. Why? Simply because it is a revelation of God. God has to reveal Himself to us , if not we won’t be able to grasp Him with our limited human knowledge.


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