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What are green House Gases.

Updated on February 16, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Green House Gases.Our Future Enemy.
Green House Gases.Our Future Enemy.

Know Our Future Enemy NOW.

Human activity cannot be caped and population growth cannot be stopped.Lights cannot be switched off during nights till we sleep and Air conditioners or Heaters must be on to keep us comfortable in our sleep.All meetings and Seminars must be in 5 star Hotels.Cooking our food must be heaters,gas or Micro Owens.Our Car must burn fuel and emit CO2,we need many more things that need not be listed,what is said is also known to you.We have to tell you what you may not know.

They are called as Green House Gases,those mentioned above.What do they do.?

Carbon dioxide or (CO2).

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Earth Research Laboratory mentions in their report that CO2 content has increased by 36% in just under 3 years.Can we say it will be 72% in another or after 3 years and than after 3 years we will have pure CO2 to breath if we are our children are alive.

Methane or ( CH4 ).:

The Industries are fast in the production of this Gas Chamber Gas and have increased their presence in Atmosphere by 148% above pre industrial level.

Nitrous Oxide or ( N2O ).:

This Life's killing pollution is rapidly increasing towards the end of 20th Century and is 18% at present.How much is the contribution of USA,UK and it's other provinces ruled,EU countries,Russia,China is not available.

Tropospheric Ozone or ( O3 ).:

This is an Enemy at ground Level but not so at over 30 miles and above.This is caused by:-

1) Chemical Reaction from Automobiles.

2) Power Plants.

3) Industrial and Commercial source emission in the presence of sun light.

All the above have contributed to an increase of about 36% since pre Industrial levels.Ozone is harmful air pollutant at ground level especially with persons having respiratory problems with children and adults.Urgent measures are needed to control this poison.

Ground-level ozone is formed when nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as xylene, react in the atmosphere in the presence of sunlight. NOx and VOCs are called ozone precursors. Motor vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions, and chemical solvents are the major sources of these chemicals. Ozone pollution is a concern during the summer months when the weather conditions needed to form it - lots of sun, hot temperatures - normally occur. Although these precursors often originate in urban areas, winds can carry NOx hundreds of miles, causing ozone formation to occur in less populated regions as well. For information about how you can reduce your contribution to the ozone problem.

5) Chloro Floro Carbons (CFS ) and Hydro CFS

What the hell is this and where is it coming from.?

These are coolants used in your Car.Fire Extinguishers in your Home and Office and other places,the pesticides we use,aerosol propellants that are in use in what ever applications we do not know.However their use is coming to an end slowly due to some protocol.( Montreal Protocol ). For more details on this Land Mark Protocol refer the Wikipedia Link given below and get to know more information which is of great significance to our future generation.

The other factors affecting Green House Gases are,Flourinated gases,Aerosols created by burning fosil fuels,Radio active force,Temperature Changes,Sea Levels - It is important to know that our tourist spot Maldavis will be completely under the sea and the Govt of Maldavis is trying to relocate completely in some country.

What can we do to contain the Green House Gases:-

1) Use of natural sources of energy for lighting and power.

2) Cover your roof with Garden.

3) Natural Ventilation.

4) Solar Heating - which can Melt Steel.

5) Conserve Water even in toilet - My friend urinates on his Lawn.

6) Keep a Garden even a Roof Garden or Kitchen Garden..

7) Let there be green land only - Govt Lands included.

8) Use Energy Saving appliances." Energy Star " Marked.

9) Use organic paints.

10) Every water in all forms used to be recycled.In India it is done even " Gray Water ".

Govt must do its part to educate children in introducing the Syllabus on Climate Change.


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