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Malaysia Education: What is MunsyI ?

Updated on June 4, 2011

You must have come across this word when you are applying for USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia). MunsyI stands for Malaysian University Selection Yearly Inventory. This is a test. But most people who sat for this test said that this is a survey. MunsyI is compulsory to those who apply for USM.

This test is used to explore your personality, interest, patrotisme, EQ and your real potential. These data will be used in the selecting process. Hence, please take time to answer the questions wisely in order to get the courses you applied.

The test takes about an hour with about 300+ questions. There will also be some sensitive questions where I think you need to be careful with it.

This MunsyI test sounds like wasting time to many people but do note that the data is taken into consideration other than your academic results. They need to know whether you are mentally/ psychologically prepared for the course you are applying for. 

In my opinion, those who think they are unable to get into critical courses like medicine, dentistry and pharmacy in other IPTA should apply in USM. This test might help you get those.


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