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What is a Radiologic Technologist?

Updated on February 26, 2016

What is a Radiologic Technologist?

 You may be curious to find out more about what a Radiologic Technologist does. This type of work involves taking images of internal parts of the body. There are quite a few areas that this can cover. The one that people often think of is X-Rays. Yet there are also CT Scans, Mammography, and MRIs that get done by this type of professional.

When you are done with your training what you will do on the job varies. You may work for a large facility where they really only have you perform one or two of those types of jobs. You will learn the ins and outs of them and do the best job you can for the patients. In smaller areas though it is more practical for all Radiologic Technologist to be able to offer all of the services so you have to know how to effectively take images of all of them.

Risks of a Radiologic Technologist

There is the risk at times of exposure to radiation during this type of work. However, there will also be safety measures in place too that protect you from harm. The experts have come up with some ideas that help to reduce such exposure. You will have to talk to patients about the type of exposure that can occur too. The fact that so many patients don’t have accurate information about radiation exposure means this could be a problem that causes them some anxiety.

Part of your job will be to help calm patients and to explain to them the various procedures that you will perform. A Radiologic Technologist may only need to perform one of them on a given patient. However, there will be times when two or more of them are applied to the same patient. This is why reading the doctor’s orders is such an important part of the job.

Radiologic Technologist

To become a Radiologic Technologist you will have to take some college courses

By the same token, effective documentation of the various findings for patient records is also part of the job. There is no way that other medical professionals will be able to successfully do their job if the records aren’t complete and well written. Paying attention to the details and getting those records into the right hands as soon as possible is also very important.

In order to become a Radiologic Technologist you will have to take some college courses. A Bachelors Degree takes about four years to achieve and it is the best training you can get. There is the Associates Degree that takes about 2 years and that is what the requirements are for most jobs in this field. If you are in a hurry you can consider a certificate through a technical school.

To be a Radiologic Technologist is not easy

This usually takes about 1 ½ years  but not all employers will accept it as enough qualification to do the job so keep that in mind. Find out what your state requires so that you can pursue an education that works well. Today you will find online programs, those that are in the day, evening options, and even some weekend formatting. Therefore, you should have the flexibility you need to do a very good job.

This is a job that can be a challenge but also one that has many great benefits. There is a huge demand for Radiologic Technologist that has the right skills to do the job correctly. This type of work pays well and there is often room for advancement within any given organization. It also pays well and you will have plenty of job security. It is certainly worth looking into if you enjoy working with people.


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