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Time for Transparency...What is a Pothole?

Updated on March 12, 2015

How Potholes Form


What is a Pothole, and How does it Form?

In laymen's terms, a pothole is a hole in the road caused by cracks, water, freezing winter, and even the hot sun. If left unfixed, they can become huge and do terrible damage to your car. I will leave it to the article that explains it very well, and focus on the problems of potholes in East Liverpool.

You can go anywhere and find potholes, but most people will agree, ELO is notorious for the potholes. This is an ongoing battle between the city and the citizens, and as of this week has even reached a climax with the county officials. The county is blaming the city for leaving the potholes unfinished, and them becoming bigger and a greater nuisance to drivers.

Have you ever hit a pothole? WOW! I can tell ya, the one on Dresden, or many on Dresden, could eat a mini van alive! Some have been fixed, yes, but the problem remains. A temporary patch, a new plan to pave, not the right equipment, not enough money...the citizens have heard it all, and experienced it all.

And today, we uncovered new information regarding the fight against EL's pothole problem; but I want you to read the article on how potholes form, because I want everyone to become an expert on potholes. Know how and why, but also look for the solution to ending the problem. It is out there.....

Proof is in the Pudding

Who's Responsible?

St. Clair Township trustees hope to sit down with East Liverpool city officials soon to seek a solution regarding "holes" left on township roadways by the city's water department.

This is the opening sentence to the article published in the East Liverpool Review just this morning. So, it looks like the county and the city will be meeting to discuss who is going to make payment to repair the potholes "caused" by EL. The article enlightens readers to the fact, the city is being accused of causing potholes, yet complaining there isn't enough money to cover the cost of new materials and such. AH, that is where another article published in the Review a week earlier, uncovers another tiny bit of information: no money? Well, recently the East Liverpool Water Department was awarded a settlement amount from the Buckeye Water District. So, council members and concerned citizens want to know....where is the money allocated?

See for Yourself

How Will Funds Be Allocated?

After reading the article, Councilman Perorazio, makes a great point~if the money is available, let's get it done!

So, the meeting the next day? Did it happen? We shall find out soon. This is one measure that needs to be taken to improve the city!


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