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What is Luck? Are you lucky?

Updated on September 7, 2015
souvikm16 profile image

Souvik is a software professional with avid interests in writing, music and wildlife. His writing style is simple yet captivating.

Is it for real??

Luck is often defined as a chance happening, or that which happens beyond a person's control. It is also defined as Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.

The existence of luck and of the ability to influence luck, both for good or ill, is one of the prolific and diverse beliefs in all of humanity. More popular than a belief in a personal God, more widespread than a belief in humanistic potential, and more prevalent than any kind of belief in natural or earth based spirits, the belief in Luck crosses lines of religion, class, race, culture, upbringing, and geographic distance.

But is it real?
Like all of what we call mysteries of life it is impossible, of course, to prove one way or the other.

Like many other governing factors in life, Luck plays a pivotal role in human life, right from the ability to take both constructive and destructive decisions to the more subtle emotional influences. When the going gets good, we praise our luck and when we face a torrid time, we curse it.

But more often than not we fail to understand or comprehend the fact that opportunities grabbed at the right time is credited with good luck and the failure to do so is termed with bad or rotten luck.

There comes a phase in everyone's life when nothing seems to go right. 'Luck' plays an all important role during such a phase. An arrival of good luck brings with it hope, happiness and a renewed interest in life. Luck could appear in the form of opportunities or in the form of a 'period of time'.

There's often a raging debate about Luck being associated with God. But does this mean that God is partial to people who are bestowed with good luck and impartial to people who don't??

I don't think so. God loves everyone and is for everyone irrelevant of the degree of luck associated with an individual.

Luck has got more to do with probability than anything else. One might buy a lottery ticket in which, for example, lets say that he has 1 out of a million chance to win. A person winning a lottery in such a case would indeed be extremely lucky.

Whereas a person who might spend his entire savings on buying the lottery tickets to acquire all possible combinations of numbers to get his odd reduced to 9 out of 10, yet lose out on that dreaded 10 % chance which might act against him.

Staunch atheists often define luck in a not-so-soft yet practical manner. According to them:Shallow men believe in luck, believe in circumstances.
Real men believe in cause and effect.

However I prefer believing in a simple yet very powerful definition about luck which if you would notice really does make a lot of sense.

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"

Feeling Lucky? Want a symbol? :)

All said and done, most of us-if not all- have always had this urge to believe in luck. And rightly so! I personally believe that the belief that there is luck out there makes us hopeful and keeps us positive in our endeavors. That in-turn helps us achieve our dreams and aspirations!

Symbols associated with luck have been prevalent in our lives and culture for centuries. These symbols are deeply rooted in many of our cultures, tradition, and religions. For many, having these symbols in their homes is a must to ward off any bad-luck sneaking around :) From animals to objects and signs to alphabets & numbers, good luck symbols, consciously or sub-consciously, are in a way an integral part of our daily lives.

The below capsule displays a few symbols which are very popular and widely believed by many to be some of the luckiest symbols doing the rounds :)

Lucky sign- Four leaf clovers

The first leaf is for faith, the second for hope, the third is for love and the fourth leaf is for Luck!
The first leaf is for faith, the second for hope, the third is for love and the fourth leaf is for Luck! | Source

Lucky horse-shoes upward pointed

Considered universally as one of the most lucky symbols
Considered universally as one of the most lucky symbols | Source

Lady bugs

A very popular good luck symbol!
A very popular good luck symbol! | Source

The Number 7

Considered a very lucky number in most cultures!
Considered a very lucky number in most cultures! | Source

An interesting video about 'Luck'!

Incredibly Lucky people on earth!

Some may agree and others disagree, but facts and reality cannot be overlooked either. This section of the article takes a look at some of the most incredibly lucky people on earth. Whether cheating death or winning lotteries, these people have beat the odds times and again and emerged as winners!

Frane Selak: Born in Croatia and a teacher by profession, the luck factor associated with this gentleman is straight out of a Hollywood flick. This man not only cheated death 7 times but also won a lottery in 2003, thereby earning the title of the journalists as the world's most lucky person!

