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What Is an ENFP? (From MBTI)

Updated on May 9, 2020
Mark O Richardson profile image

Mark is from Utah. He loves personality tests, the Myers-Briggs, in particular. He is an ENFP.

What is an ENFP?

I love Myers-Briggs because I have taken the test a few times and discovered that I am an ENFP. It hits the nail on the head and describes me well. There are 4 parts of this: Introvert/Extrovert, Sensing/Intuition, Thinking/Feeling, and Judging/Perceiving. This article will explain each aspect.


I AM AN ENFP! | Source

E for Extroversion (outward focused):

I am slightly more extroverted. It is said that ENFP’s are the least extroverted of all the 16 MBTI types.
I learn by responding to the world around me so I can respond faster.
I could be described as talkative, outgoing.
I like to be in a fast-paced environment. Not all the time, but sometimes I have a short attention span. It takes a lot of work for me to focus.
I tend to work out ideas with others and think out loud. At work, I have done “surveys" where I ask everyone’s opinion on something. This irritates some. But sometimes I must talk about something and talk my way through it before things make sense.
I enjoy being the center of attention. I have done open mic comedy a few times, which you can see on YouTube. I love karaoke. I am not what I would call a great singer, but I would say that it is all about the presentation.

N for Intuition (how I prefer to take in information):

N=Abstract-Deal with theories, abstractions, and unforeseen possibilities and innovations.
I imagine the possibilities of how things could be. I heard the anonymous quote: “I’ve got 99 problems and 86 are different scenarios that I’ve made up in my head.” That rings true for me, in a comical way. Sometimes I mentally prep for worst case scenarios.
I notice the big picture and see how everything connects. I went back & forth with another writer on some of his articles on a heated topic and I irritated him because I spoke of “platitudes”. I enjoy symbolism and metaphors because they help the world make sense to me.
I enjoy ideas and concepts for their own sake. I am an idea person. Sometimes It takes work for me to put things into action.
I like to describe things in a figurative way.

F for Feeling:

F=Personal-I step into the situation so I can understand the personal implications, ethics and values involved.
I base decisions on values and how my actions affect others. For example, I am typically good for morale at work. I am conscientious. I have a moral code.
I vaue harmony. I value forgiveness when there is a problem.
I like to please others and try to point out the best in people. My wife and I are both people pleasers so that can make things difficult. I look for the best unless I know that someone dislikes me.
I could be described as warm and empathetic. I try to be considerate of others.

P as in perceiving (how do I prefer to live my outer life):

P=Spontaneous-I enjoy being flexible and responding to life as it happens. I prefer to leave options open.
I see rules and deadlines as flexible. There are gray areas.
I like to improvise and make things up as I go. An example of this is cooking. I do not mind if I do not follow a recipe to the letter.
I am spontaneous, enjoy surprises and new situations. My wife, on the other hand, hates surprises. We are complete opposites.


ENFP=Enthusiastic, creative, spontaneous, optimistic, supportive, and playful. I value inspiration, starting new projects and see potential in others.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Mark Richardson


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