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What is Refrigerant and its properties

Updated on January 13, 2010

REFRIGERANT:A heat carrier must be use to move heat from the interior of a cabinet or room to the outside. Thus in refrigerating system fluids which absorb heat inside the cabinet and release it out side are called refrigerant. The ideal refrigerant would be one that could liberate all the heat that it is capable of absorbing. The refrigerant changes from liquid to vapor during the process of absorbing heat and condenses again to liquid while liberating heat in most of the refrigerating systems.

PROPERTIES OF A GOOD REFRIGERANT: The properties of a good refrigerant for commercial use are:

  • · it should be nonpoisonous.

  • · it should be non explosive

  • · it should be non corrosive

  • · it must be nonflammable

  • · Leaks should be easy to detect.

  • · Leaks should be easy to locate.

  • · It should operate under low pressure.

  • · Part moving in the fluid should be easy to lubricate.

  • · It should be nontoxic (not harmful if inhaled or if spilled on skin).

  • · It should be a stable gas.


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