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What is Wrong With Evolution? Is Orthogenesis Right?

Updated on May 11, 2017


What is wrong with evolution? Particularly, Neo-Darwinian Modern Synthesis?

There is a lot wrong with it.

The number one flaw is that there is zero evidence that random mutations produce novelty in organisms. Random mutations, or accidental mutations, have always been shown in the lab to create disaster, not beneficial novelties.

The only experiments trying to show that random mutations show novelty are the Luria-Delbruck experiment, and similar experiments. All they show is that the mutations were already in the parent population, not that there were new random mutations causing novelty. I believe anyone putting this forward as evidence is dishonest.

The fossil record doesn't show gradual change. It shows leaps in evolution. I believe these leaps are saltations. For instance there is the Cambrian explosion. Before the "explosion", all you see are worm tracks and sponges. Then suddenly, there are several dozen brand new phyla that seemingly come out of know where. There is nothing to show they evolved from worms and sponges, except for maybe the worm-like phyla.

Orthogenesis is a much better answer.


"a theory that variations in evolution follow a particular direction and are not merely sporadic and fortuitous"

I think it is obvious that evolution follows a direction. That is why we get convergent evolution, where same/similar organisms evolve independently. They are following pre-programmed "archetypes" that exist in the formative (Platonic) realm.

Adaptation and evolution are two different things. Evolution is the directed, forward change of one type of organism to another, such as from reptile to bird. Adaptation is the Lamarckian small variations of the different types, in order to survive environmental changes. The organism called the living Universe, the being that includes all life, yet it is a being unto itself, knows what changes and adaptations need to be made for each organism.

There is an ultimate goal, and humans are a big part of that goal.


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