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What is Lucid Dreaming? Everything Explained.

Updated on February 18, 2016

Lucid dreaming is a mechanism in which you are fully aware of your dream. Lucid dreaming is a phenomenon in which you can control your dream and whatever you see, experience, taste and even smell is as legitimate as in your real life. Lucid dreams appears during different stages of your sleep. In normal sleep you are not aware of dreams and you can't fully extract it after awakening but in Lucid dreams your brain actually controlling the dream and unreal things look like happening in real. When you first hear about Lucid dreaming it looks like an unreal or something like paranormal phenomenon but actually its not. It is a safe and natural experience and even proven by some people in past.

Lucid Dreaming : A Historical Perspective.

If we look at the history of Lucid dreaming, we can even find some people back in BC era who gave different theories and concept about dreaming which you can relate with word "Lucid". For example a Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote, " often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream". Meantime a physician named as Galen of Pergamon used the concept of Lucid Dreaming as a form of therapy. But the modern word Lucid dreaming was first devised by dream researcher Marquis d'Hervey de Saint-Denys in 1800s. Later on it was promoted by Celia Green in 1960s. She was first who point out the self awareness while dreaming and explained the link between REM and false awakenings.

First scientific confirmation about Lucid dreaming was produced by the British parapsychologist Keith Hearne in 1975 by noticing some fixed responsive eye movements from a lucid dreaming performed by some volunteer.

Who Can Lucid Dream?

Well anyone can be a Lucid Dreamer, what you have to do is to choose the right mechanism. Even researchers have revealed that every person has a Lucid Dream once in life, may be by an accident. While to have a lucid dream intentionally you only have to recognize the right ways which can lead you to have this experience. There are many ways through which you can achieve or experience this unique phenomenon. Following are some of the well known methodologies you can adopt to induce your first lucid dream and play around in your dreams.

A dream journal helps you remember your dreams.
A dream journal helps you remember your dreams.

Techniques For Inducing Your First Lucid Dream

1- You can indulge yourself in regular meditation to improve your sub conscious and peace of mind. The process of meditation will help you to keep your mind in one place with increasing your focus to the memories that will induce the lucidity state for you. Meditation will help you in keeping your mind afresh and free from any worrying thoughts you might had previously.This will eventually be an impetus that will induce the state of lucid dreaming.

2- You can also increase the sense of recognition by increasing your visual remembrance to the memories you are most fond of. As you can easily visualize any feeling you want through this technique, so when you g into the lucid dream or want to go there, it will help you to achieve that readily.

3- The next thing you can do to be reminded of the fact that you actually are in a state of lucid dream is reality checks. They will help you in distinguishing the reality and dreaming. As in lucid dreams the originality of life and dreams is sometimes challenges, to the level that it becomes very hard to see them as two different things. Reality Checks are well known technique for it specifically.

4- Many people who want to have lucid dreams, go to great lengths just to have a lucid dream. For that researchers have found number of organic herbs which can help you go into a state of lucidity. These dreams herbs are used to prolong the dream state and intensify the sense of dreaming in your REM sleep cycle.

5- Keeping dream journal is also a good way in helping to achieve the dream state. Keeping journal will make you remember any past memories in your dreams and especially in the state of lucidity.

6- Through some of the mnemonic technique you can get to recollect the memories that are one of the hardest to remember and often goes to the darkest corners of the mind.

Dreaming is an act of pure imagination, attesting in all men a creative power, which if it were available in waking, would make every man a Dante or Shakespeare.

How to Perform Reality Checks?

Reality checks play an ideal role in improving your awareness both in awake as well as dream state. When you perform regular reality checks in your real life, it develops a habit in your personality gradually. So whenever you go to sleep and fall into a dream, you tend to perform reality checks in your dream state too.

The question here is that how reality checks improve your awareness? Well it is simple. The main purpose of a reality check is to monitor and observe any irregularity in the physical laws of nature. For example, if you try to pass your hand through a wall in awake state, you can never do it; you look into the mirror and you see a clear and distinctive reflection of yourself; you try adding two numbers, you can easily do it. However, in a dream state, all or a few things tend to defy physical laws of nature. For example, if you try to pass your hand through a solid object in a dream, you can easily do it. Similarly, you will never see a distinct image of yourself. And so you can't add two numbers easily in dream state.

So in a dream state, if you observe any irregularity in your surroundings or events, you will surely know that you are asleep and in a dream. That is how reality checks tend to help you distinguish between an awake and dream state.

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Many students are using the technique to achieve their first lucid dream. the first go at the lucid world of dreaming is always the hardest but as you go on to the process it will become easier and easier to achieve.

Video That Explains Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming plays a vital role in helping you recognize your existence and boots your awareness and consciousness. People who have had controlled lucid dreams have developed considerable amount of creativity, self awareness, confidence and peace of mind. Being a hard thing to do initially, lucid dreaming can really improve various aspects of your personality in a longer run.

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