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What is an Internist?

Updated on October 29, 2014

An Internist is a doctor of internal medicine. It is a medical doctor

that specializes in treating, diagnosing medical treatments for patients.

Internist's can provide long-term care and can manage both

common and complex disease. An Internist can be a primary care

physician or as a consultant on medical specialties. Most internists

are involved in research and teaching as well.

Where do Internists practice?

Most Internists have a private practice, office or clinic.

they can also care for patients in the hospital or nursing homes.

Internists do not perform surgery but they can manage and

coordinate care for the patient.

Internists can have a broad scope of practice

Generally Internists have a broad scope of practice and can also specialize in one part of the body system. Internist can treat illnesses and chronic diseases, they can treat infections and viruses. They can also treat long term diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure as well as mental health. Internist can prescribe medications, give immunization shots and development treatment plans for the patient.

What do Internists Treat?

Now because the Internists deals with sicknesses and viruses,

the Internist works well with lymphatic system type illnesses

such as strep throat, tonsillitis, and many other long term illnesses.

Internist's can also specialize as a:

  • Rhuematologist
  • Oncologist
  • Nephrologist
  • Gastroenterologist
  • Pulmonologist
  • Cardiologist

What Certifications do an Internist Need?

To become an Internist, you must have completed a four year

bachelor's program (e.g. Bachelor of Science) plus an

additional four years of medical school to obtain a

medical degree (M.D. or D.O.) from an accredited school,

specializing in Internal medicine. The doctor then needs to

train for an additional three years.

How much does an internist make?

The average pay for Internist's are $191,520 at $92.08 per hour

and employment of 45,210 people in estimated 2012 on the

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. So this is a great and wonderful

job career path to choose with excellent pay.

This career has a lot of potential for advancement on such a

broad scope of practic that includes, hospitalists, private practice,

specialties and the like.

I hope you enjoyed this article on a great Medical Health Career.

Internist's are very sought after and well paid. I have written

more articles on health career paths, and disease processing, as well as articles on home

health cures, recipes, and so much more. Hope you enjoy!

Have a Blessed day!


© 2014 butterflystar


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