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What is planning

Updated on November 11, 2013


What is planning

Most of us are familiar with the meaning of Planning in our everyday life. We do decide in advance, the things to be done on a busy working day. As students you may think in advance how to go ahead with the preparation for your examination, How to make use of your time in the best possible manner. Parents make advance decisions on how many kids they want. Where to live. What kind of house they want. Where to send their children for education etc. You may call it family planning. We understand that planning is a systematic way of deciding about and doing things in a purposeful manner.

In the context of formal organizations and their management, the concept of planning has a specific connection. It is deciding in advance what is to be done in the future for a specific period and then taking the necessary steps to do the things decided upon. It is looking ahead in to the future and trying to anticipate what it is likely to be, how it will affect the organization, what direction the organization should take, and how to deal with the future events. Planning also include the determination of courses of action from among alternatives to achieve the goals of the organization, both in the immediate future and in the long run. The very thought of planning bring to mind such images as neat, orderly and disciplined approach to work, goal-oriented behavior, thinking about and arranging things in advance, careful allocation of scare resources etc. In short planning may be defined as the process of setting future objectives and deciding on the ways and means of achieving them.

Nature and Characteristics of Planning


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