Ruben Van Assouw: This miracle 10 year old was the sole survivor of the Afriqiyah Airways tragedy of 2010. The crash killed 103 passengers including his family. Ruben in an interview stated that he was saved by a miracle.

Maarten de Jonge: He is being termed as the luckiest man alive today. Maarten had booked tickets for both the ill-fated Malaysian Flights MH-370 and MH-17, but cancelled his tickets due to last minute change in plans. Maarten, a dutch cyclist, was scheduled to compete for the Malaysia's Terengganu cycling team, and was meant to be on the MH-17 flight but decided to travel over the weekend due to personal reasons! Now call that as being lucky!

Joan Ginther: This maths professor from Texas has won the scratch-card Jackpot lottery not once but a whooping 4 times!! Her winning streak started in 1993 with a jackpot amount of 3.3 million pounds. This was followed by an amount of 1.4 million pounds in 2006. Her next lucky break came two years later in 2008, when she won the 2 million pounds jackpot. If this was not enough, Joan yet again won a massive jackpot amount of 10 million pounds in 2010. Well! luck surely seems to be on her side.

There are of course lots of other sole air-crash and other accident survivors who are indeed incredibly lucky to be alive today. Luck it seems, at times, is indeed a random phenomenon when it comes to winning lotteries and surviving horrific accidents.

Do you believe in Luck?

See results

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity


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    • profile image

      ravi kant 3 years ago

      Dear Friends

      Things which are not in our control is called Luck. We all take birth by luck but in rest life we build our Luck by doing efforts.

      Our efforts decides our Luck where as Ppl think just opposite of it.

      LUCK Means Labour Under Correct Knowledge.

      If you do your efforts with correct knowledge n with right timing then its dam sure ur luck with shine soon.

      So don't depend on ur luck just work hard work hard...


    • profile image

      M.walid 4 years ago

      in my opinian luck is more important then hard working ,because iknow some people that they doesn't have knolege but they have live is better then educated people.

    • souvikm16 profile image

      Souvik Mukherjee 5 years ago from Bangalore, India


    • profile image

      JEETESH 5 years ago

      It Help Me A Lot In The Preparation of the Debate

    • profile image

      sana 5 years ago

      nice information

    • profile image

      humaira 5 years ago

      V nyc thnkxx a lot

    • profile image

      sasha 5 years ago

      luck is a matter of choice not chance basically it is something good that happens to a person who is lucky?

    • profile image

      manoj yadav 5 years ago

      no luck is on process

    • profile image

      Satish 5 years ago

      A pinch of luck is more than a ton of judgement........................!

    • profile image

      HRD 5 years ago

      Luck is lack of understanding. Understanding the real reason and believing on self understanding is more important. Luck means just a guess.. It is the name for uncertainity where as understanding is for certainity.

    • profile image

      Saurabh 6 years ago

      Luck is the word for weak peoples

    • profile image

      gurl 6 years ago

      helped me in my essay! :)

    • profile image

      hemant thakur 6 years ago

      without hardwork u can not take luck hardwork plays a good role in always take hardwork luck is alaways with u

    • profile image

      Chand saeed 6 years ago

      i don't believe in luck becusase luck just play game and we not to involed the life

      i like just my girl friend i love to much because she love i love him

    • profile image

      jgsepfqw[ 6 years ago

      I ageess with some of you all!!!!

    • profile image

      subhransu sekhar das 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Manoj goutam 6 years ago

      I belive in luck.bhagyang faloti saraatra nasa bidya nasa powrusom

    • profile image

      The Humen Banana 6 years ago

      its so good and true like a real good banana

    • profile image

      psychobaron 6 years ago

      When you get something GOOD, something which you think you didn't deserve - you call it Luck

      When you get something BAD, something you think you didn't deserve - you call it Fate

    • profile image

      ganesh,8529045425 6 years ago

      certainly luck is something.but luck is totally depend on your hard labour,skills, attitude,decision,knowledege as well as your confidence.if u will never apply above these things into your- self .nobbody power of luck will ever help you even God also.

