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Avoiding Conflict With C-O-NF-LC-T

Updated on June 27, 2017

We cannot avoid conflict but we can lessen

As I said, conflict arises when there are people with different point of view and somewhat couldn't manage to be one. When there is disunity among relationships between husband and wife, parent and children, boss and subordinates and even within yourself :). and when conflict cannot be resolved then chaos happened and may lead to broken relationships.

Here's a friendly Tip on avoiding conflict with CONFLICT...

1. C - Communicate

Communication is one of the best things to do to avoid conflict. It is a two way talking not a monologue. Give each other a turn to talk and express his or her own feelings and ideas.

2. O - Open your mind and heart

When you communicate try to OPEN your mind and open your heart. Sometimes when our mouth is talking a lot we forgot that our heart and mind are shutting off that's why we couldn't understand the one were talking with. Be open minded and have an open heart.

3. NF - Never Fight

Never Fight! when conflict arise, try to be composed still. Count from 1-10 before saying any more words that you know will put your argument into a raging fire. Argument is healthy but when you are fighting already it becomes unhealthy.

4. LC - Listening with Care

In communication listening is very important, after saying what's on your mind then try to listen with other people's opinion and not just listening, but listen with care. it means you will try to understand what he is saying, because sometimes in argument we tend to be deaf, we are just focusing on what we want to happen and being deaf on other opinion that's why conflict arise. So next time try to open your ears "Listen with Care".

5. T - Think and Trust

Learn how to trust other people's opinion. Think, maybe he has a point and learn to trust that sometimes other people has a better idea than us.:) Give them chance to be better :).

Next time there's conflict....

So, the next time you think your conversation will turn into argument and will soon turn into conflict, try to avoid it and lessen it with CONFLICT! :) Communicate, Open your heart and mind, Never Fight, Listen with Care and Trust.


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    • Rhoda Jose profile image

      Rhoda Jose 10 months ago from Taytay,,Rizal

      Do you know other way to resolved conflict?