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What is a Selfie: Interesting Facts about Selfie?

Updated on March 20, 2015

Monkey selfie with a stroopwafel

Monkey selfie with a stroopwafel
Monkey selfie with a stroopwafel | Source

Social media websites

Social media websites
Social media websites | Source

About Selfie

A Selfie is basically a photograph taking by the same person of himself using a hand held device fitted with a camera or webcam. The device of choice is usually a handheld digital camera, smartphone, hybrid phone, tablet, iPhone or even a lap or desk top computer mounted with a rotating camera.

Selfies are very personal and reflexes an immediate documentation of a mood, expression, or reaction to an immediate desire to share images. Such Selfie photographs are usually self-portraits and shot at specific angles to add exaggeration and emphases to certain features.

Selfie are usually taken to be shared via social network services like FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and Google+ among many others. They may appear casual, spontaneous or celebratory depending on the reason for taking and sharing the photograph.

Most selfies are taken using a Smartphone pointed at a mirror, held at arms length or seated in front of a laptop. But the underling function or similarity in taking a Selfie is narcissistic or to flatter the persons ego.

Teenagers and young adults are more into selfies to showcase new hair styles, flawless faces or current fashion. While other age groups including teenagers might take selfies during celebratory occasions, or to documenting encounters with famous personalities.

Komal selfie

Young adults and teenagers take more Selfie photographs than other age groups
Young adults and teenagers take more Selfie photographs than other age groups | Source

Selfies can set a mood

Girl in photograph
Girl in photograph | Source

How did the Selfie phenomenon start?

One word technology and the advent of social media networks demanding self portraits from subscribers while signing up. The need to share personal images with friends and acquaintances fueled this unusual trend of documenting self portraits.

Self portraits taken by teenagers and young adults on MySpace using photo shots taken in front of a mirror around 2005 started the trend. Facebook's popularity between 2007 till date and the advancement in handheld devices and cameras introduced clearer photographs devoid of flash blinds and shadows.

Flickr a social network service introduced image and video hosting sparking a new trend of Selfie portraits uploaded daily. Over the years starting 2005 the Selfie has gained prominence even getting a spot in contemporary dictionaries.

The phenomenon has become a useful business tool connecting entertainers to their fans and even high political leaders like President Obama. Smartphone giants are not oblivious to the trend creating amazing devices that feature high powered digital cameras.

A perfect Selfie

When taking a Selfie location matters. Man taking a Selfie
When taking a Selfie location matters. Man taking a Selfie | Source

How to take a perfect Selfie

It takes a little practice to take a good Selfie photograph; even though the mechanism is easily available the technique predicts the outcome. Things to consider before snapping away includes the lighting, facial expression, photograph angle, arm action and originality.

Lighting; most Selfie photographs are badly done and appear either blurred or shadowy because of the lighting. Flash cameras have slightly reduced this problem but the flash glare might also affect the shot.

Best advice is to take a Selfie with natural sunlight which has a unique radiance of its own. Avoid fluorescent light, fire or other sources of light to reduce facial blemishes and shadows.

Appearance counts; You don’t have to look moody, angry, or unkempt when taking a Selfie which reflects badly on the photographs outcome. Having a cheery happy face and nice comportment including a brilliant smile gives your Selfie an exciting edge.


The angle the Selfie is taking is important. image of a girl
The angle the Selfie is taking is important. image of a girl | Source

The Selfie image angle; The angle you take the Selfie is important because it inadvertently emphasizes certain features more than others. A 45% head tilt has a sliming effect, high shot emphasize eyes and forehead while a middle shot is boring and common place.

You can change your positioning from the middle shot to a more dramatic posture and always use natural light. Other things to consider are the background, showcasing only your best features, your outfit, hair and makeup.

Take many Selfies; Considering what goes into a single shot it is advisable to take many Selfies using multiple locations and postures before you upload. This gives you the leverage to choose only the flattering ones and discard the bad pictures.

Celebrity image:Emma Thompson Césars 2009

Emma Thompson Césars 2009
Emma Thompson Césars 2009 | Source

Celebrity Selfies

Celebrities have taken the Selfie to strange heights using the medium in unusual ways that are previously unknown in social media circles. The shots are almost always studiously planed and executed with perfect makeup and lighting.

Some celebrity selfies include the shy Selfie which is a deliberate shot wearing full makeup and a discreet sideways glance at the camera. Another is the filtered Selfie that highlights subtle effects of perfect skin, eyes and hair while appearing natural and spontaneous.

Celebrities use the befie and headless Selfie to display their amazing physiognomy, or holiday Selfie as testament to exotic locations, and travel destinations. The famous friend Selfie is self explanatory, couple Selfie emphasizing on their relationship and the Bad-ass Selfie showcasing antisocial behavior.

Funny face Amhara girl

Funny face Amhara girl
Funny face Amhara girl | Source

Funny face Selfie

Funny face Selfies are popular because it documents the lighter side of a person’s life especially when it’s done tastefully. Common funny face Selfies include the duck face, tongue out, silly faces and puffy checks.

Animal Selfie
Animal Selfie | Source

Some interesting Selfie include the following

1 Work place Selfie

2 Club Selfie

3 Date Selfie

4 Computer geek Selfie

5 Got money Selfie

6 Friends Selfie

7 At the Game Selfie

8 I met a Celebrity Selfie

9 Holiday Selfie

10 Celebrity Selfie

Selfie - victor Grigas

Selfie - victor Grigas
Selfie - victor Grigas | Source


The Selfie has become an important part of modern culture and increasing in popularity because of social networks like Flickr, Instagram and Facebook. Personalized photographs allow self expression and connect friends, family and acquaintances.

Celebrities have found the medium invaluable while long lost friends renew old friendships. According to research the age groups that take lots of Selfies range between17 to 23 but other groups aren’t far behind. Although Selfies can be fun the medium should be used with causing due to cyber crimes and other unwholesome practices.

How to take a Selfie

Types of Selfie

Which Selfie do you like

See results

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