    • profile image

      bhanu 6 years ago


      imagine ur dream world depending all upon luck

      aaahahhah i think by only nd only doing hard work v cannot pursue our goals as luck matters a lot

    • profile image

      joshua 6 years ago

      luck is God,luck is life, and luck is happiness and luck is even the food we eat and the water we drink, so look for God and you shall see luck for that is the duty for we humans. so look for God, and you shall surely see luck believe me.

    • profile image

      Andries 6 years ago

      I thought that I have not been lucky in life.

      Always thinking am not lucky ever, not winning or getting anything.

      This has been going on all my life, after searching for answers to the question of why some people are lucky and others not.

      I then I a suddenLy had Light bulb moment, which made me realise but u have been lucky.

      I have a good relationship for many years.whichs makes me lucky.

      I thought by winning money or price that makes u lucky.

      I was so over come by emotion I started to cry when I realised that all along I was a winner with luck

      I was so over come by this realisation with emotion I started to cry

    • profile image

      komal 6 years ago

      in ma opinion hard work is luck...if u do hard work dan luck is in your foot..yes luck work if u dnt work hard dan only luck cant do anythng..if u r unluky dan do work hard n hard..1day luck is in ur foot.

    • profile image

      sanket nawale 6 years ago

      i thnk that it was my luck to find page

    • profile image

      shummy malhotra 7 years ago

      luck is the biggest part of my life...luck is the key

    • profile image

      Connor 7 years ago

      I don't see how there can even be an argument as to how luck cannot exist. It is definitely there. Just as life is. If you begin to question things on such a basic level, you will just end up going in circles, as the "Am I Real?" question does. Simply put, luck is when an event has an outcome that is favourable towards you, which you didn't influence. There isn't a belief system present here, it's just a way to describe something that happens. I think people confuse luck with some other mystical force which can be influenced by certain objects/events, such as charms and beliefs. This isn't what luck is.

    • profile image

      humaira noor. 7 years ago

      basically luck is real.

    • profile image

      Priya kumar 7 years ago

      Hey great job yaar..............very nice helped me a lot in preparin for my debate...........:-)

    • profile image

      Yeaaah! 7 years ago

      Thanks, this really helps me with parts of my speech :)

      Although mine doesn't sound as good as this :/ hehe

    • profile image

      zuhaib shaikh 7 years ago

      there are two things that make successful life in world 1 hardwork n 2 confidence are the key to success . don't believe in luck just believe in Allah (God)

    • profile image

      Mat 7 years ago

      One mans luck is another mans failure.

      You can influcance luck by the things that you do in life. Some times you have to take chances. Luck is based on periods of time in your life. These times can last along time or a short time dependent on the person. The people that you associate your self with can influence you luck, by the way that you react to them.

      If you have read this wish me luck.

    • profile image

      rounak agrawal 7 years ago

      rounak agrawal wadsa

      luck is some what that we don't know it is or it is not but the ttruth behind that luck is behind everything

      we are very lucky we got this world but the fact is that we are itsellf being unlucky

      no one avoid to say that there is no luck

      fortunately it is luck that we are human being

    • profile image

      arti 7 years ago

      matarani is my luck.

    • profile image

      trihama 7 years ago

      i m waitng to know the real meaning of luck.

    • profile image

      simarpreet 7 years ago

      every 1 hve do hard to get something not only d luck is working without hardwork........

    • profile image

      lucky  7 years ago

      Everyting is luck ........if u r lucky then u will get wat ever u want otherwise no......... wait for time of luck

    • profile image

      farhana.shahwani 8 years ago

      luck is better then hardworking. if we have luck so then we can get our goal and we will be seccessful in our life. if luck ix with us then we can hardwork if luck is not with us then we can do anthing.

    • profile image

      GOD 8 years ago


    • profile image

      bitch 8 years ago

      thaxs 4 helping me 4 my speech. i fuckn love u

    • profile image

      JogoCII 8 years ago

      Well said. Very well said....


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