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What is primary education?

Updated on January 10, 2013

Compulsory primary education

It is a universal truth that education is the backbone of a nation. Controversy exists on different topics but there is know controversy about education. There is no alternative to education. Education is the process that develops our mind. It is a mental and intellectual training. It is education that differentiates a man from an animal. And primary education is the basis of all education.

Importance of primary education: Education makes a man a real ma in the real sense of the term. In this modern world both man and woman should be given education. Life without education is meaningless. To make life meaningful education is a must. The majority of the people of Bangladesh is illiterate. This is a curse for the nation. To be an educated nation we must give emphasis to the primary education.

The present condition of primary education: But it is an irony of fate that primary education is in a deplorable state. There are no necessary materials in the school. Classes are held in the dilapidated buildings. In many rural areas, because of the shortage of the class rooms, the classes are held under the open sky. There is no requisite number of teachers in the number of teachers in the primary schools.

What measures should be taken: If we look at the developed countries, we find that the root of their development is education. An educated nation can take the country to the highest peak of development.

The illiterate poor people are not inclined to send their children to schools. Awareness abut education among the common people should be created through the mass media. They should be encouraged to send their children to school. At the same time books and school dress along with other materials should be supplied free of cost.

In this connection a literacy campaign may be launched to generate awareness among the people. The people from all walks of life should participate in this programme.

Everybody should realize that education is light. Then we can expect that the darkness of ignorance will disappear from the country. Primary education can play a pioneering role in this regard. And it must get top priority from the government.


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