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What is energy and importance of energy

Updated on December 25, 2009


Matter has the capacity to do wok under certain conditions even though it may not be accomplished at a particular moment. A moving of water or water stored behind a dam, for example can be made of work in a variety of at a particular .Gas or air compressed in a tank can also do work when it is released at a particular time. The capacity of matter to do work is generally called energy.


All life on earth depends in some way upon energy. Most of the earth energy comes from the sun. It travels to the earth in rays or waves. Energy in this form is used by plants to make food. Plant food is needed to sustain life by providing nourishment for our bodies and muscles. The sun's energy is also stored in coal, wood and oil which is also used to produce food and modify matter. It has been estimate that the amount of energy falling on the earth surface annually is equal to the energy of 250 million tons of coal.


Energy is known to exit in a verity of different forms, Among these are heat, light, chemical, electrical, soud, mechanical and nuclear. AS a general rule, energy changes rather easily from on form to another. The steam driven turbine generator of power plant is designed to convert heat energy into electrical energy. The heating system of a building operates by converting the chemical energy of gas or fuel into a usable form of heat. Electrical energy may also be converted into light, heat or mechanical energy though the use of different equipment. The capacity of energy to do work make all of this possible.


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