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What is Education System

Updated on August 10, 2016

Education System

Concept of education system

The concept of education system refers to the overall structure by which teaching is organized in a country.

Normally the system governing education in a nation is embodied in a general law that develops and explicit all the elements involved in academia.

Education is formed by a globalist of components and the sum of them set up a system.

One of the fundamental structures is the organizational division of the different periods, generally ranging from infancy to university. Moreover, teaching is divided into subjects, some of which are general and other electives. To fully articulate the system, it is necessary to establish an evaluation criterion that is objective and rigorous. At the same time, it is of utmost importance to the methodology used in transmitting knowledge and technical resources used. Naturally, it is necessary to specify what the role of teachers and their access to educational model.

There are other aspects involved in education and any system has to contemplate: academic orientation, disciplinary regulations and the integration of students with learning difficulties. It is also important to define what the role of families, so that there is proper communication between teachers, students and parents.

Each of the sections indicated has its own structure and the sum of them all is what articulates an educational system.

Teaching can be public or private, in the urban or rural setting, but in any case, must have a common basic structure so that all schools have the same opportunities and to acquire the same academic content.

A comprehensive proposal in the education of a country must be able to adapt to social changes, so it is appropriate that the systems are renewed periodically.

Finally, for an effective education system must incorporate general principles to provide guidance to professionals involved responsible. In addition to academic knowledge, education needs to incorporate a set of values ‚Äč‚Äčthat serve to make society fairer in every way. Keep in mind that an education system is the essential foundation within any community of individuals.


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