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Whole Brain Teaching- Make Teaching Fun Again.

Updated on October 5, 2012

What is Whole Brain Teaching?

I was ready to quit teaching for good. The stress and apathy of the students and parents had worn me down, robbed me of my love for teaching, and left me completely disillusioned with the career I loved. It was almost too much.

The thing that saved me is Whole Brain Teaching. This is an approach that began about ten years ago in Southern California.

Chris Biffle, a philosophy professor at Crafton Hills College, engaged the support of two former students, Jay Vanderfin, and Chris Reksted, both former students, who are now elementary teachers.

The three of them realized that a they all had the common problem of flagging student engagement, and worse, it was becoming epidemic. Everywhere they looked, everyone they talked to, the story was the same. Something had to be done.

They decided a radical change in approach was warranted. They set out to learn more about how students should learn as opposed to the traditional ways teachers typically use. Research into whole brain learning, and applying what they learned was the answer.

Whole Brain Teaching was the result. Whole Brain Teaching is a method that integrates an effective classroom management system with learning approaches that tap the way your brain learns best. This approach is amazingly effective, and fun for both you the teacher, and the students.




Classroom Management

The classroom management end is handled by the students, and is nearly stress free for the teacher thanks to the positive, fun atmosphere it created. Kids can help manage the classes' behavior in a way that is not threatening or insulting to one another. It is unbelievable how much fun it is to teach this way!

The environment is encouraging and student centered.


An Example

Learn the Way Your Brain is Wired to Learn!

The learning methods in this system create strong retention, and effective long term learning that lasts.

The kids enjoy it enormously. I had kids from last year stop me recently and ask if they could please come back to my class because it was so much more fun. I teach science. Not a subject that is frequently called fun by middle schoolers, eh?

Want to Know More?

That is pretty simple. Come to my site, and you can get the links to all the Whole Brain Teaching downloads- ebooks, games, videos and more. Almost all are FREE!

Check it out here.


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    • profile image

      Tara 5 years ago

      Yikes! I LOVE IT!!! But I hope it isn't too late to start using this... I kind of do this with our Mad Scientist activities... how do I begin and are there only certain hand moves that you can use??? Where do I find these things? Please fill me in on where to go! I have found many youtube videos that are helpful, but I am a concrete learner, so I need all details before beginning! Thank you for your help!!!

    • profile image

      G.S.Osman 5 years ago

      I am a teacher myself,and Iexperienced all what you said ,almost quitting.However ,I instinctively started to create an interesting and fun atmosphere in my claasses by turning the boring material to something the kids like.We play ,act joke, and do projects together.

    • profile image

      zshing 5 years ago

      I think it will require a lot of energy and skill in creating activities using WBL approach but it will absolutely be fun and exciting for both teacher and students

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada

      I have always believed teaching should be fun and engaging. I look forward to looking through your website, as well. Take care!

    • profile image

      jan 6 years ago

      ds sounds interesting to both educators separate to the traditional the otherhand it can help a lot the learners as well. god bless to you sweetiePie

    • profile image

      Theresann T. Hernandez 7 years ago

      I heard of this Whole Brain Learning System, and for me this is a very interesting approach to taching. I am not really familiar with this one and I want to do a thesis on its effectiveness in our classroom setting (Private High School in the Philippines) If you could help me on this matter, I would gladly appreciate it.

    • opismedia profile image

      opismedia 7 years ago

      Interesting way to approach kids, seems like it has some amount of fun combined with seriousness. Very interesting reading this article, ty.

    • Smarticus profile image

      Smarticus 9 years ago from North Carolina

      Thanks for the support SweetiePie. I am just trying to help others to have as much fun in the classroom as I do.

    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 9 years ago from Southern California, USA

      Now that I have read your hub it does not seem overly promtional to me. Struggling teachers need all the help they can get, so this sounds like a good thing.