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What is Backpage?

Updated on December 2, 2014

What is Backpage?

Backpage is an amazing free website very similar to craigslist, but not quite as strict. Backpage is definately aimed at an older crowd and should only be visited by children with adult supervision. That being said it is an amazing place for you to promote your online business or meet new friends or find a job. Unlike craigslist, Backpage has a ton of options that you can add on to your post to bring it back to the top making it perfect for affiliate marketers and online sellers.

this is backpage


Need A Babysitter

Then Backpage can help you, along with finding many other local services or products. Did you lose something dear to you? well try to head to the lost & found section of your local backpage who know's the person who found it may only be on backpage not craigslist.

Something collecting Dust?

If you got something that has been sitting around your home maybe it's from past hobbies, or it's something that's worth some money that you don't particularly want, head to the buy/sell/trade section of backpage and get rid of it or replace it with something new. Everybody could se new things in life right? I know i could. While i'm on the subject there are a couple things that you should know. If you have never heard of "craigslist killers" now you do. they are real and exist on craigslist backpage and every other classified ads site you find. The number one way to make sure nothing happens to you while exchanging products or cash is to meet in a public place like a mcdonald's or something along those lines. On a happier note, I want you to know that anything is possible in the Buy/Sell/Trade section. There was a story I heard a while back when I first Learned of Backpage, of a young girl trading up from a playstation 2 to a dodge charger. I'm not sure of the validity of this story but I can definately see this happening everyday.


Where you from?

Just like craigslist you are going to be able to choose the closest metropolitan area to where you live and this will bring you your local results. However, If you are trying to run or start a new business online, then you will be happy to know you can also post in any city around the world, including Australia and other countries.

In Closing

for those of you who asked What is Backpage, i hope that I have helped you better understand this website before you signed up. It truly is surprising how many people blindly sign up to websites without any research or information. They don't even know if the website they are on is stealing their information and selling it to third parties because nobody pays attention. I usually use backpage over craigslist since backpage is a much easier platform and I can search all over the country in seconds as opposed to going through many drop down menus on craigslist. on top of that I run an online business and to be honest without the promtion that I get from my ads on backpage, my business would be a complete and total failure. not to mention the countless products i've sold in person for profit, backpage is like my second online business. I wrote this article to help clear up any confusion about what backpage is and how to use it or if it is free and I believe I have covered all bases in this article today. There are many friends and family members of mine who tell me they have not used craigslist once since I told them about backpage and the promotion they can get and that's what truly makes me happy, helping others make their life journey easier in any way big or small. I'm not entirely sure why you searched on what backpage is maybe you were looking for an alternative to craigslist and you heard of backpage so you wanted to google it to make sure that it was safe or easy. So if I have helped you feel a little more safe with backpage, then please sign-up free now at and start growing your business, finding local services, or meeting new people.


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